#RookieDIY Challenge Loop Winner!

Like we said yesterday, we were blown away and so inspired by the DIY talent in the Challenge Loop’s Rookie DIY Challenge. Because each project was so fabulous, choosing a winner was way harder than we ever imagined it would be. After some serious deliberation, we are more than proud to crown @LaurenK the #RookieDIY Champion. Congratulations Lauren… you’re rockstar girl!! 
Not only is she $50 richer, but she also has a glamorous bathroom to show for it. Let’s take a look at her winning project, shall we?  
And the best part?! She provided a step-by-step tutorial so all of us can start adding some glam to our walls! Take it away Lauren….
Just like every other girl out there, I spend a lot of time scouring Pinterest and pinning a million of different ideas on how to make our house my DREAM home.  One day, I finally decided to take things a little more seriously.  I decided that our powder room would be a good start.  It’s small enough that if I messed anything up, it would be the easiest to re-paint and it’s also a room that most guests will visit so they can admire my hard work.
Pretty standard.  Not terrible, but nothing special either.  It was really lacking SOMETHING!
Back to Pinterest.  I arrived at this blog through one of my pins.  I bought the exact Moroccan Dream Allover stencil that was pictured from www.cuttingedgestencils.com.  The blog had a lot of pictures but not a lot of tips on how to actually perform the project but I was determined to make it work.  I found a video tutorial on YouTube from authors of Young House Love that worked wonders!  I watched this video and made my husband watch it too so we would be 100% prepared.

Now for the hard (actually quite easy) part…Starting the project.  First, we removed everything (rug, tissue box, garbage can), took the toilet paper dispenser off of the wall, taped off the ceiling, surrounding walls and the baseboards so there was no chance of getting white paint anywhere we didn’t want it and covered the floor in tarp.
Then we just followed the steps on the video.  The Martha Steward Stencil Adhesive spray WORKS WONDERS!  We barely had to use any painter’s tape to keep the stencil up since the back was sticky!  It was a little tricky lining the stencil up, but once we did it a few times, it was much easier to get the hang of it. We re-sprayed the stencil after every second use because it would lose some of its “stick.”  You don’t need very much paint at all.  We tried to get as much excess paint off of the roller as possible so when we rolled it over the stencil, paint wouldn’t seep through and ruin the clean lines that we were aiming to achieve.
We decided to paint two stencils lengths across before starting a new row because #1) it allowed the paint to dry a little and #2) the third one crammed into the corner and required us to bend the stencil in order for the pattern to flow.  I wanted to have a little more experience before giving that a try. 
I did smudge a little bit of paint in one of the corners.That was one of my only mistakes throughout the entire project.  I was getting a little too confident and overzealous, and wound up rolling paint over the edge of the stencil!  Ugh! Since the walls were painted this gray color when we moved in, we had no idea as to what color or brand of paint was used on the walls.  This resulted in two trips to Home Depot to pick up paint card swatches in attempts to find the matching color to touch up my mishap.  Luckily we found something close enough, bought a $3 sample can in two colors (just in case) and were able to fix it! It’s still noticeable to me, but to anyone else, I doubt they will spot our mistake! So JUST GO SLOW to avoid any unnecessary trips to a crowded paint store on a Sunday afternoon!
Once we pulled off the tape, we put the toilet paper dispenser back on the wall and headed to HomeGoods for some new towels. I picked up that white bath towel from the clearance section for $4.50 and added a yellow hand towel I already had for the extra pop of color! It also helped to tie in the yellow and white rug that was already in the bathroom (from Target last year). Eventually I want to put something very simple up on the wall, but I haven’t seen anything I have fallen in love with just yet. 
Overall, this project was pretty easy as long as you take your time!  It probably took us around 2 hours from start to finish and I was sipping my morning coffee by 11:30 a.m. that morning!  Completed before noon! SUCCESS! I have never painted ANYTHING before so I was quite impressed and proud of myself for taking on this project!
Can we get one more round of applause for our All-Star #RookieDIY-er? To think Lauren, a fellow rookie, took on an intimidating DIY right from the start and lived to tell about it…we feel more motivated already!! We love the initiative, keep it up girl. Congratulations on your big win… thanks again for sharing. 

Another huge thank you to Challenge Loop, for inviting us to host this amazing challenge! And, most importantly, a bigger thank you to all of YOU who participated in the #RookieDIY Challenge. We were honored to host this challenge and even more thankful for all of the DIY inspiration we saw from our readers. Thank you!! We always love to see what you are busy creating, so if you feel like you knocked a DIY project out of the park (like Lauren)… email us! We’d love to share your expertise with the rest of Playbook’s rookies. Until then, happy weekend! See you next week; we have lots of summer fun on the way.     

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