Minka Lavery Light Winner

Remember last week when we asked our all-star readers to weigh in on our big lighting dilemma? Well, the results are in and we are here to announce the BIG WINNERS!!

Minka Lavery Light Contest

The vote was A LOT closer than we ever expected that’s for sure! The battle between the silver and the bronze was a nail biter. About 48% of you were team bronze and about 52% of you were team silver. I guess I should have known that silver always trumps bronze. #olympicrules

The outdoor lighting came down to a close race between the traditional winner and second place spotlight, but in the end, tradition took the spotlight. Literally.

A huge thanks to all of you fab voters; I think you all made an A+ choice! I can’t wait to install these bad boys and officially say good-bye to those old boob lights. (I know there’s so much pun-tential… I just can’t even go there). All I can say is that I’ve been waiting for this farewell celebration since we moved in.    

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