I-rish you a Merry Christmas

As of tomorrow it’s official, this Irish lady is giving up her Irish last name, but let’s be real here- she’s not giving up her Irish roots. It’ll take a lot more than a wedding and a new last name to shake the Irish out of this chick.
To remind my groom-to-be how lucky he is to have this Irish bride, it only seemed fitting to add a little pop of green to our holiday decor this season. This darling Irish tree will be standing tall all the way through St. Patrick’s Day (yup, you read that right Matthew… she’s not going anywhere anytime soon).  
I have collected these Irish ornaments over the years from all of the wonderful Irish women in my life and can’t wait to add to my collection in the future.
My gram gave me this St. Bridget’s ornament this year, and I am obsessed with the new addition! Maybe I can hunt down a St. Matthew one for next year?
I still haven’t found the perfect Irish topper for this tree, so for now, a shamrock ribbon is just perfect.  
These darling mini “books” are homemade treasures that my future mother-in-law had made for our pre-wedding celebration! They say “Bridget & Matthew” on the front with a Claddagh ring and makes the perfect “Irish gifts” for under our tree.
As I embark on a new journey with a not-so Irish last name this weekend, you can rest assured that this blondie will always be an Irish gal at heart, Irish last name o’ not.
Tune in to our Instagram to follow the wedding festivities (#ChestnutmeetsMayfield) and check back Monday morning to see the first peek into the wedding projects! Happy Weekend fellow rookies!!

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  • I don’t see what would be so wrong with an O’ at the beginning of Matt’s last name, B$$. 😉