DIY Wedding Photo Booth turned Guestbook

Disclaimer: I swear the dump of wedding photos is almosstttt ovverrrr. Almost but not quite. In the meantime, I can’t help but gush about our DIY “photo booth”.
Wedding photo booths. I l.o.v.e. them. I adore the idea of having a photo booth for guests to enjoy, but what I really love is that photo booths offer the bride & groom a chance to document the fun of everyone’s crazy faces. Having a photo booth at our wedding was definitely something I thought about in the early stages of wedding planning, but my photo booth dreams were crushed pretty early on. Unfortunately, the XL price tag just didn’t make the cut.

However, this determined bride was not ready to kiss the opportunity to document some good ol’ fashioned photo booth fun good-bye that easily! #notachance

The affordable DIY alternative? Hiring a friend to man the camera during cocktail hour, bringing two vintage frames, and encouraging my guests to grab a group & say “cheese”. Other than the costs of the frames (which can be found at a local thrift shop for under $10) and the cost of paying a friend to take the pictures… this photo booth was practically FREE.

These frames made their way around the venue during cocktail hour and were great for a good laugh. The guests LOVED them and this bride LOVE, LOVE, LOVED seeing the pictures and how much fun everyone was having with this simple concept.

The group shots in the frames were too darn cute! But the “couple” shots were pretty charming as well. Since we had a “winter” wedding, I thought it was only fitting (and would be extra entertaining) to add a mistletoe on one of the frames.

Here’s a picture of my darling parents posing with the mistletoe.
Oh, and look who else it is…
Casey and Janimal showing some precious mother-daughter love. I mean, how cute are these two? #lovethem
The real smoochin’ is about to get started, so if you’re not interested in the lovefest that’s about to take over the blog – – cover your eyes now. You’ve been warned.
Not only am I collecting the 150+ pictures of these gorgeous guests to create a “picture guest book”, but I also had all of the pictures printed so I could share them with all of these wonderful people. I stuffed a picture (or a few) of each person to include in their thank you note (more on those here!) from Matt and me. Hopefully it will add an extra smile and offer a pleasant surprise to our post-wedding snail mail.
My only regret from this DIY photo booth? I didn’t get to smooch my groom under the mistletoe! However, I did get some pretty priceless pics with some of my favorite people, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. Ya win some, ya lose some.
If you decide to incorporate frames like this into your wedding day, this is my advice:
– Make sure you get a picture of you and your +1
– Have several frames (maybe different colors, different sizes)
– Make sure it’s okay with your photographer that another photographer help out with this part of the night
– Bring props!
– Say Cheese & enjoy!!

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  • Lisa Muhs

    LOVE THIS and SO glad you did it! I can’t wait to see more pictures 🙂 xoxoxo

  • Lisa Muhs

    LOVE THIS and SO glad you did it! I can’t wait to see more pictures 🙂 xoxoxo

  • Thanks darlin’ =) Miss you!