Happy Thanksgiving

We will keep it short because we know you’re probably eager to get back to your relaxing time-off! But we did want to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have a special place in our hearts for this laid-back, no-pressure holiday. We’re both spending lots of time with our families this weekend, and you’ll most likely find us playing games, eating lots of food, and just lazing around. These two non-cooks will also be doing our best to avoid kitchen duties today…

thankful printableWe’ve said it many times before, but we are extra thankful this year for each and every one of our readers. You guys are our cheerleaders and we couldn’t do it without your endless support and encouragement. Thank you for making this year oh-so-special for us both; we are so lucky to be a part of your everyday routine and continually remind ourselves how grateful we are.

Thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU and Cheers to a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING! Let the eating begin…

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P.S. Before you go, we want to leave you with a tiny disclaimer: It’s officially Christmas season on the DIY Playbook starting TOMORROW! House Tours, knock-offs, Busy Girl Christmas DIY, GIVEAWAYS… we can’t wait to share what’s in store!!!!







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