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Bridget & CaseyJanuary 20, 2016 Comments

Good morning! We don’t have any DIY planned for today but still wanted pop-in and let you guys know about some updates we’ve been working on here on the DIY Playbook.

We’ve noticed lately that our head shots were becoming a bit outdated and the photo we use of us together was actually a bit blurry. #eek <– Not our best look. So we recently invested some time in updating those head shots and while we were at it, we updated a few other things around here too.

meet the rookies blog home page1. Meet the Rookies: Our “Meet the Rookies” page is now up-to-date… and so are our individual pages. (See Casey’s updated page here and Bridget’s updated page over here).

Play by play blog projects2. Play by Play: And while we were poking around and analyzing what other parts of the site we could update, we adjusted the format of our “play by play” pages to be more reader friendly. Instead of having a scrolling rolodex of projects in each category, we now have all of the projects within that category displayed (with images + titles) on that specific page. We like this format because it seems a tad easier to navigate, especially if you’re trying to find a specific past project.

Casey's New House Home Tour Graphic Augusta3. Home Tours: As always, we try to keep our home tours updated with the latest projects/room reveals, especially Casey’s since she has so many changes happening in her new place. You can see the before + after + progress pics in Casey’s home tour. We added Chicago apt, current home, B’s home and even Maggie’s full condo tour onto the sidebar (as well as on the drop down menu) so it’s always easy to access.

shop the look casey's bedroom 4. Shop our Style: And speaking of our home tours, we have not forgotten about the popular “Shop Our Style” Page, which is found under the Home Field Tab. We’ve already linked 6 of our rooms and hope to continue to chip away at this collection throughout 2016. We will keep you updated as we add new spaces!

DIY Playbook Cell Phone5. Our Ads: You may have noticed recently that our ads look just a tad different. We recently switched over to a new ad agency and they have been working hard to tweak our ads to fit our site. It’s no secret that ads are a part of the blog world and help subsidize the work we put into this space. Of course a little money for our time is something we support, HOWEVER, we are strong believers that ads should NEVER compromise the content of a site. As readers, we aren’t fans of ads that are too intrusive when visiting other sites and have vowed that we will work hard to make sure that is not the case here on the DIY Playbook… even if it costs us from making more money.

blog laptop computer inspiration

We are not perfect (not even close!), but we try to do what is best for our blog so that you guys have an enjoyable experience when you’re here. Hopefully ALL of these mini updates help make your daily dose of the DIY Playbook just a tad more enjoyable.

Bridget and Casey Signature

And if there’s anything we missed as we combed through the site, let us know! We’ll add these to our next round of updates. It never ends, and we really wouldn’t have it any other way. =)

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  • Trang

    You ladies work so hard on this blog and I love seeing your email in my inbox daily. I appreciate all the efforts you put into this. Your heart and soul shines through.

    • Trang,
      You have no idea how much your sweet comments mean to us both. We are so grateful for the time you take to encourage us and let us know your thoughts on our daily posts. Thank you thank you thank you for always being so supportive! We’re lucky to have a reader (& friend!) like you! 🙂

      B & C