Choosing New Pendant Lights for our Master Bathroom

One of the things I love about having a DIY blog about my home projects is the accountability it provides. I feel like if I mention a task on the blog, then I better get around to doing it…even if it is months later!

bathroom-lights-pendants-beforeYou guys may remember this post about my disdain for our bathroom pendants from way back in September. At the time I was eager to change out those rusty lights and replace them with contemporary new ones! However, life got in the way (ya know…other projects, the holidays, etc.). But now I’m on a mission to find new pendants that I love and get these old ones out of here for good! Especially since I put this project on our 2017 home to-do list (and I’m trying to tackle all of the projects on there this year).

rusted-bathroom-lightI think I’ve been putting off this task because finding lighting that works in this space is pretty difficult. First of all, the new lights must be approved for a damp space like a bathroom. This factor narrows down the options A LOT! But if I forego this feature, then I’ll eventually end up with the same problem I have now…rusty lights that have been damaged from the humidity in this space. (And if you’re worried about the new ones rusting, I have already replaced the bathroom fan in this room and added a humidistat that automatically goes on when the humidity rises. So we should be good to go from here on out!)

I have been scoping out all kinds of online lighting shops, and many of them have a filter that includes the light location (dry, outdoor, damp). Once you check that “damp” button…the choices immediately dwindle.

bathroom-master-pendants-beforeBut I’m not letting that stop me from finding lights for this space. Because let’s be honest, ANYTHING is better than these rusty-too-small-dinky-silver-pendants that we currently have in the room!

After looking for the past few weeks, I’ve narrowed down my choices to these pendants below. But before we get to those, let me tell you the must-haves for my new pendant lights…

New Pendant Must-Haves

  • Larger than current pendants (5-10″ in width)
  • Approved for a damp space
  • Matte Black or White
  • Provide adequate light for the room
  • Contemporary (but not over the top modern)
  • Avoid Glass Orbs (this space gets really dusty, so I feel like they will always look dirty)

The Contenders

bathroom_light_optionsBlack Farmhouse Style / 2. White Shade / 3. Modern Triangle /
4. White & Brass  / 5. Black Simple

I really like the shape and size of the black triangle one, but I’m not in love with the gold interior. It’s just a bit too glam for my style. I also like the idea of adding a white light, but I’m worried it may look cheap? Can you tell that I’m struggling with this decision. It’s hard!

So what do you guys think? Any favorites of the bunch? Or better yet…any other lights you think I should consider for the space? I’m eager to get this checked off my to-do list…so help a girl out!



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  • Maybe a silly question (I know minimal things about lights and even less about the construction of your building) but have you considered having the spots replaced by recessed lighting? It’s a bigger project I’d imagine but you don’t sound sold on any of the pendant options.

    • Elaine, not a silly question at all! Before we even moved in, I had an electrician come out to do just that (that’s how much these pendants bug me.haha!) But after checking out the electrical in the ceiling he said he would have to re-drywall the entire ceiling! So it’s either flush mount fixtures or pendants. But if I could do recessed lighting, that would be my #1 choice!

  • H Buchanan

    I really like the black triangle ones! I wonder how much you would actually notice the gold interior? Especially when the lights are actually turned on, I feel like it may literally “out-shine” the gold (if that makes any sense). I also really like the black farmhouse one!

    • Yeah those ones are a favorite of mine too! I agree…I’d hope that you wouldn’t really notice the gold with them turned on?

  • Erin

    if the space looks as it is now — i’d go with the white one (number 4). I don’t think it’ll look cheap at all. the black doesn’t seem like it would go with the rest of the interior. and don’t they say white doesn’t show the dirt as much as the black (this is the line my husband used on me to convince me to get a white car over a black one.)

    • That’s true! I didn’t even think about black and dust..but that could definitely showcase it more. (haha love the car comment btw)

  • Katie

    I think number 4 would look great!

  • shawnna griffin

    hey girl- I like #2! good luck. I can’t wait to see what you decide!

  • Love the pendant round up! Very cool options! As I read this post I was eyeing up the pendants over my kitchen island and imagining numbers 1 and 4 hanging there….😍 But back to your space…while I love all that you have chosen, I think that #2 is best suited to your bathroom based on the current tile colors, fixtures and vanity. I think the cream shade will compliment the cream undertones of the tile, and add a cozy warm light. So even though #2 is not my favorite of the bunch, I think it would look the best! Can’t wait to see what you go with!

    • haha Kerri you crack me up! I do like the thought of the creamy shade along with the tile. You’re so right about that!

  • Kara D

    My first choice was #1, but then I thought that black would look too stark in this room, so my next choice is #4 – it’s a similar shape and white would look more harmonious in this space. Even if you changed up the walls and other fixtures, its a good classic color and shape to work with!

    • Yeah I agree..I’m concerned about black being too stark. But I do think it could look classic & crisp? I seriously keep going back and forth!

  • Emily Dunham

    1 and 4 are my favorites!

  • Carol Matassa

    Hi Casey, personally I’d go with no. 4. Especially if it gets dusty – the black ones will magnify everything.

    • Thanks for your input Carol! I really appreciate the help with this decision

  • Jillian

    Hi Casey!!

    Love the pendants! My inner interior designer tells me to check the diameter of the pendant prior to purchasing. Your existing pendants look pretty narrow compared to the new ones. You wouldn’t want the back of your larger pendants to be hitting the mirror! (You may have plenty of room and have already done the dirty measuring work!) I can’t wait to see the result! Happy Pendant Shopping!

    • Jillian, thanks for the insight! I have been checking out diameters, specifically because I want to make sure they’re bigger than these dinky ones that are currently up. But I honestly didn’t even think about it hitting the mirror…..duh! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  • Austin Schneider

    #1 or #4 for sure! I think #3 looks too small/closer to what you’re already working with.

    • Thanks for your input Austin! I think #3 just isn’t really to scale in the mood board. It’s about 2x as wide as our current ones. But I’m not convinced it’s the right one for this space! I think I’m really leaning toward #1 like you suggested!