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Spring Items We Have our Eyes On


Instead of sharing an outfit post, we thought we would switch things up this Wednesday and share each of our spring “watch lists”. These are items we have our eye on for the upcoming warm weather and hope to eventually add to our closets.

It’s doubtful that we’ll add all of these items, but it’s always fun to look. Plus, we find when we make a specific list of items we need, we are far more likely to purchase with intention and not just buy to buy. flats-lace-up-cognac

Side note: We’re trying a new layout in today’s post so you’ll have to let us know if you like this format better or would rather the regular mood board instead. To get more details on each item, you can click on the item’s name, the picture OR the link within the description. Our hope is that this format is more straight forward and easier to navigate but again, you’ll have to let us know!


Striped Loft Dress

When it starts to get warm out, I love wearing dresses to work. It’s just so easy to throw one on, add some jewelry, and head out the door! This striped dress from LOFT is adorable and would look super cute with some wedge heels for a workday.

Tortoiseshell Sunnies

I love my Ray Bans, but it’s fun to have a less expensive pair of sunnies to throw in your bag. These tortoiseshell ones are awesome. So glam and would go with any springy outfit! Plus you can’t beat that price!

Pajama Set

I don’t know about you, but when the temps get warmer I get sooooo hot at night. But I love being under the covers (there’s just something about the weight of the blankets that is just so comforting!). I have nice long-sleeved pajamas for the winter, but haven’t ever upgraded to a summer set. These ones are adorable and I think they just might be worth the money!

Gladiator Sandals

I feel like I need new sandals just about every year because my old ones get so beat up! I wear them until the very end of their life. I love these gladiator sandals and think I’d get a heck of a lot of use out of them over the next few months! They’ve got some stellar reviews, so they just might hop into my online shopping cart.

Off-the-Shoulder Striped Top

Ummm…yes please! Can’t you just picture this top with white jeans, wedges, and a tan? Absolutely love the classic look of this piece. A trip to J. Crew to try this baby on is definitely in my future.

Denim Shorts

After getting out my warmer clothing for the season, I chucked my old jean shorts. They were a DIY pair (here’s how you can make your own!), and had seen better days. Honestly, they were so frayed that I was nervous they were gonna unravel all the way up to my booty. Not cute. These high-waisted ones from Madewell look adorable and I think they would last for many seasons to come.

White & Gold Sneakers

I love my black Nikes for working out, but I need a shoe to just throw on for weekends. This rose gold sneaker fits the bill. Comfortable, neutral (so it goes with everything!), and a bit dressier than my typical gym shoes. These are a must!


Tie Front Plaid Blouse

I don’t need much this spring, but I do have my eye out for some shirts. I always like to have a few go-to tops in my closet that I can mix & match with jeans, dress pants, or even shorts and I feel like this plaid number totally fits the ticket. I love that this blouse could work with converse and jean shorts or be dressed up with white jeans and wedges. I haven’t tried it on yet but I’ll keep you guys updated!


I have gym shoes that I love for an athleisure look and I also have go-to flats/heels for a more dressy look, but I’m in the market for an “in-between”, more casual look. I’ve seen this type of sneaker everywhere and they have really grown on me! Plus, I saw that this exact sneaker is made by Sperry so I’m now officially sold!

Cross-body Purse

I have a few staple oversized bags that I love, but I have my eyes peeled for a simple + affordable satchel for the spring/summer. I’m loving this one because it’s $35 and can match with almost everything. Usually once I find the perfect satchel, I wear it with everything throughout the summer and only swap it for a clutch for special occasions. I may want something a tad lighter, but finding one that’s this shape and this price has been harder than I thought it would be!

Versatile Sandals

You know when you find a pair of sandals you love and eventually wear them so much that they become a raggedy mess… and belong in the garbage now? Well I did that with my all-time favorite Target sandals from over 3 years ago and sadly, just threw them away. They were so comfy and matched with everything so I never wanted to let them go… until I had to because they were such a hot mess. I’m hoping to find another, equally as comfortable, pair and this pair is on top of my list. For $16, worth a try right?

White Pants

Our friend Courtney raves about these white pants so we know they must be good! My little sister just bought them and she also says that they fit great and aren’t cheap/see-through like many other competitors. If these pants get the seal of approval from Courtney and Maggie (both admirable fashionistas!), I’m sold!

Two Toned Eye Glasses

I’m due for a new pair of eye glasses and I’m digging this two toned look! I know Warby Parker offers to send their customers 4 pairs of glasses to “test out” and decide on at home (genius!) but I think I’m going to go into the store. For me glasses are like jeans, I need to try them on in order to make sure they fit… online shopping just doesn’t work for me in this department.


P.S. There are some great sales happening right now if you’re doing some spring shopping!


  • LOFT: 40% off everything (these sales are the best!)
  • Express: 30% off dresses <– this one is adorable for Easter
  • West Elm: Their Now or Never Sale is currently happening…which means 20% off!
  • Crate & Barrel: Up to 20% off Outdoor
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16 thoughts on “Spring Items We Have our Eyes On

  1. Erin

    yes i love warby parker! it’s always fun to try on different glasses but i do find a lot of their glasses are on the bigger side. but still their customer service is on point & the price is so reasonable!

    I’m on the hunt for white jeans too! i tried one on at the loft and couldn’t do it because it felt like it was see through! I have white ankle work pants, but would like jeans!

    and as for those sperry’s.. i have a similar color from vans, and they are ON POINT. so easy to wear with anything!

    1. DIY Playbook

      Good to know for Warby Parker! And we feel the exact same way about white jeans! The struggle is real. So hard to find ones that are tight all the way through the leg and not see through!

    2. Kerri Hansen

      I just ordered some white jeans from J Crew on the advice of Casey from hisugarplum. Shopping for white jeans is hard! Almost as bad as bathing suit shopping!

    3. DIY Playbook

      Did you get the J.Crew toothpick ones she suggested? I have my eye on those! I tried on the Vince Camuto ones she likes, but didn’t love them because they’re a bit loose at the ankles.

    4. Kerri Hansen

      Yes, although the toothpick name threw me for a loop….a toothpick I am not!😂 But every time I buy something “Cassie approved” I am always happy with it. I am waiting for them to arrive in the mail, and when I get my hands on them I will let you know!

  2. Trang

    It’s funny, I feel like I know you girls so well now that when I see these items that you have your eye on, I say, ‘that is so Bridget’ or ‘that is so Casey’. You definitely have style. I am still trying to figure out mine!

  3. Kerri Hansen

    Oh my gosh, great post, and as usual I found myself nodding in agreement with all of your choices, especially because I have had my eye on, or already own similar things on your list! Casey I was just in Loft yesterday and fell in love with a similar dress, but the one I am coveting is Lou & Grey and is a bit more casual. The fact that everything is 40% off makes it even more tempting! I also just bought some pajamas similar to the ones you like, and for the exact same reason, but mine were from Target, so very affordable. I love them, not only are they cute but they are so much cooler for sleeping in. Only issue is that they shrunk when I washed them so my advice there is to size up if you buy them! Bridget, I own a pair of similar gold tone slip on sneaks, I got them a few years ago at the Gap outlet for $12 and I have almost worn them out! They are so comfortable, easy to wear and go with everything! I have had my eye out for a replacement pair, so thanks for the tip! I almost bought a similar plaid tie-front top at Anthropologie yesterday. It was so cute! I left my wallet in the car on purpose which is the only reason I didn’t buy anything yesterday! All of the things you posted give me 😍!

    1. DIY Playbook

      I love Lou & Grey at LOFT! That material is always sooooo soft! But I agree, a bit casual for work. I think my mom is getting me those pajamas for my birthday, so I’ll definitely report back on them. They were pricey, but I figure I’ll wear them almost every single night. Hopefully they keep me cool at night!

      Thanks for your insights, Kerri!

  4. Lucy

    personally, i prefer this format. i see the picture, then i see what you say. with mood boards, i have to scroll up and down to figure out what which item you’re talking about.

    1. DIY Playbook

      thank you for your input Lucy! It’s so helpful as we plan content moving forward. We agree…having to scroll up to view the mood board can sometimes be a huge pain!

  5. Diana @ Bumps Along the Way

    I LOVE this shopping list idea for new seasons and do the same myself, although sticking with it is another story…I always seem to find a reason that I “need” a few more basic tanks/sweaters/tees, depending on the season! But I am trying!

  6. Katie

    Those white jeans are currently at Nordstrom Rack online 44% off! Waiting for mine to arrive so I can try out too.


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Spring Essential – A Trench Coat


As we are sloooooowly transitioning into spring here in Chicago, we could not be more excited to replace the winter clothes in our closets over to our favorite spring staples. We’re ready for lighter colors, less layers, and a whole lot more sunshine! We’ve got spring fever!

One item that we practically live in this time of year is our trench coats. We each added a trench coat to our collection last year and we still can’t believe how much use we get out of this seasonal item. You guys know how much we love finding items that can be worn to work and on the weekends and this piece definitely fits the bill (to say the least).


I bought my first trench coat last spring, and it was such a worthwhile purchase for my wardrobe because it’s incredibly versatile. After looking at lots of options, I ended up going with a Michael Kors one from Nordstrom. It ended up beating out the other ones because it has a detachable hood and inner lining!

It doesn’t look like they sell the exact same one anymore, but this Michael Kors trench coat is incredibly similar (plus it’s got the hood & liner!)


The liner and hood are off in these photos, but it’s so nice to have those options for chillier days or days with rain in the forecast. Plus the buttons make it simple to attach and de-tach based on the weather. white-jeans-flats-trench

During the spring, I wear my trench coat to work on most days specifically because it makes any ensemble look that much more pulled together. Plus, the neutral color ensures that it works with just about any look for the office. casey-trench-coat-12

But I definitely wear my trench on the weekends too! Whether I’m running errands or heading out on the town. It really is just such a nice lightweight coat that works with just about anything!



I bought my go-to trench coat last year from Banana Republic outlet for 50% off but it looks like it’s on sale again this year. I actually just saw the exact same one for 30% off at the outlet again this year in khaki, black, and navy stripes. I also found this very similar one from H&M for under $50, definitely the cheapest option I have seen so far this season.

Fit Tip: I’m wearing an XS and I’d say this trench is true to size, but if you’re looking to add some bulkier layers under your trench coat, I would suggest sizing up one.Trench_Coat_Bridget_Spring_Fashion-6The trench coat is awesome because it matches with everything! Today I paired it with jeans and booties for weekend errands. But like Casey mentioned, I wear it to work all the time with black pants, grey pants, skirts and even dresses. Trench_Coat_Bridget_Spring_FashionDuring the weekends, I’ll also dress this coat down by pairing it with converse and even a baseball cap. OR it’s perfect paired with rain boots during the rainy spring days here in Chicago.


A coat that can be worn over a dress, with Hunter boots, and with converse? This trench has definitely earned its stay in my closet. Trench_Coat_Bridget_Spring_Fashion-3I love the black and navy stripe options at Banana and have even seen some other bold colors that have caught my eye over the years. But I will say I’m glad I decided on the khaki because I can throw it on with any outfit and not really worry about coordinating.

Bottom line: We’re pretty obsessed with these hardworking jackets and definitely recommend adding one to your closet this spring if you don’t already have one. If you’re anything like us, we KNOW you’ll get your money’s worth. If not during this first year, definitely for years and years to come. You just can’t go wrong with a classic trench this time of year! bridget_and_casey_sig

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6 thoughts on “Spring Essential – A Trench Coat

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Brown Leather Jacket – Day & Night


Last year I bought this black faux leather jacket and pretty much wore it on repeat since the day I brought it home. My sister had purchased it the year before and I would always borrow it when I had somewhere to go that warranted a leather jacket (like when I traveled). travel-carmel-bridget-leather-jacket-fall-fashionOf course she’s the best sister ever so she would always let me have it, but when I saw it on sale last year I decided to get one for myself.

Like I said, I wore it on repeat from then on. Traveling, nights out, casual bumming days, this tailored leather jacket became a wardrobe staple because it was incredibly versatile. To this day, I still love my black leather jacket. So it should be no surprise that I bought it in brown too!

Cognac Leather Jacket

When I saw the exact black leather jacket that I loved (and wore) so much offered in cognac brown too, I was convinced that it was totally worth the investment and I scooped it right up. I only bought it a few weeks ago but I’ve already gotten so much use out of it.

Like the black one it’s also very versatile because you can dress it up or dress is down. The price tag was also the same as the black one ($98), but the black leather one has held up really great and I’m expecting the same for the brown one.

For others contemplating splurging on their own brown leather jacket this season, I wanted to offer some outfit inspiration for a piece that is quickly becoming one of my favorite spring staples.

From day to night, I am confident that you can get a ton of use out of this jacket because it is such a classic!


I love this “day” look because it makes me feel put together, but feels very casual and comfortable. You guys know how much I love my converse and both the black and brown jacket work well with these versatile gym shoes.


I scored this $16 tank top from TARGET recently and love the flowy peplum look. The stripes match with just about anything and the shirt allows some extra room for a few too many doughnuts for breakfast… if you know what I mean.

brown-leather-jacket-with-converse-bridget-2I threw on a long necklace, grabbed a neutral clutch, and finished the outfit for a put-together weekend look that feels a lot more comfortable than it may seem. Plus, all of these pieces are very neutral and play well with others, so swapping out this tank or jeans for just about any other one would totally work. V-neck tees are a staple in my closet and adding a plain grey tee under this (or just about any neutral color/pattern) tee would work perfectly.

The clutch is a few years old so I couldn’t find an exact replica to link, but how adorable is this tassel clutch? It’s not exactly the same look but I’m loving the texture and neutral color!



Instead of jeans and converse, I changed into my all-time favorite black jeans and these heels and this outfit is ready for a night out!


I went with the stripes again under the jacket, this time reaching for a black + white striped tank I bought from Target last year. But just like the daytime look, almost any black, grey, or patterned blouse would work well with this combo because the jacket and pants are so neutral.

The bag was a $30 steal from TJ Maxx this year. I love it because it holds SO much, I even used it as my carry-on during our recent trip to NYC. Plus, the color matches with just about everything so definitely my go-to oversized bag lately.brown_leather_jacket_bridget_stripes-fashionAnd we haven’t done a post on these specific pants yet, but we should because both Casey and I own the exact same pair and are equally obsessed with them. They’re high-waisted (shh… don’t tell anyone) and keep everything in the mid section looking good.

Plus, the straight leg + skinny ankle on these pants pair well with just about any shoe. From converse to heels to boots and even our hunters, we’re obsessed with this exact pair. And did I mention that they’re just a little bit stretchy, which makes them even more comfortable than we ever expected!

casey-black-jeans-leopard-purse-4 I’m pretty sure the only time we don’t LOVE these pants is the few times we have shown up at events and meetings wearing the exact. same. ones. <— best friends who blog together and match outfits is just a bit much, don’t you agree?!

Long story short, if you’re looking for a spring jacket to add to your wardrobe, one that’s quality and one you can get a lot of use out of, this cognac jacket may be worth looking into! I haven’t seen any sales on this specific style yet, but if I do I will definitely let you guys know via Instagram.

Have you splurged on any Spring staples lately?! I’d love to hear (and look into) what you’re loving these days!

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4 thoughts on “Brown Leather Jacket – Day & Night

  1. Trang

    Too adorable! You look beautiful in everything. I’m still trying to (slowly) slim down my wardrobe to just essential timeless pieces that are neutral and go with everything. Trying to keep only 31 or so essential pieces per season is VERY hard for a clothes hoarder like myself.

    1. DIY Playbook

      Awww, thanks so much Trang! You are far too sweet. And yes, I feel the same way… trying to slowly build a closet of intentional items that are versatile and “so me”. #slowandsteady

  2. Kerri Hansen

    Was reading your post on D.C., and was loving your faux leather jacket so I referred back to this post (ps I love how you guys have organized the blog, so easy to navigate and refer back) and forgot you have this jacket in black too…and that one looks awesome too! So my question is, if you had to pick one (which I will have to do!) black vs. cognac, which one would you choose? Is there one you reach for more than the other, one that is more versatile?

    1. DIY Playbook

      Aww, thanks Kerri… you are the sweetest! Honestly I really LOVE both but if I could only choose one, I’d probably go with the black. I think both are very versatile but it’s hard to beat the versatility of a black piece. For that reason only, I’d say black! Hope that helps =)

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A Night Out – All Black with Leopard Print


Happy Wednesday! I’m back today with another addition to our Style Series. Since we’ve been showing so many casual outfits on the blog, we figured it was about time to showcase a dressier ensemble.

I really don’t have to dress up too often, usually only for date nights, drinks with girlfriends, or family dinners in the city. But when those occasions do come around, I often opt for similar outfits. casey-black-jeans-leopard-purse-1

Heels // Black Jeans // Black Top // Leopard Clutch // Sunglasses // Lip Color

I usually reach for all of the black pieces in my closet because they just feel more pulled together, dressy, and classic. Plus I can then add a dramatic lip or, in this case, a pop of pattern.

leopard-clutch-1I recently got this clutch from Ann Taylor and I’ve been loving it. I had been eyeing a few different leopard bags for some time, but I didn’t pull the trigger until this one was 50% off! That’s when I pounced. I guess the leopard print brought out my inner wild cat when it came time to buy! Looks like it’s currently out of stock, but I almost bought this one from Etsy if you want one for yourself. black-jeans-leopard-clutch-1

This is the first time I’ve ever had a clutch that doesn’t have a handle, and I must admit it takes a little getting used to! But the little tuck under the arm isn’t so bad once you get used to it. And this purse can hold a lot! I’ll often move some items from my work bag to a smaller purse when I go out for the night, and this one can hold so much that I don’t have to be too choosy with everything I throw in there. Chapstick or lipstick? Throw in both!

I love the leopard because it goes with all the things! I just used it for a wedding and wore a bright blue dress, and it matched perfectly. Gotta love items in your closet that come in handy with just about any ensemble. casey-black-jeans-leopard-purse-3

Hair Tie // Lip Color

The top is actually new and I love it! I don’t often shop at Zara, but I popped in there one night after work and decided to look around. They have some items that are a bit too wild or fashion forward for me, but they also have some classic pieces with a bit of an edge…like this top. For work & everyday wear, I don’t often follow trends. Instead I just go with what I like. But for “going out” wear, I certainly don’t mind adding an edgier piece to my rotation. I’ve seen some fun necklines lately, so this black blouse was a fun way to dip my toe into that trend.

I may be hopping into Zara more often now. Plus their price point is unbelievable. I could barely believe that this top only cost $39! casey-black-jeans-leopard-purse-5

For nights out, I’ll often wear black jeans or (non-gym) leggings. Bridget & I both have these black jeans with the holes at the knees and we love them. They’re high-waisted so they suck everything in and are so comfortable.

I just got these faux leather leggings from Athleta and they are fabulous! They’re comfortable but edgy all at the same time (and I’ve now said edgy far too many times during this post). I’ve worn those out on the town a few times and love them paired with a longer blouse to cover the booty!black-heels-black-jeans-1

The shoes are another inexpensive item (& they come in tons of colors). I bought them last year for a wedding that I was in, and they’re great! Comfortable (as comfy as heels can be), and a nice heel height. Not incredibly high. I have a similar pair in nude that I wear with dresses quite often. It’s good to have a few reliable pairs of heels for just about any dressier occasion.


It’s always fun to get dressed up and hit the town. But I must say…I often prefer my nights in with my husband by our side. Pajamas, champs, and Netflix are my kinda nights out these days.


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4 thoughts on “A Night Out – All Black with Leopard Print

  1. Kristen Ayotte

    This is a great look for a night out! Not fussy but still stylish. 🙂

    Casey, you posted a black dress with a ruffle neckline on instastories recently, wold you mind sharing where it’s from?

    1. DIY Playbook

      Thanks so much Kristen!

      The dress is actually a navy suede (It probably looked dark in the insta story lighting!). It’s DKNY, but a few years old. One of my go-tos! Sorry I can’t be of more finding it for you!

  2. Trang

    I also love the classic all black ensemble with 1 piece of accessory that pops. You look beautiful as always! I recently got a similar black blouse top like the one you got from Zara (I too love the store!), but it was from Marshall’s. It was a random score and I wore on my birthday with much joy.

    1. DIY Playbook

      Oh what a find, Trang! I need to go in with a good mindset when I hit up Marshall’s & TJMaxx and just know that it’s gonna take some time to dig for the best pieces!

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On a Search for Stylish and Comfortable Flats


A few weeks ago, we shared our big conundrum when it comes to our work wear. Finding flats that are both stylish AND comfortable. Neither of us have ever been able to find a pair that fits the bill. Either they’re cute and give you blisters like crazy. Or you can wear them all day long, but they’re not super trendy.casey-work-blazer

Well…we are so happy that we shared this with all of you because we received an influx of suggestions for flats to purchase. So many of you took time out of your day to email, message, or comment letting us know all about your favorite shoes and why you love them so much! We cannot thank you enough for giving us the inside scoop!

teacher-fashion-sweater-skirt-bridget-standingToday, we thought it would be fun to share some of those suggestions with all of you so we can all learn from each other. We don’t know about you, but we’re both 10x more likely to purchase something when it’s given a glowing review. And hearing all of your rave reviews on your favorite flats makes us want to scoop up every last pair of these shoes! Seriously…we want to make a closet full of flats that would make Carrie Bradshaw envious!finding_perfect_flats

So let’s get right to the suggestions so we can all get shopping for those elusive comfy/cute/stylish/wear all day long flats! There was quite the range of recommendations too, so we decided to categorize them by price. Let’s start with the priciest and work our way down…

Pricey…but worth it!the_best_flats.24 PM

 1. Cole Haan Bow Ballet Flat // 2.  Cole Haan Packable Flat // 3. Tieks Leopard // 4. Black Tory Burch

“I’m on my feet all day in the hospital. Swear by Cole Haan”

“I have yet to take the plunge but I hear Tieks by Gavrieli are amazing!”

“Tieks! My favorite flats! So comfy!”

“Tory Burch flats! I own them in almost every color! Great to travel in, and easy to pack. You can dress up or down.”

Moderate Price Tag

the_best_flats.59 PM1. TOMS Jutti Flat // 2. Yosi Samra Nude Flat // 3. Frye Oxford Loafers // 4. J. Crew Cece //

5. Michael Kors Loafer // 6. Vionic Lace Up // 7. Vionic Leopard

“TOMS flats. They were my favorite when I was teaching.”

“Yosi Samra foldable flats. They’re not cheap, but super comfy and cute. My fave are the nude patent leather ones!”

“These [Frye Oxford Loafers] are a game changer. I’ve been obsessed with oxfords lately—they’re a little bit masculine, but in an awesome way, and perfect for work. Super comfortable. Plus Frye has a year warrantee on their shoes which is amazing!”

“J.Crew’s Cece is a… style that is also comfy!”

“Michael Kors Loafers and Flats. I’m a teacher and I live in them. I have 4 pairs.”

“Vionics have some cute ones and I’m addicted to their slippers.”

Buy them for a Steal!

the_best_flats.53 PM

1. $25 Payless Flats // 2. Audrey Brooke Newport Flat

“You HAVE to try these flats from Payless! For the price, who knows how long they’ll last (although I’ve worn them probably 15 times now with no wear yet), but they are by FAR the comfiest pair I’ve ever worn – I always get blisters from flats, but these are amazing!”

“These are my go to flats as well! I am in the trade show business which is standing hours and hours a day, for several days straight. You can usually wait until they go on sale + a coupon and get them for about $15-$18. I have owned at least half a dozen colors over the last 3 years. As I have found inevitable with all flats they do get gross and smelly eventually, but I would rather replace these than have stinky expensive flats.”

“The Audrey Brooke Lydia/ Newport Ballet Flats are my go to. It has a little hidden heel so it gives more support than those cute-but not so comfortable Steve Madden ones. Plus they have a rubber sole, so they feel more substantial and last forever.”


Flats_Shoes_Jeans_Fashion-3Can you believe these tassel flats are from Payless?!

We actually both decided to purchase some of these flats ourselves so we can give them a try. We’re both bought a pair of the $25 Payless ones (because you really can’t beat that price tag!) and then we’re each going to purchase 1 other pair that’s a bit pricier. Our plan is to then report back on the comfort & cuteness factor here on the blog in a few weeks!

Flats_Shoes_Jeans_Fashion-2We can’t thank you guys enough for taking time to share your favorite flats with us! And if you have any other shoes that you absolutely LOVE please do share! Sometimes it can be challenging ordering shoes online when you can’t try them on, so we love hearing recommendations from other girls just like us!

Hopefully together we can all find our favorite comfortable & cute pair of flats for work! bridget_and_casey_sig

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9 thoughts on “On a Search for Stylish and Comfortable Flats

  1. Brie

    Thank you for sharing these! I HATE flats because I’ve never found a comfortable pair (although discount shoes ARE my default). I’m still rocking my [comfortable] heels at 7.5 months pregnant but do sometimes wish that I had a neutral pair of flats on the days when it’s too cold to wear open-toed flats. I’ll have to check these out!

  2. Trang

    I hate flats. I am short as it is and don’t like to feel shorter. However, I have succumbed to buying a few TOMS flats when there is a good sale just to have them around. I don’t wear them often though because they don’t go with the clothes I wear (mostly atheleisure!). My choice for winter are boots and booties (Sperry & TOMS) and sandals for spring/summer (wedges). Of course, sneakers are my favorite daily wear! Plain Jane here, I know.

  3. shawnna griffin

    hey girls – such cute flats! I bought a pair at Kohl’s last year and I love them they are Sonoma and they are so comfy!

  4. Shelley

    In the “Pricey but worth it” section, it looks like the link for #2 actually goes to the shoe pictured in #1 (and the link for #1 is broken or out of stock). I love the #2 shoe – can you tell me what it is?


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What Does Casey Wear to Work?


Last week, Bridget shared some insight into her day job as a high school teacher. Today, it’s my turn to dish the scoop on my “real job” outside of the blog and the clothing I choose to wear to work each day.

casey-work-18But in order to explain my work wear and current day job, we should dive a little into the history of my career. Ever since I was a little girl I always dreamed of being a TV journalist. I absolutely loved reading, writing, and English classes and idolized the newscasters I saw on TV. After studying broadcast journalism in college, I graduated and moved to small town in Wisconsin to become a news reporter.

I loved it, but eventually I was ready for a bigger city and more experience. At that time, Finn & I moved to St. Louis where I worked for Anheuser-Busch (yep…the beer company!) producing and hosting all of their internal videos. It was an awesome job! I was on-camera, writing scripts, and traveling all over the country to produce fun & entertaining videos. But my real goal was to find a TV job in Chicago to be closer to our families.

casey-work-11We moved back here in 2013 and I ended up working for a local channel producing a DIY show here in Chicago. Combining my love for DIY with my skills in TV was a match made in heaven,  and I ended up producing 3 seasons of the show Weekend Workbench.  But all good things must come to an end, and I was ready for a new challenge so I accepted a new job last fall.

Today, I work for a large startup in the healthcare industry producing lifestyle content that airs nationwide (think cooking shows, exercise videos, patient stories, doctor interviews, etc.) My office is located in the heart of Chicago, and I absolutely love what I do!

My office has a definite startup feel, and is very casual. The rules are no pajamas and you shouldn’t ever be able to go from work to the gym without changing. So yes…it’s incredibly laid back.

casey-work-wear-purseI typically dress for my day. So if I am out interviewing a doctor, I’ll dress up a bit more than I would if I’m just reviewing footage and writing scripts.  But just because I can dress fairly casually, doesn’t mean that it comes easy for me! It can be hard getting dressed everyday and I’m still working on finding my work wear style.

My Go-To Work Wear


Overall, I aim to look pulled together and also comfortable when I head out to work each day. And like Bridget, I don’t want to spend a ton of money on a huge wardrobe so I look for quality pieces that I can wear during the week and on the weekends. Here are some of my staples…


casey-blazer-workwearI love a good blazer and own at least a half-dozen. I think my love for these jackets stems back to my news anchor days when I literally wore one on-air Today my blazer arsenal is much smaller, but I still love the feeling of putting on a blazer and feeling put together.

casey-work-blazerThis structured blazer is my current favorite. It’s dressy, but has a bit of an edge to it so it certainly isn’t boring. I actually got this one on sale at an outlet store, but I’ve seen a lot of great structured blazers in-store recently (like this one). I also have a rotating collection of blouses (like this one from LOFT) that I wear underneath, mostly in blues, grays, and blacks.

Skinny Work Pants

casey-work-pantsI feel like we need to do an entire post about finding the perfect work pants because it is HARD! Some of the ones out there are a bit too frumpy, or if they’re the slim kind then they’re often cropped at the ankle (which isn’t great when the temp is in the single digits in Chicago). I recently picked up these work pants from Ann Taylor on sale for $25 and they’re amazing! Thick, appropriate for work, and they are skinny at the ankle. Yes, yes, yes!

Comfy Shoes

casey-purse-bag-workI never wear heels to work and instead opt for boots or wedges. I have these TOMS in both black and gray and wear them constantly. They’re so comfortable and I have no problem on my commute to work (where I walk over a mile).

casey-work-12I have yet to find the perfect pair of flats that are both chic & comfortable. I find that I’ll often wear some and the soles break down or the backs give me blisters. But once winter is over, my goal is to find a great pair that I can wear to work and on the weekends! Any advice for finding good flats? Any brands you love?

Structured Bag

casey-workwear-bag-purseFinally, my work wear look wouldn’t be complete without a big ass bag. I’ve always been a working girl with a big tote because I like to always be prepared and have things on-hand. This black bag was a steal from TJ Maxx and it holds everything from file folders, to my laptop, to my yoga clothes. They’ve got a good collection of work bags at good prices (like this one).


Now I want to hear…what is your office dress code like? Are you more casual like my office or are you super dressy? Hopefully we can all learn some fashion tips from one another as we try to look polished for work each day!




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14 thoughts on “What Does Casey Wear to Work?

  1. Kate

    I agree with you about flats, they can be tricky. Ballet flats just don’t cut it, and sandals are usually way too uncomfortable for city walking.

    These are a game changer, though: I’ve been obsessed with oxfords lately—they’re a little bit masculine, but in an awesome way, and perfect for work. Super comfortable. Plus Frye has a year warrantee on their shoes which is amazing!

    1. DIY Playbook

      This is awesome, Kate! Thank you so much for sharing. Seriously, the struggle is real when it comes to flats. Most don’t offer enough support or they cause so blisters if you walk too much in them.

      I will be checking these out immediately!

    1. Amanda

      These are my go to flats as well! I am in the trade show business which is standing hours and hours a day, for several days straight. You can usually wait until they go on sale + a coupon and get them for about $15-$18. I have owned at least half a dozen colors over the last 3 years. As I have found inevitable with all flats they do get gross and smelly eventually, but I would rather replace these than have stinky expensive flats.

    2. DIY Playbook

      So happy to hear that you ladies love these so much! I can’t get over that price tag. Amazing!

      And Amanda you’re so right about the inevitable gross smell that happens. haha

  2. Katie

    I bought suuuper comfy flats from a Nine West outlet. It was years ago so I’ll be due for some replacements soon. Hopefully they haven’t changed them!

  3. Kate LaCorte

    The Audrey Brooke Lydia Ballet Flat is my go to. It has a little hidden heal so it gives more support than those cute-but not so comfortable Steve Madden ones. Plus they have a rubber sole, so they feel more substantial and last forever. J.Crew’s Cece is a similar (but more expensive) style that is also comfy.


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What does Bridget Wear to Work?


As you guys know, both Casey and I have jobs outside of the DIY Playbook. I am a high school special education teacher and really love what I do. My class schedule looks slightly different from two years ago when I wrote this day in the life post but overall my days are still just as hectic from 7:00am-4:00pm.

I teach workplace skills in the morning and finish my afternoon co-teaching government and economics at the same high school where Casey and I attended just over ten years ago. I work at a high school of almost 4,000 students, so the campus is pretty big. I don’t teach in the same classroom two periods in a row, which means I’m always on the move… literally.teacher-fashion-sweater-skirt-bridget-standing

I share this information with you not to tell you all about my day job, but to show you that I can relate to a lot of you when it comes to buying “work clothes” because that’s what you’ll find me wearing Monday through Friday. I wish I could rock holey jeans, a tee. and converse everyday but that is far from my reality. And I don’t know if you guys feel the same way about finding work wear but as far as I’m concerned… the STRUGGLE IS REAL!

Work to Weekend Wear


I have a small closet and limited storage space at home so I really try to purchase work wear that I can wear on the weekends too. I know that’s not always the reality for every single piece of clothing, but I really try my best to only choose items that are versatile… and affordable.


Casey and I were recently chatting about this strategy and realized that we’re probably not alone in the pursuit to find clothing that can double as work wear and weekend wear, all on a budget. So we decided that we are going to start to weave in some “Work to Weekend” posts on Wednesdays so we can highlight pieces in our closets that do double duty for us.teacher-fashion-sweater-skirt-bridget-7

Plus when we turn to Pinterest or even the blogosphere, we don’t see a ton of realistic work fashion finds (not everyone wears heels & a power suit everyday!) so we figured, maybe starting the conversation will teach us all something together! <— we can use all the tips we can get from the amazing community of working women tuning in!

But before we dive into Work to Weekend gear, we figured we should each share a little information about our current work routines so that you can learn what factors go into each our of work wardrobe choices.

Comfy Shoes are a Must!


Like I said before, I work in a high school Monday through Friday. There isn’t necessarily a strict dress code for teachers but looking professional, dressing modestly, and being comfortable are all important factors. I dress professionally Monday through Thursday and love Fridays because we can wear nice jeans and school spirit gear… with gym shoes!teacher-fashion-sweater-skirt-bridget-4

From Monday through Thursday I try to look professional and feel comfortable. I work in a large school and do not have my own classroom but instead walk to a new room all 8 hours of the day. I recently tracked my steps and figured that I walk almost three miles within the building each day, which means comfy shoes are a must!

The first 3-4 years of teaching I wore heels every single day (ouch!) but have changed my ways a bit since then. I still wear heels on extra special days but usually wear wedges or flats in honor of comfort… and making it to my next class on time!

My Color Scheme

Sometimes I’ll wear skirts or dresses but in the winter I always pair these staples with tights because it’s just too darn cold without them. In the warmer months I don’t mind wearing dresses or skirts without the tights but that usually means that the skirt/dress must be knee-length so I feel comfortable and professional.

I mostly wear neutral colors because I feel most “me” in them and they are far more versatile. I’ve found that I can pair neutrals with a ton of different outfits for work or the weekend, which has been key in keeping my small closet contained.


And last but finally not least, I usually accessorize very simply. You know I love my statement necklaces so I will wear those quite a bit. I’ll wear stud earrings and a watch too but that’s about the extent of my jewelry at work.


But even on days I don’t wear any jewelry, you’ll always find me with a bag. Since I travel from classroom to classroom, I need to carry around a bag with me. I keep my lunch in there, my laptop, graded student work, and a whole slew of supplies. <— I can never have enough pens or pencils in my bag. If I had a dollar for every time a student asked for a pen, I’d probably be rich by now!teacher-fashion-sweater-skirt-bridget-laughing

Those are pretty much the basics when it comes to choosing my work week wardrobe! I can’t wait to dive into more detail as we roll out the work to weekend series (not every Wednesday, just as we see fit). I feel like a lot of us are in the same boat and could use each other as we all try to build versatile closets that don’t break the bank.

What are your tips?

What do you guys think? Are there certain work to weekend topics or wardrobe items you want us to tackle first? Next Wednesday Casey will dive into her work wardrobe guidelines to give us all a little background on her work environment. Then you guys will have a better idea of each our workplaces so that we can kick-off our first work to weekend post soon!

In the meantime, what factors go into choosing your work wardrobe? We’d love to hear what you do for a living (#GIRLBOSS) and what wardrobe challenges you face!


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25 thoughts on “What does Bridget Wear to Work?

  1. Casaundra Donahoe

    OMG! Thank you for starting this series. Deciding what to wear to work is a daily struggle and when I google for ideas all that comes up are high fashion options which are not realistic. Business casual attire can be so hard!

  2. Katy

    I am a manager of a group of engineers — all male besides me. Our dress code policy is “Dress for your Day”, which means that jeans are acceptable as long as you are not meeting with external clients. I really struggle with this dress code, as I sometimes find myself going too casual, but I also don’t want to dress up too much and appear stuffy to my employees. Additionally, I am the only female engineering manager, so there isn’t anyone to look to for guidance. I’m thinking about getting some blazers, but I’m not sure how to incorporate them. I wear a lot of button-up shirts with cardigans in the winter, but summertime is tough as I don’t want to wear layers but my outfits seems to always feel unfinished without them. Obviously, I could use some help!

    1. DIY Playbook

      This is exactly how my workplace operates (dress for your day!) I’ll be chatting more about it next week when I share more about my workwear, but I totally agree with your sentiment. I either feel too casual or too fancy…it’s hard to find a good middle ground.

      Excited to tackle this more here on the blog!

      And Morgan…love the idea for a wrap dress!


  3. Kara D

    Love this series too! I don’t feel comfortable in skirts/dresses at work, so I’m always wearing pants. Lately, my staple outfits have either been:
    1) Solid dark leggings/skinny pants with long loose tunic tops and tall flat boots
    2) Express Portofino shirts, layered over either a tank top or thin long sleeved top, with trousers. Sometimes a sweater/cardigan layered on over it.

    The tops I will wear over the weekends too, but the bottoms will change to jeans or athleisure pants, etc. Plus the accessories and hairstyles help change up the “fanciness” level.

    1. DIY Playbook

      Love this plan Kara! Casey is also obsessed with the Portofino shirts from Express. She’ll be sharing more about her work wear next week, but it sounds very similar to yours!

  4. Erin

    my department dress code has changed drastically because we merged with a team that is based in florida, and their dress code is SUPER casual. While our office had always been business casual because we are headquarters. My usual work uniform is heels/wedges with ankle pants & a portofino blouse (and it’s always bright colors).

    However, our dress code has gotten a lot more casual because one, my old boss had broken her foot a couple years ago and since then she’s always worn sneakers. Secondly, the florida team dresses very casual as in they do wear shorts to work! That is a bit much for me! I don’t go that far down the casual road. but i do wear jeans a bit more often. I try to keep it mixed up where I’ll wear dark colored jeans with a dressy top. but i still try to stick with wearing my vans on fridays only!

    Though come summer time, I can’t even bear to think about wearing jeans because it is way too hot to even think about pulling those on — that’s when i default to my work uniform, it’s a lot cooler, and i mix it up between my portofino blouses & sleeveless blouses. I cringe every time i see someone come in the building wearing jeans when it’s 90 degrees outside!

  5. DIY Playbook

    The glasses are coach, I got them at my eye doctor a few years ago. If you’re looking for new glasses, check out Warby Parker — seriously amazing (and SO many options!)

  6. Sarah

    I am super excited for this series! I work in an office setting that sometimes sees clients we fund coming around (and sometimes without warning), so its pretty formal around here. However, we recently relocated our office and we went from having lawyers and accountants on all the other floors to being the most professional organization in the building and the attire has slowly veered more and more casual since. It’s interesting to see how the others companies and organizations around you affect things such as clothing standards!

    Sweet Spontaneity

    1. DIY Playbook

      Sounds like you’re having the same struggles we are, Sarah. Hard to find a good balance between super dressy & super casual! Hopefully we can all figure it out together.

  7. kates

    YES YES YES!!! Love this idea. I work for a small arch/eng firm and our dress code is part “wear for your day” part “business professional” and part “business casual”. It is really hard to dress for that some days! Not to mention living in the midwest (Iowa) we don’t always follow the latest fashions and we don’t have a lot of the stores most fashion bloggers use. So love to see your outfits.

    Also big fan of my sperry’s for daily wear. I have a pair of black and tan ones that i have lived in for like 2 years now.

    1. DIY Playbook

      I’m glad you’re on board!! And yes, I completely agree when it comes to a comfy pair of shoes… once I find a pair I love, I wear them on repeat to work!

  8. Pia

    I love this! I too struggle with work clothes – I end up wearing the same “blah” items over and over again because I’m never able to find anything work-appropriate that I actually want to buy or wear!

    I would love to see a post on what you consider your work essentials – like 5-10 awesome (affordable!) items that can be mixed and matched to actually look put together without spending a ton of money or time each morning deliberating!

  9. PAM

    I am lucky..I work in an insurance office(crop insurance only) so I pretty much wear what I want. So it’s jeans and shoes(in summer, shorts and tank tops) up in a ponytail if I want..I usually don’t wear makeup either..we rarely see any’s all done over the phone or through the mail or online.

  10. Meghan Kearney

    What a great topic! I am currently struggling with upping my professional wardrobe. My road blocks seem to be “ease of corralling toddler in the AM and surviving drop off” to “construction site appropriate” since 2-3 days a week I’ll transition from office client meetings to muddy construction sites… I’m always interested in others road blocks and how they overcome them.

  11. Trang

    Man, I wish I could wear workout clothes (aka athleisure) to work daily! It is the most comfortable style for me. Monday-Thursday, I wear mostly skinny pants and a cotton shirt or sweater; very simple looking. Fridays are jeans and t-shirt day! I don’t even sport makeup anymore either because I come straight from the gym and shower there. I can’t be bothered to provide myself time to put on makeup. I work in a very small office and hardly anyone is there most days. I’m also the only woman in the office so it makes it much easier not to have to put on my ‘show’ face. The men I work with definitely don’t care about that sort of thing. I sit mostly throughout the day taking phone calls and working on the computer, but I also want to be comfortable. I was actually telling my husband that I needed new work pants (aka, approval to spend $ on more clothes) because the ones I have are a few years old and they are either stretched or have stains on them. I can’t wait for your new series on this topic!


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The DIY Playbook Style Series – Fitness Goals


For last week’s style series, we chatted all about our favorite athleisure wear. Those items were some of our favorite for both lounging around the house and in less frequent cases…actually working out!

casey-athleisure-24Today, we wanted to chat a little bit about how we each workout and share a few of our healthy-living goals for 2017.


Today’s Fashion Staple: Fitness Accessories

Plus, since we didn’t have much time to chat about our workout accessories (water bottles, shoes, bags, etc) last week, we figured today’s post would be a good chance to dive into those tidbits too. It’s quite the agenda for this style series, so let’s get right to it! 


I’m actually a big fan of working out, specifically because I just feel so good afterwards! I feel like I sleep better and have much more energy when I stick to a workout routine.


But that doesn’t mean that I’m incredibly devoted to getting to the gym everyday. I’d say I average about 3-4 times per week. I specifically LOVE group fitness classes. Maybe because I grew up as a dancer and enjoyed going to dance class everyday? That then continued in college when I was on the pom squad at Notre Dame. There’s just something about being in a room full of other people that motivates you to try your best (or maybe it’s just the competitive side in me. ha!)

My favorite workout class is called Body Pump. Any other body pump lovers out there? It has quite the cult following across the country. Essentially it’s a 60-minute strength class using a bar bell. It’s choreographed to music, with each music track targeting a specific muscle group. By the end you leave with a full-body workout. I started incorporating this class into my workout routine 1x per week last August, and have noticed a change in my body. I feel so much stronger and have developed some lean muscles that I didn’t have before.

yoga-poses-caseyI also enjoy doing yoga. It’s wonderful when I want to clear my head and stretch out sore muscles. They offer a yoga class 1x per week at my work, so I usually stay and do that on Tuesday nights.

casey-athleisure-2So essentially my workout routine consists of a mixture of group fitness classes, cardio on the stair master at the gym, and then occasional BBG workouts at home.

Now onto my favorite fitness accessories that are really beneficial to my workout routine…

drinking-swell-water-bottle-caseyI’m a big H2O lover. While Bridget has a hard time drinking enough water, I drink so much water it’s kinda crazy. I ALWAYS have a water bottle with me, and I recently got 2 S’well water bottles for Christmas.

swell-water-bottleI keep this gold one in my gym bag and I use it for workouts. I have the larger size (in marble…so gorgeous), that I keep at my desk at work. I fill that bad boy up 2-3x during the workday. The best part about these water bottles is that they don’t “sweat.” I hate when watery residue is left all over your desk, so these have been great. They also keep liquids cold for 24 hours, and hot for 12 hours. And it really does work!

casey-athleisure-6I also got this new workout bag for Christmas and I’m obsessed. It’s sleek and has so many pockets and compartments. There’s even a little shoe compartment inside to keep your gym shoes from dirtying up anything else in your bag. Before this I just had a tote that I’d throw my workout clothes in, but now I love having everything organized so I can bring my gym bag to work everyday. This makes me much more likely to stop at the gym on my way home!


Another “new to me” accessory is this new twisty hair tie! I had seen them before and was always so fascinated as to what it was, so I picked up a 3-pack at Sephora in January.

hair-pony-tailI’m the kinda gal who always has a hair tie on her wrist, and this would often leave a big mark on my skin. Ouch. These are great because they lightly stay on your wrist and then when you use it for a pony tail it doesn’t crease your hair! casey-athleisure-23This has been a game changer for me as I love putting my hair up at night, but then would have to completely re-do my hair the next day. Now I can go another day in between washes and my hair is feeling a lot healthier because of it!


Unlike Casey, I’m not as committed to regular gym visits BUT I’m REALLY trying to be better this year.


Growing up I was involved in lots of sports and was very active. Even in college when I was no longer in organized sports, I would visit the gym regularly on campus and was committed to an active and healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately though, I have gotten away from these routine gym visits over the last few years and NEED TO CHANGE that.

It’s not like I sit around and have lazy days because actually I’m always on the move, partly because I’m busy but partly because I like to “putz” around the house. I’m not one who enjoys sitting down and relaxing because I’m a busy-body. I know that being on the move is a good thing but not regularly stretching or getting my heart rate up (the way “formal” exercise does) is not the routine I want to get into as I enter my 30’s at the end of this year!!! #howdidthathappenathleisure_nike-gymshoes

So I have been hitting the gym fairly regularly after work to walk/jog on the treadmill. It’s been a sloooowwww stat but I keep reminding myself that just being on the treadmill for any amount of time is more than I used to be.athleisure_nike-gymshoe-grey

It hasn’t been easy because I don’t love working out, but I do feel better when I leave so I try to focus on that as motivation to stick with it! Any other tips for me?! Or better yet, does anyone have any suggestions on running workouts to help build endurance over time (for beginners)? I need all the help I can get!athleisure_grey-black

My new gray gym shoes have also been a motivator to get my butt to the gym after work. They’re incredibly comfortable (no breaking in time at all) and are pretty fashionable too.

Our Favorite Accessories for the Gym


1 Gym bag // 2. No Crease Hair ties  // 3. Marble Swell // 4. Grey Gym shoes (B’s)
5. Gold Swell Bottle // 6. No-Show Socks // 7. Black Gym shoes (Casey’s!)
8. White Gym shoes // 9. Grey Gym shoes // 10. Grey Hatcasey-yoga-workout-fitness


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19 thoughts on “The DIY Playbook Style Series – Fitness Goals

  1. Erin

    i’ve been doing beachbody workouts for about 1.5 years. before that, i was doing random workouts I’d find on pinterest or other stuff. But then i decided to try the beachbody programs. and Love it because i don’t even have to think about what my next workout is. It’s already scheduled. I keep doing it because there is so much variety. my favorite workout thus far is Core de Force — which is MMA training. and it’s quite fun! Plus i’m part of an online group that is super supportive and very motivating! and keeps me going each and every day. and i get to do it from home!

    as for building up your running — the biggest thing that works for a lot of people is strength training. building up your leg muscles (not by bulk, but strength) will make things a lot easier in terms of being able to build your endurance with running. Lots of lunges and squats with weights will do it!

    1. Erin

      Sure thing. I promise I am not a coach. I just like the product & i love my coach! Anyway this is a new thing where you can get a year subscription to all the programs that you can view on the web, the app, via apple tv (if you have the new one) or roku.

      you have access to all of the programs, new and old. so you don’t need to buy any dvds!

      you can sign up here:

      they do charge you $99.95 and that’s good for the whole year! you can’t go wrong with it!!! the 12 month plan is the best plan to go with. I usually pick a program and follow the calendar for at least a month, but lately i’ve been doing each program for at least 3 months.

      a brief rundown of what i’ve done.
      21 day fix extreme — a mix of strength and cardio. she loves her bonus rounds which I want to die every time. and LOVES leg day! workouts are all 30 minutes! I got bored because i was doing the same workout every week. but it’s a good program!

      Chalean Extreme – mostly strength. I built a LOT of strength from this program. it’s pretty long, but i really enjoyed it. it varied from 30-45 minutes

      Hammer & chisel. I love to hate this program because i can’t get over how much Sagi talks. but it kicks your butt in so many ways. it’s a strength program with cardio here and there. 30-45 minutes.

      22 Min Hard Corps — I only did hell week. and basically died. it’s no equipment really needed except for maybe a pair of dumbells. if you just do the program straight out — it’s 22 minutes a day. that’s it! Mostly cardio with body weight strength

      T25 — this is definitely a cardio program with some body weight strength training. Shaun T is very motivating. i did all 3 months. it was a good mix up. 25 minutes that’s it, but don’t let that fool you.

      Insanity Max — I think i love to hate this program the most. Shaun T loves JUMPING. I hate JUMPING. but it was a burner for sure. No equipment needed! and 30 minutes!!

      finally Core de Force: I absolutely am IN LOVE with this program! it is so fun. Cardio with body strength — trust me the body strength portion is HARD. No equipment. but some days the workouts would be 30 minutes all the way to an hour. an hour makes me crazy! I love the trainers — joel & jericho. it is a blast. I’ve been doing it for almost 3 months and am not bored whatsoever!

    2. DIY Playbook

      Wow! This sounds great..totally my kinda workouts! What kind of equipment do you have at home? Did you find that you needed to get a few more items because of any of these?

    3. Erin

      the only thing that i really found that i bought was adjustable weights — but there are girls in the group that do go to the gym and do their workout there and follow along with the videos on their phone. Otherwise, i haven’t really needed any other equipment!

  2. Gretchen Braun

    For Bridget- I would recommend doing a couch to 5k program! It starts you out with running/walking for a short period and gradually helps you start running more and walking less. I also like to set small goals for myself and reward myself- so maybe you can try to sign up for a 5k at the end of training and have a reward for finishing! I’m big into bribing myself 🙂

    I have the same Lululemon bag and it’s AMAZING

  3. Kerri Hansen

    I am with Gretchen, a “learn to run” program that alternates walking and running is a great way to go. It starts out so easily that even the biggest of procraster-masters like me, have a hard time making an excuse not to do the work outs. What has worked for me in the past is to sign up with a running group, my favorite is the running room. The second thing is to sign up for a local 5 K, that way I have a goal I am working towards, but most importantly for me (did I mention my tendency towards procrastination?) it’s a deadline! Also, it usually costs a small amount of $$ to register and I hate the idea of wasting money, so that also acts as motivation! I am also trying to get back into running, after a hiatus. I had plans to get going at the beginning of January, had a walk/run program ready to go and was going to register for a race, and then got hit with a flu bug that completely sapped me for over 2 weeks! And then life got busy and I still haven’t got going. I need to plot work out a into my planner and phone! You girls are motivating me to get going! We got this!

    1. DIY Playbook

      This is such motivation, thank you!! And I’m so glad I’m not in this alone. I can totally relate to the procrastination (only when it comes to exercise… weird?!) and hating to lose money. And I’m glad you mentioned the hiatus because I find myself in that same situation when work gets busy. I’m quick to ditch the work-out routine to catch-up…. but then it’s hard to get back on track. The planner/phone combo sounds like a perfect idea to try and stay committed, I think I should start using that too. Thank you for sharing all of your tips (and your struggles). We can do this!!

  4. Whitney Regeth

    Ooh I really want to try the no crease hair ties! I might have skipped the gym once or twice because I didn’t want to mess up my hair haha. No more excuses! Thank you ladies for being so motivating! (:

  5. Christine Casey

    Body pump is my favorite!! I’ve been doing it for about 2.5 years now and it’s such a great workout that’s constantly changing. When we moved back to IL I specifically looked for a gym that taught body pump 🙂

  6. Elspeth

    I love The workout videos are free and you can filter them by length, workout type, equipment, etc, depending on what you’re feeling like. No effort needed to drive to the gym! I find that one of my big deterrents is the time it takes to get ready/go somewhere, so I keep my bike on a stationary trainer in the winter in an easily accessible spot.


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The DIY Playbook Style Series – Athleisure


Today’s Wardrobe Staple – Athleisure

Just to make sure we’re all starting today’s post on the same page, let’s first start by defining what the heck “Athleisure” is. For most of you this is probably old news, but for the few who are scratching their heads thinking that “these ladies have lost their minds… again”, we want to prove that this ONE time we actually haven’t because Athleisure is a real thing.

casey-athleisure-27Athleisure is technically defined as “a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as during work, casual or social occasions”. <— Thanks Wikipedia!

athleisure_walking-cold-vestIn other words, it’s athletic wear (like yoga pants, tanks, or sweatshirts) that can be worn well beyond the gym (like when you’re running errands, bumming on the weekend, or just because you feel like it). We love athleisure wear because it’s so comfy AND so versatile. And since this type of clothing is very popular now, it’s easy to find a few affordable pieces. You’d be surprised how quickly these pieces creep into your everyday routine.

The one thing we like to keep in mind when buying athleisure is to limit our collection to a few versatile pieces that we really love. We have found that we typically reach for out favorite pieces over and over again so instead of buying 42 different athleisure looks, we keep it simple by buying just a few key pieces that are quality, neutral colors, and looks we really love.


I could kiss whomever came up with this whole athleisure thing! Clothing that is comfortable & cute, plus it can be worn to workout or to just lounge around?! Yes, please! casey-athleisure-25

Affiliate Links Used*

I must admit…I own a lot of athleisure. But honestly, I don’t feel bad about it because I wear these clothes constantly. casey-yoga-workout-fitness

First of all, I do wear my workout gear to actually workout! I belong to a gym in our neighborhood and I find that I’m much more excited to get a workout in when I’m wearing cute active gear. casey-lunging-fitness-workoutAnd then once I’m actually working out, I find that I have a much better workout when I’m wearing the right clothing. I know it may seem crazy to spend a lot of money on leggings, but I’ve found that higher quality ones are well worth the price! They suck everything in, don’t roll down, and don’t require you to pull them up every 15-seconds <– literally the worst thing ever. casey-leggings

These new capri ones are my current favorite! I love the detailing (a little bit scandalous…but still  gym appropriate) and they are incredibly comfortable. I’ve bought cheaper leggings in the past, and have always been disappointed when they would pill and fall apart quickly.

This my first time buying leggings from Zella and I think they just might be my new fav brand. casey-zella-hoodie

Now let’s discuss my new zip-up. Man, it’s another obsession of mine. You know I love me some gray, and this sweatshirt is a new staple in my closet. casey-athleisure-10

I often throw the zip up on over a tank when on my way to workout class, and then after the warm-up I’ll take it off. casey-athleisure-14

But I also wear this hoodie constantly when at home. It is pretty much the best thing to throw on when our condo gets chilly. And the thumb holes on the sleeves make it ever better. casey-athleisure-24

All in all, I’m all aboard the athleisure train and I don’t plan to hop off any time soon!


For those of you thinking that you love the leisure part of these outfits without the “ath”-letic part… you are my people! I’m sending you an air high-five from behind my computer right now.

In honor of full disclosure, when I wear outfits like this I barely wear them to the gym (am I horrible for even admitting that?!). Before recently, I barely went to the gym and when I did, wore super old and ugly “gym clothes”. Now that I’ve been going to the gym more often (cue the confetti emoji but don’t get too excited because it’s only January) I still tend to wear running shorts and old t-shirts. I like to save my athleisure looks for weekend errands, relaxing, and really any activities that involve no sweating. #isitjustme? <—- after reading Casey’s portion of this blog post, I kinda feel like it IS just me and I need to get my act together! 


This is probably one of the main reasons why I’m the WORST person to give athleisure advice. The fact is that I like to have one or two of these outfits… tops… in my closet because I’ve found that since I don’t wear them to the gym and get them all sweaty, I grab the same outfit over and over again.athleisure_nike-gymshoe-grey

I’ve had these black “yoga”-like leggings in my closet for a long time. They have little zippers on the side, which makes me think they’re probably less yoga and more leggings. But either way I like this particular pair because I can wear them with athleisure gear (they’re stretchy just like yoga pants) or dress them up a bit with booties or boots and a long sweater. No one can ever tell the difference.

athleisure_nike_hoodI recently bought this classic grey hoodie and am pretty obsessed with it! I’m not a huge fan of a traditional hoodie because I feel like it is heavy and constricting on my neck. Instead I love cowl neck sweatshirts because they’re way less restricting and a bit more fashionable in my eyes. You wouldn’t believe how many people comment on the neck of this sweatshirt!

But the neck isn’t even my favorite part of this piece. See that zipper across the front? It unzips to create a huge compartment behind the pockets to hold all of your essentials. It’s almost like a kangaroo’s pouch and it’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I wore this outfit on the plane traveling to Mexico and kept my phone, headphones, and passport in that little kangaroo pouch and it allowed me to keep my belongings safe while being hands free. And because there’s extra room in that area of the sweatshirt, you could hardly even see the treasures I had tucked in there.  Honestly, I think I want to travel in this convenient sweatshirt all. the. time. because it’s pretty life changing. Or at least I’ll run more errands with it on the weekends so I don’t have to deal with a purse. <— that counts as “running” right?!

On cold days, this outfit pairs well with my winter coat or this Northface vest I’ve had for the past few years. I love how the cowl neck adds a bit of fun to the front of the vest without bringing the bulk of a hood.


I may not hit the gym as often as I should, but I promise you I get plenty of wear out of my few athleisure pieces. I usually wear them until they are old and ragged and then splurge on a new quality piece.

Regardless of how you use your athleisure gear, here are some of the quality pieces we’re currently loving. The best part is that only a few pieces in your wardrobe can make a huge impact.


Athleisure Favorites

1 Gray Zip-up (Casey’s) // 2. Cowl Neck Hoodie (B’s)  // 3. Asymmetrical Hoodie
4. Athleta Leggings // 5. Gray Tank // 6. Black Capri Leggings
7. B’s Gymshoes // 8. Casey’s Gymshoes // 9. Swell Water Bottle // 10. No Show Socks

So what do you think, do you love athleisure gear as much as we do? And more importantly, do you actually wear your athleisure gear to the gym or everywhere BUT the gym?!


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16 thoughts on “The DIY Playbook Style Series – Athleisure

  1. Trang

    I don’t know the meaning of ‘limiting my collection’ of athleisure gear. 90% of my clothes are athleisure. Like Casey, I go to the gym often (5-6x a week) and have many pieces that are versatile enough to wear out (date night, grocery store, social events, you name it). I find that wearing bright colored items helps me get through the 5:30 AM work outs. And quality is a MUST. I squat a lot and I do not want to show anything, especially at that hour of the day. No one wants to see that. My favorite brands are Lorna Jane (love her tank tops and sport bras), Lululemon (jackets are so wonderful and the last a long time), Alo Yoga (their yoga pants are thick and ultra cute/edgy enough to wear out on the town).

    1. DIY Playbook

      Trang you need to be our go-to authority on athleisure! Never heard of Alo Yoga (must check them out immediately!) What are your thoughts on Athleta? I just went into their store recently and wanted to buy everything. I left with some leather looking leggings that are good for a night out on the town. Very excited to wear them. But wanted to know your thoughts on the brand in general…let me know!


    2. Trang

      I like Athleta a lot. I have a couple of tops from them. I do recommend though, because they are owned by Gap and Old Navy, that if you find an item you like on Athleta, try searching for the same on Old Navy and Gap. I’ve been able to get some cute tops a little cheaper that way. It doesn’t work each time, but worth the look. BTW, leather looking leggings are my absolute fav! They are so versatile. Now I have to look on Athleta for some.

      One more recommendation I have is a new clothing line by a fitness model that I follow: Buff Bunny. She has tights that are durable and thick and you can squat all day long without any see through. She has launches (of new products) every few months; there’s one this Sunday at 7 PM, CST. The prices are very reasonable too.

    3. DIY Playbook

      Thanks for the tips Trang! Definitely gonna look for tops at Old Navy & Gap. And yes…check out their leather ones from Athleta. They’re so comfortable and look great.

      Can’t wait to check out Buff Bunny. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Erin

    I don’t mind athleisure…. but in all honesty i don’t even wear that out. I want & love wearing my jeans, pretty clothes. I’m also super conscious about wearing leggings in public.. I am anti leggings as pants. *insert laughing crying emoji!* I do wear skinny jeans though!

    but for actual workouts, I’m a huge fan of the victoria secret sports bra and their knock out pants. i can only wear tank tops while working out. short sleeves or whatever feel super restricting to me! and i do wear shorts in the summer, otherwise i feel like i’m dying if i wear pants. this shorty doesn’t like capris!

    1. DIY Playbook

      haha Erin you crack us up! It’s funny how some people love leggings as pants, and some are so against it.

      We will definitely have to check out Victoria Secret for their sports bra selection. Never would have thought of them for athletic gear, but love it!

  3. Kerri Hansen

    I am a HUGE fan of the athleisure movement. I am not a morning person, and when I am getting dressed in the morning, “what is most pajama-like” is often the question that guides my clothing selection…because I work from home, and am busy with 3 kids and a dog, leggings and a sweater are my jam! living in Vancouver, Canada I am a loyal fan of Lululemon. As an aside, you should see Chip Wilson’s house, it was just recently assessed at 75 million! Anyway, the “align” pant are the softest most lightweight leggings ever. Can’t say enough about them!
    Great post and “Long Live Athleisure!”

  4. shawnna griffin

    Hey girls- Great post! I just bought a pair of yoga pants the other day at TJ Maxx for $16.99 and I really like them! My husband just bought us a treadmill last week so… I have been on that thing almost everyday! yay

  5. Marguerite Huber

    Zella leggings are the BEST! I have several pairs and they last for a very long time. I think my oldest pair is probably 5 years old. Always try to get them during Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale!

    1. DIY Playbook

      So happy to hear that they’re still great for you 5 years later! I’m really loving the ones I got and they’re holding up really well. Great tip to buy during the big sale!

  6. Kara D

    I’ve been turning more and more to athleisure these days! Feels so comfortable and cozy. I’m still a bit self-conscious of the booty end in the yoga pants/leggings (um, no one needs to see jello), so I prefer to wear tunic-length tops over them when I’m not working out. Casey – how can you tolerate the capris in Chicago winter weather?? Brrr, I can’t even deal with the teeny bit of skin showing between sneaks and the long leggings!
    Loving the brand suggestions – keep them coming! If you had to pick between Zella and Athleta, which would you pick?

    1. DIY Playbook

      haha you’re so right…my legs were pretty cold when we took these pics! Usually I’ll wear boots when I walk to the gym and then have a couple inches of skin exposed and it’s always freezing by the time I get there. ha!

      Honestly loving both my Zella & Athleta leggings right now! I was really impressed when I went to the Athleta store though. I wanted to buy everything in there! Plus they have some cute like “real clothing” that’s not for working out, but is still super comfortable.

    1. DIY Playbook

      I’m wearing an XS and it’s not baggy. It’s nice and lose fitting in the torso but the arms are snug (or more form fitting) and they are a hair short (just a hair, nothing bad or noticeable). <– Hope that helps!

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The DIY Playbook Style Series – Our Body Types

Emoji Halloween Costume Bridget & Casey

If you would’ve told us a few years ago that we would eventually share personal information about each of our bodies (i.e. the good, the bad and the ugly) on the internet, we would have been convinced that you had lost your mind. But you would’ve been right.

travel-carmel-bridget-casey-rookies-fashion-dressToday we’re pretty sure it’s US who have lost our minds because we are going to do just that. Today we are baring all (not in photos… thank goodness) and sharing the vulnerable information behind our bodies’ imperfections. <— just typing that out makes us extra nervous to press publish.

Bridget_Casey_Chicago_Odyssey_Travel-13You guys overwhelmingly shared how much you enjoy us sharing the DIY Playbook Style Series every Wednesday (thank you!! we are so grateful for your kind, supportive words). Some of you mentioned that you like these weekly posts because you like seeing what we wear, while others mentioned the affordable price of our clothes as your favorite part. And then there were a group of readers that said that they liked this series because we were “just like you”, dressing just like you would.

Those comments were some of the biggest compliments we could get here on the DIY Playbook because that’s what we strive for… showing you that we ARE just like you! And we want to make sure we stay that way by being REAL and transparent and a little vulnerable (as scary as that is), especially through the DIY Playbook Series.

Emoji Halloween Costume Bridget & CaseyReal Talk: We each have imperfections on our bodies that we consciously try to hide when choosing clothes. But let’s be real…. don’t we all?! Skinny or curvy or somewhere in between, we all have parts of our bodies that aren’t our favorite. And guess what? THAT’S OKAY! It’s normal!!!

bridget casey happyWe hope to use this platform to reassure everyone that we feel the exact same way. But instead of focusing on these imperfections, we try to choose clothing that masks our insecurities while making our “strengths” stand out!

If you have a body similar to Bridget’s, you can use her sizing tips every week or the tricks she uses to show off her assets. Or if your body is more similar to Casey’s, you can take her word for fit tips, size guides, and styling tips. And if your body really isn’t similar to either of ours, well heck… at least you can rest assured that we’re not perfect and that’s perfectly okay with us.


casey-fashion-styleTypical Size: M/L, Size 8

Height: 5’8″

casey-fall-fashion-24Less than Perfect: Everyone has parts of their body that they don’t love, and I’m no different. As a typical “apple” shape, I am not the biggest fan of my midsection. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will never ever have washboard abs, and if I’m ever carrying extra weight…it’s going right to my tummy!  I also have wide shoulder and chest areas, so I’m not the biggest fan of structured dresses that are tight against those parts of my body. I wear a 36C (sometimes D), and don’t love having a larger chest (especially when working out without a proper sports bra #ouch)

casey-fall-fashion-4Favorite Assets: I’ve been so fortunate to get long, (fairly) muscular legs from my mom. I was a dancer my entire life, and I also do a fair amount of squats and lunges at the gym, but mostly they’re all genetics.  They’re by far my favorite asset, and they’re something I don’t mind showing off! Short shorts, skirts, leggings, skinny jeans…those are my favorite because I can showcase my

Casey’s Shopping Guide


  • Shorter Hemlines: Because my legs are my favorite asset, I’m not afraid to show some skin! Short shorts, dresses, and skirts are all a part of my wardrobe. But if I’m showing a lot of leg, I’ll often cover up on top so things aren’t too revealing all over.


  • Skinny Jeans & Leggings: When it comes to leggings, I know there are definitely 2 kinds of women. Ones who don’t consider leggings to be “real pants” and others who wear leggings or athleisure all the time. I’m definitely in the latter group! I love me some leggings or skinny jeans! While I won’t wear leggings to work, I do wear them on the weekends and at night all the time. casey-patio
  • Flowy Tops: Because my tummy isn’t the most flattering part of my body, I tend to wear flowy tops that drape nicely over that area. It makes me feel much more comfortable, and I love the look of tighter pants with a looser top. It creates a good balance for me. casey-fall-fashion-purse
  • V-Necks: Because of my larger chest, high necklines do not look great on me. While Bridget can pull off super cute button downs (all buttoned up), that just does not work for my body. Instead, I find that v-necks are much more flattering as they make my shoulders look more narrow.


Typical Size: XS-S & Size 0-2

Height: 5’5″

Less than Perfect: I have no butt, well technically it’s back there but it’s flat as a pancake. I don’t have hardly any boobs either (I wear a 34A maybe a 34B if the bra has got some extra padding ;). I also have a really long torso, which isn’t necessarily a negative but it does make finding shirts a bit more tedious. And like Casey, the extra weight that I hold goes straight to my midsection. But probably what I’m most conscious about when choosing my outfits is my extra pale skin. I don’t think I personally look very good when I show a lot of extra skin because I’m so pale, so I typically try to choose outfits that are modest and cover my skin when possible. It’s weird though because often I’ll see other pale people and think they’re gorgeous pale! So I think it’s just a personal thing for me about showing too much skin.

bridget-fall-plaid-vest-booties-style-series-2Favorite Assets: I know that I’m considered skinny and I’m very grateful for my genes because it is not thanks to my diet that I have this body type. But more important than skinny, I’m very thankful to be HEALTHY. When I think of people who don’t have their health I’m reminded how minor these “body imperfections” really are. I vowed a few years ago to choose to focus on how  thankful I am for a healthy body rather than focusing on its imperfections. And to do this, I strategically buy clothing that helps mask those areas while making me feel a whole lot more comfortable in my own skin. As long as I’m healthy, I’m happy!


Bridget’s Shopping Guide:

  • Longer shirts: I don’t love X-long shirts but I try to buy clothing that is a bit longer on the average person so that it fits me just right.birthday_bridget_cupcake_3_happy
  • High Necklines: I don’t love showing my chest area (except for v-neck t-shirts) so I typically opt for a high neck cut with sleeves. I’ll opt for a collar any day… peter pan collars are my favorite.Bridget Matt
  • Cover up: I’m very modest when it comes to clothing and don’t like to show a lot of skin, mostly because of my super pale complexion. If I show my arms, I typically won’t show my legs in that same outfit. But if I show my legs, I’ll try to cover up my arms. Too much skin is never a good idea for
  • Flowing: I try to steer clear from tight shirts unless I’m pairing them with high-waisted pants. This helps me hide the mid section just a tad and makes me feel a whole lot more comfortable in my skin.

haven-conference-bridget-casey-diy-playbook-rookies-atlantaSorry for getting a little a lot personal today, we just figured we needed to start 2017 Style Series with some REAL TALK. We’re obviously not perfect but that shouldn’t keep us (or anyone) from loving the bodies we have. Most importantly, we’re both very grateful for our health. We’re also very grateful for this platform, which allows us to share that imperfect is NORMAL and totally okay!

We hope this information helps you relate to our weekly fashion posts a bit more and helps you make more intentional decisions when purchasing clothes. But above all, we hope it makes you step back and love your body just a bit more… imperfections and all.


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23 thoughts on “The DIY Playbook Style Series – Our Body Types

  1. Kerri Hansen

    What an important message and thank you two ladies for your honesty. You guys are so brave, to share such personal information. I am right now giving you a virtual standing ovation. Learning to love our bodies and dress them accordingly is not easy. Probably because we are surrounded by fake images and endless pressure to look perfect at every turn. I look at your pictures and think you two are beautiful and so put together, so to learn that even you guys struggle with “imperfections” is reassuring. I think you two are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside! Thanks for keeping it real!😍😘

    1. DIY Playbook

      You are too sweet. Thank you for the support. We’ll admit, we were terrified hitting publish…but we’re so happy to hear that so many other women feel the same way that we do.

      Thanks again for your honest feedback & kind words!

      B & C

  2. Erin

    Real talk! i love it! Casey — i pretty much am similar to you, except i am 6 inches shorter!!! crew neck style kills me every time & I love my skinnies. I am in the camp that LEGGINGS are not pants and only wear my workout leggings when i am working out, that is it. I get ragged on all the time about my opinion but i just don’t feel like they provide enough support/structure as a pair of skinnies would!

    1. DIY Playbook

      hahaha Erin your comment made me LOL. I feel ya on the leggings…people are very divided on the topic! Nothing like a nice pair of skinnies to hold ya in and make you feel fabulous 🙂

  3. Claudia

    Ladies – you are practically perfect in every way. Thanks for the whole lot of sharing. Actually great information for me.

  4. Austin Schneider

    Thank y’all for being so vulnerable and transparent! Especially in an age where EVERYONE has an opinion and hateful thoughts are shared freely on social media. I’ve felt really dissatisfied with my body lately, and with my wedding coming up, I’m really trying to kick it in gear. However, I know that it’s better to approach it from a place of wanting to be healthy and loving my body than hating it and punishing it (for my own poor diet, no less!). Thank you for encouraging me to love my body for what it is!

    1. DIY Playbook

      Austin, we hear ya girl! It’s terrifying putting yourself out there on the internet. Too much body shaming happening and we want to turn that all around.

      We remember feeling the wedding pressure too, but know that everyone will notice how happy you look on that day…not how toned your arms are!

      Thanks for your sweet words & honesty! We appreciate it 🙂

  5. Whitney Regeth

    Thank you for your honesty! I too struggle with pale skin, especially in the winter. High necklines are perfect for covering up. I love this post, you guys rock!

    1. DIY Playbook

      Thanks Diana! We were a bit nervous but since we have the most amazing and supportive readers, it was all worth it! Thank you so much for all of your support — it means the world to us!

  6. Trang

    Half the battle is knowing what body type you are so that you can successfully buy clothes that accentuate and/or hide your ‘flaws’. My problem is seeing an outfit on someone and it looks great on them and then thinking it’s also going to look great on me. You know that ‘vision’ vs. ‘reality’ meme you see all the time….that’s how it is for me.

    I thought you were super cute when I met you Casey. You ladies are what I consider pros at style…you look wonderful all the time!

    1. DIY Playbook

      You are soooo right Trang! I often see cute things on other bloggers and then go try them in store…and it’s ALL WRONG for my shape. Crazy how that works, isn’t it?

      Thanks for your sweet comment! You are too kind! So happy we officially got to meet in person 🙂

  7. Nicole

    It’s so ironic that you wrote that you see other pale people and think they are gorgeous… bc you are one of those gorgeous pale people! I have a very pale skin type too- just means we need to pack extra sunscreen on vacations 😛

  8. Kara D

    I’m right there with the both of you! Isn’t it awful how the weight goes straight to the tummy?? Does that for me too. Thank you for your honesty, this only makes me love you girls more!


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