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The DIY Playbook Style Series – Winter Coats


Coming back from Mexico this past weekend quickly reminded us how COLD Chicago winters can be. Escaping that cold for the week was amazing (full recap Tuesday!) but being greeted by 10 degree temps when we returned… not as amazing. We’re definitely not complaining because we feel extremely grateful for the chance to getaway and even more grateful to call Chicago home sweet home (cold temps and all), but we don’t want to give anyone the false impression that we LOVE the cold.

Quite the contrary actually. We love the pretty white snow and really love seeing 4 different seasons per year, but super cold temps are not our jam… especially since Casey walks to work everyday (rain, shine, or deep freeze!). Because we wear our winter coats everyday for months and want to stay as warm as possible, we don’t feel as bad splurging on this winter staple. We both have black puffy coats for our everyday wear, and Casey has a wool winter coat that dresses up just about any outfit!



*Affiliate Links Used

Like I mentioned in one of our recent Happy Hour posts, my sisters VERY generously got me this North Face Parka for my birthday in October. This coat runs around $299, which is WAYYYYY more than I have ever spent on any piece of clothing. I try to stick around $100 for my winter coat ($150 tops) but honestly this coat has sold me on splurging every once in a while because it is SO WARM and I’ve been living in it all season so far.
bridget_winter_coatWhen I spend the typical $100-ish on a winter coat, that coat usually lasts me that season and then I buy a new one the next year. But since this one was more expensive and is so much better quality than the coats I usually have, I don’t anticipate buying a new one for a few seasons. Lately I’ve been trying to do exactly this…quality over quantity. bridget-winter-coat-boots

And so far, I’m a huge fan because not only do I love the products I wear MORE but I also have less stuff, which is the ultimate goal. <— We have a lot to catch up on in this department but the short and sweet version is that I recently watched the Minimalist on Netflix and it really made a huge impact on me.

snow-hat-winter-coatThis year I’m trying to purchase quality items (even if they cost a bit more) so I don’t have to buy that same item three times over because the first 3 weren’t as great of quality. I promise we’ll dive into a whole post (or a few posts) on this topic soon but it’s already shaping up to be a consistent theme in our household, and I see this coat as a great example of that.

If you too are looking to invest in a quality coat so you can stay warm while practically living in it, I do recommend buying one over the next month or so. I highly recommend mine, however the main goal is that you find one that you’re obsessed with and one you feel is good quality. Now that it’s after the holidays, I’ve noticed SO many coats are on sale, which helps if the coat you have your eye on is a “splurge.”


I completely agree with Bridget’s new approach to her wardrobe. Quality over quantity all the way. And my new dressy coat is a perfect example of that.

I purchased this coat from J. Crew for 50% off on Black Friday…and it was still a large chunk of change for me. However, it was well worth it and made me question why I hadn’t invested in a nice quality coat sooner. Whenever I’d have to dress up for work or an event at night, I’d find myself donning my large puffy coat. This new wool coat instantly makes me feel more put together for those dressy occasions.


The gray color is on brand with my wardrobe, and the coat is so soft. The cherry on top is the gold zipper that adds the perfect touch of trendy…without taking away from the classic look.

Fit Tip: Size down on this one or else it may look a bit boxy on you! I got 1 size down from my normal size and it’s perfect, even with bulky layers underneath!casey-winter-scarf-hat

Since the coat doesn’t have a hood, I’ve been wearing this coat with a scarf, gloves, and a headband or hat on chilly days.

Casey-Chicago-WinterThen on those brutally cold days (Polar Vortex Alert!) I wear my puffy coat and hood. I got it a few years back from Nordstrom Rack and it has been a staple ever since. It’s Michael Kors brand, but I’m not so sure they make it anymore. Casey-Winter-Coat-HoodWith both my wool coat and my puffy black one, I’m ready for just about anything that the Chicago winter brings.

Our Favorite Winter Coatswinter_coats_for_women-001

1 Bridget’s Puffy Coat // 2. Casey’s Wool Coat (in a variety of colors)
3. Grey Parka // 4. Cloth Parka (similar to Casey’s but with a hood!)
5. High Collar Coat (in lots of colors!)  // 6. Puffer Coat under $100


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9 thoughts on “The DIY Playbook Style Series – Winter Coats

    1. DIY Playbook

      That is too funny, Kira! Looks like we all have the winter coats on the mind. It’s that gosh darn cold that is getting us in that mindset. Love some of the puffy coats you linked! So cute.

  1. Erin

    ooh. i’m ready to change out my dressy winter coat — though my friends all swoon over my jacket — it has pleats in the back. but it’s cream, which means it kinda looks dirty sometimes especially on the sleeves. Loving #4 or 5!!!

    I usually just wear my snowboarding jackets when I’m walking the dog.

    1. Kara D

      She’s not allowed to get rid of this coat! This is a forever coat. *pointed look* Though we all do have dibs on this coat should she do this forbidden thing.

      I really do like the North Face brand, they make very good quality heavy-duty winter coats! I pull that one out for the brutal cold days, and my long black puffer jacket for the rest of the time. If you guys have a BJ’s (warehouse store) out in Chicago, you should check out their jacket and loungewear area, you’d be surprised that they have really decent things. I’ve gotten a couple of friends hooked on checking it out! Super affordable too, my puffer coat – which is Kenneth Cole Reaction – cost me $40.

  2. Katie

    Perfect time for outerwear sales! I got a coat similar to Bridget’s at Macy’s for $130 a couple years back. It’s saved me in some bad Maryland winters, great investment. Gotta love quality at a sale price!

  3. Tammy Capelo Mitchell

    Love all these cute coats girls! Looking forward to meeting you in NYC next week! 🙂
    Tammy | Pink Peppermint Design

    1. DIY Playbook

      Tammy CANNOT WAIT to meet you in person next week! Our friend Courtney (from A Thoughtful Place) just adores you, and we can’t wait to officially call you a friend too! We won’t be there for the Tuesday dinner (sad face), but we’ll look forward to seeing you all day Wednesday! Safe travels!

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The DIY Playbook Style Series – Holiday Sweaters & PJs


During the month of December our wardrobe can usually be described 2 ways. Either FESTIVE or COMFORTABLE. christmas-sweater-casey-bed

Today we’re showcasing some of our favorite purchases that fit one or both of those categories! We’ve got ugly sweaters for Christmas parties, slippers that you’ll wear all winter long, and even cute pjs for Christmas morning and beyond.buffalo-check-pajama-pants-coffee-mug

Ugly Christmas Sweatercasey-ugly-sweater-christmas

Casey: As a kid, I remember my mom wearing a seasonal sweater or sweatshirt for just about every holiday. Man how I wish I still had some of those today because they were so over-the-top and ridiculously festive!

casey-christmas-cocoa-sweaterI don’t know when or how the “ugly Christmas sweater” trend started, but I think it’s such a fun addition to any wardrobe. With an ugly sweater day at work (and no ugly sweater of my own) I decided to purchase this reindeer sweater from Target in early December. I’m so happy that I did, because now I can partake in those cheesy Christmas activities! casey-ugly-sweater-bedroom-hot-coco

My super cool reindeer number will now be a part of my December wardrobe, and I’ll be busting him out each year for our annual cookie day (where ugly sweaters are encouraged) and any other holiday party that calls for such an over-the-top look! You really only need 1 sweater, and I’m so happy that I now have one in my wardrobe (even if it’s so ugly that it’s kinda cute!).

The Comfiest Slippers & Pajamas

While my ugly sweater is comfy, it isn’t nearly as comfy as my new slippers! I love putting slippers on when I’m home during the winter months, because our place can get a little drafty. slippers

I scooped up these slippers from J. Crew Factory for 50% off on Black Friday and I’m so happy that I did! They’re literally a DREAM to put on. Soooo soft. Plus, I love that the bottoms have grips so I’m not slipping and sliding all over our hardwood floors. casey-bed-christmas-coffee

And you really can’t beat the gold moccasin look. Instead of being frumpy (like some of my past slippers), they’re actually really cute & trendy. bridget-blogger-stylin-home-tour-christmas

Bridget: I don’t usually have a coordinated pajama set throughout the year, as I’m a sweats-and-a-t-shirt-to-bed kinda girl. But something about the holidays always has me excited to pick up a pair of actual pajama pants. This year I opted for a pair that were more “winter-y” and not super “Christmas-y”. I figured choosing a pair that I could wear well beyond December 25th would give me the most bang for my buck! Like Casey, I bought this pair at J. Crew Factory on Black Friday. They were such a great price and worth every penny because they’re SO darn soft.


I don’t wear the long sweater (in the picture above) to bed, but I do have it on in the house whenever it’s a bit chilly. It is BY FAR the. softest. sweater. I have ever had. It’s from Madewell so the price was steep, but I scored it on sale so I don’t feel as guilty about the splurge. Not only do I love how soft and warm this combo is, I really love that I can wear it long after Christmas!

Comfy Holiday Favoritescozy-holiday-57-pm

Reindeer Sweater // 2. Reindeer Games // 3. Pug Christmas Sweater // 4. Studious Reindeer
5.  Casey’s Favorite Pajamas (pricey, but worth it!) // 6. Thermal PJs // 7. Buffalo Check Pajama Pants
8. Cozy Sweater (pricey, but amazing)  // 9. Initial Mug ($8!) // 10. Gold Moccasin Slippers 


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The DIY Playbook Style Series – Men’s Sport Coat Two Ways


We’ve had so much fun dipping our toes in the waters of “fashion” every Wednesday here on the blog, but this week we’re changing things up a bit! Instead of us awkwardly posing on the streets of Chicago, we had our husbands do all of the “modeling.”mike-finn-watch

Today’s Wardrobe Staple: Men’s Sport Coat, 2 ways

Chances are you may be buying gifts for a few men on your holiday list, so we figured we’d let them share their go-to looks for the holiday season in hopes that you may come away with some ideas for your boys. Plus, if these two like a certain item then you know it’s gotta be good. In fact when they find an item they love, they’ll often buy 5 more of that item (in ever color) to round out their wardrobe. <— being a guy seems so much easier, doesn’t it?! 


Plus, we really just wanted to see them squirm in front of the camera. And in the end our plan kinda backfired because they both loved getting silly and posing away for the camera.

casey-mike-finn-kiss-goofyWe also hopped in a few of the shots, because we hardly ever get a chance for some nice photos with our husbands…so why the heck not?!



I recently have gotten more into men’s fashion to elevate my work attire and showcase a more professional & classic look. I really enjoy the business casual look as it is simple but always appropriate. And to me, the sport coat is the most important piece. mike-finn-power-hands I have only recently added this layer to the wardrobe but I can already tell I have been missing out!  I shop almost exclusively at Express due to the tall and slim nature of the clothes. mike-finn-blazer-expressWhile this may not be for everyone, I think most men would be surprised at how well these “slim” clothes fit. (Trust me I am not slim by any measure, but Express plays confidence building mind games!)mike-finn-fashion-workmike-finn-pocket-square

I love this specific blazer due to the soft and breathable fabric, as well as the small textured fabric. And the red lining on the inside and built-in pocket square adds serious style points too. I have actually ordered three other sport coats from Express, as I truly love these and recommend them for all men looking to take their look up a few notches.


Similar to Mr. Finn, I too see the many benefits of having a sport coat in my style rotation. The beauty of the sport coat is its versatility. Finn’s professional and classy approach sets the bar extremely high. However, that isn’t the only possible route for this item of clothing. When you step out of the house sporting a t-shirt and jeans, sometimes you just need a little bit extra….a cherry on top, if you will.

Enter the wild card. For some reason, something so simple as a sport coat can add such a stylish look to a very basic outfit. Call it distinguished, call it trendy, but overall, I call it simple.


As fun as it is to mix and match button downs to wear under a sport coat, sometimes the real fun is finding the right t-shirt. Whether I’m sporting a Cubby Blue Tee or one of my favorite vintage “go-to’s”, the sport coat is always welcoming and accommodating to the new undergarment. When  it comes to my outfit selections, it’s not always about how good the design is, but rather, how good the fit is. Finn isn’t the only one with an (unhealthy) obsession towards Express. Their selection provides form-fitting options that not only make you look good heading out for the night, but more importantly, make you feel good too.

Sport Coat Mix & Matchsport-coat-2-ways-style-series-40-pm

Dress it up —> 1 Finn’s Blazer // 2. Finn’s Dress Shirt // 3. Finn’s Gray Dress Pants //
4. Watch // 5. Polka Dot Dress Shirt // 6. Polka Dot Dress Shirt

Dress it down —> 1. Matt’s Blazer // 2. T-shirt // 3. Jeans
4.  Plaid Flannel // 5. Sneakers // 6. Cubs Shirt



For even more insight from these two, make sure you tune in tomorrow! Finn & Matt are taking over the blog once more to share their top 10-ish items from 2016 as a gift guide for those “hard-to-buy-for” men in our lives. If you’re still stumped on gift ideas, you don’t want to miss this post (and their advice)! 



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The DIY Playbook Style Series – Holiday Dresses & Skirts


Although Christmas is still 18 days away (but hey, who’s counting?!), we have a few holiday parties to go to before it gets here. And if you’re anything like us, we like to have one or two go-to holiday looks ready for these holiday parties so we aren’t stressing over what to wear and can simply re-wear that holiday look to each party (don’t tell anyone!).2016-DIY-Playbook-Christmas-Card-Casey-Bridget-gift-boxjpg
*Affiliate Links Used

Today’s Holiday Staple: Dresses & Skirts

Today, we’re diving into each of our holiday outfits this year (Casey in a dress and Bridget in a skirt) and rounding up some of our favorites in each of those categories. Hopefully these tips and tricks will provide you with a little inspiration to choose your “fancy” holiday outfit. And heck, once you find “the one” that you feel comfortable in, you can wear it on repeat all month long!



I am all about a LBD, especially during the holidays. I probably own 3-4 black sheath dresses that I’ll wear for work and I fancy them up to make them more special for the holidays. 2016-DIY-Playbook-Christmas-Card-wrapped-gifts-Casey-dress

That usually involves adding a pair of fun heels (like these black sandals!), as well as a bit of sparkle. 2016-DIY-Playbook-Christmas-Card-wrapped-gifts-red-box-with-bow

My go-to statement necklace instantly adds some glam to this plain black dress, and you can’t go wrong with some bangles & sparkly bracelets too. Really anything with a hint of glam is bound to take your LBD to the next level.


Since it is a bit chilly now, I’ll often wear an edgy blazer over my dress that I can then ditch once I get indoors. This dress with a hint of texture was a Nordstrom rack find, but I’m always on the lookout for flattering black dresses that can take me from work to night with just a few upgrades to my accessories and makeup!


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dresses but the dress I wore in our holiday card isn’t my favorite for the holidays because it shows so much skin (yikes). If you haven’t noticed, I have a VERY fair complexion (read: I’m super pale all the time) so showing that much skin in the dead of winter is not the most flattering look for me. So usually during this time, I opt for a holiday look that is still super fun and somewhat fancy… but also covers up my pale skin!


When I saw these long pleated skirts in stores, I knew this look was calling my name this holiday season. I actually scored this navy skirt last year on clearance from H&M but linked a very similar one, that’s in stores now, from H&M above. I love the subtle pattern on both options but love the plain, patternless skirts too!


The long skirt is comfy and can easily be dressed up when paired with a fancy blouse, or dressed down when paired with a more casual blouse like this one.


The only negative about these skirts is that they tend to be snug around the waist, which is a great way to show off your figure, but not so great when you’re enjoying those big holiday meals. <— aka, there’s not much room to loosen the waist but there is some room to hide the “I’ve-eaten-way-too-much-and-swear-this-isn’t-a-baby-” bump.


Of course I HAD to add a bold statement necklace to the look to make it feel even more glam for the holidays.

If you’re looking to add a pleated skirt to your holiday wardrobe, I would give you the advice to try to find a more form-fitted blouse to pair with it. I tend to shy away from those blouses and usually buy more loose, flowing shirts but those don’t do you any favors when paired with a skirt like this (trust me!!).

holiday_christmas_bridget_skirt_gift_necklace-5But the real question is, do you guys think I can pair tights with this look!? I’ve seen some great inspiration outfits on Pinterest that make tights and a puffy skirt look adorable and I’m hoping that’s the same for this outfit in case it’s crazy cold (… OR I want to hide those pale legs!).

Holiday Dress & Skirt Favorites:

Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite dresses and skirts to help you get some inspiration for your fancy holiday outfit. Hopefully once you invest in a quality dress or skirt, you can wear it all December long… and even into the New Year!

Drape Front Dress // 2. Wool Pencil Skirt  (in all colors!) // 3. Swing Dress (long option)
4. Navy Skirt // 5. Plaid Skirt // 6. Lace Pencil Skirt
7. Classic LBD Dress // 8. A-Line Skirt // 9.Peplum Dress



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The DIY Playbook Style Series – Outdoor Boots


We were really lucky to have an abnormally warm fall season, but our luck has run out and the chill is definitely in the air.

casey-fall-fashion-16While there hasn’t been much snow yet, we know that it’s just around the corner. As lifelong Chicagoans, we’re both very used to it and we know how to bundle up and dress for the cold. Coats, gloves, hats, and winter boots are the norm around here and today we want to chat all about what we put on our feet during this time of the year.buffalo_check_military_jacket_fall_bridget_boots-6

Today’s Winter Staple: Outdoor Boots

We both have Hunter boots and Sperry Duck Boots and this boot combo keeps our feet warm & dry all season long. Let’s first dive into our Hunter boots…

Hunter Rain/Snow Boots

We both have black matte Hunter boots that we’ve had for YEARS and even though they’re a bit pricey, they were such a great investment. Hunter-Boots

They’re great for snow, but we also wear them for rain & even just as a casual look on the weekends. If you’re going to wear them in the snow then you’ll definitely want to get some boot socks to go with them, because your toes can get pretty chilly without them.buffalo_check_military_jacket_fall_bridget_boots-3

If there isn’t any snow, then Hunter boots sans boots socks work well too! Love this outfit on Bridget for a casual weekend look.

Now onto another favorite winter boot…

Sperry Duck Bootsboots winter

These are our second winter staples and we both wear our Sperry’s all.season.long. Seriously, can’t survive a Chicago winter without these bad boys.

They’re really warm on the inside, and waterproof on the outside, making them the ideal all-weather shoe.


Bridget has light brown ones and I have these black ones, but there are so many cute colors to choose from! We may both be adding to our arsenal this season.casey-fall-fashion-20

Favorite Outdoor Boots boots-10-pm

Hunter Boots // + 2. Knit Socks 3. Tall Socks 4. Knit Socks 5. Leg Warmers
6. Sperry Boots // + 7. Neutral Socks 8. Knit Socks


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8 thoughts on “The DIY Playbook Style Series – Outdoor Boots

  1. Kerri Hansen

    Hi ladies! I have also been a Hunter lover for years. I started out with a black pair many yeas ago. I remember feeling a bit sick about the price, but living in “Raincouver” I quickly came to the conclusion that they were well worth the $$. And then a few years later on a random trip to Costco, there was a frenzy of women around this particular table, when I got close, I realized there were Hunter boots of all colors, probably $50 cheaper than retail. And that is how the gorgeous “Hunter green” beauties joined the ranks in my closet. Last year I started noticing the Sperry boots, on your blog and elsewhere. I bought them and LOVE them so much. We don’t get a lot of snow here, but I live near our local mountains and they are perfect for hiking the trails with my fur baby. And they are darn cute. I tell people when I wear them I feel like I am walking on marshmallows! Great post!

    1. DIY Playbook

      Kerri we are shoe twins! So happy you love your Hunter boots & Sperrys. They really do feel like marshmallows…you’re so right!

      And Hunter Boots at Costco?! That’s awesome!

  2. Kara D

    As a fellow snow-resident, I do have to ask – do you wear your Sperrys when the snow accumulation is high, or is that when you’ll revert to wearing the Hunters? And then do you wear them (either Hunters or Sperrys) all day long at work, or bring in another pair to wear inside?

    1. DIY Playbook

      These are great questions Kara! The snow certainly makes things hard.

      When I commute, I often wear my hunters or sperry’s and then I’ll change into other shoes when I get to work. My legs can get kinda hot wearing either of them all day long inside. If I’m outside like “playing” in snow (ha…not sure when that happens), I’ll usually wear my hunters with the high socks, so my legs don’t get wet!

      Hope that makes sense! Ugh…winter!

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Holiday Steals & Deals


Happy Black Friday everyone! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday surrounded by your loved ones. We both ate & drank to our hearts’ content and we’re excited for another day off today! #4dayweekend

christmas socks coffee Neither of us have ever been ones to wake up super early to hit the stores for deals, but instead we both like to do some online shopping from the comfort of our own homes! There’s nothing like sleeping in after Thanksgiving, sitting in your pjs with a cup of coffee, and browsing deals online to get a start on your holiday shopping <—that is our gameplan all morning long!black-friday-christmas-shopping

We kept our eyes peeled all week long to see what steals & deals are out there and BOY OH BOY are there some good ones! Here are some items we have our eyes on and may just scoop up today!


  1. I’ve been wanting this cuff bracelet for some time now #treatyoself
  2. I’m thinking these gloves may be a perfect mother-in-law gift
  3. This fleece may make its way under the tree for Mr. Finn…
  4. I’m loving this personalized doormat and I think it’s a great gift idea for my sister-in-law and her husband in their new home!
  5. Oh em gee, is this not the cutest plate ever?! I think my 1.5 year old godson would love this!
  6. I purchased these Chicago rocks glasses a few years back for my dad & brothers. Such an awesome gift for just about anyone. I may buy a couple of these just in case I need a last-minute gift!
  7. I keep finding things that I want to buy for myself (oops…), but this Nespresso maker is on serious sale right now (almost $100 off!) I’ve always wanted to be able to have lattes at home..
  8. Word on the street, these NMD shoes are a big deal in men’s fashion. My brother, Ryan, is reaaaallly into shoes and has these ones. So I think Mr. Finn may be getting a pair for Christmas as well!
  9. Loving this buffalo check throw from Pottery Barn. My mom is always adding cute accessories to her house, so this just might make the cut!
  10. Every year I get Finn a new bottle of cologne in his favorite scent for his stocking!


  1. This ruffled shirt is simple but can matched with just about everything! I tried it on in store and have been waiting for it to go on sale (today!!) to finally buy it. Because I loved the fit so much, I may it buy it x2 for my sisters. (I hope they’re not reading!)
  2. Love these mittens for just about any of the ladies on my Christmas list
  3. I’ve been eyeing this teepee for awhile (for my nephew) and saw that it’s half off today!! Should I do it or is 6 months old too young for a “toy” like this?! #auntintraining
  4. How adorable is this disco ball “sipper”?! For $8, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer!
  5. Looking for a flannel? I saw that flannels were $15 (!!) this week at H&M.
  6. I know the timing is all wrong, but this hanging planter is on my Christmas list
  7. Although this is more for pre-teens, I’ve heard so much about this book and NEED to read it before the movie comes out. I absolutely LOVE the “choose kind” message and think this could be the perfect (and meaningful gift) for any youngsters in your life.
  8. My sister’s first Christmas as a mom definitely calls for this adorable sweatshirt. #momlife
  9. I got a phone car charger for my birthday and I’m seriously obsessed with this $20 gift, I literally use it everyday!! I know it’s not the most glamorous gift but it’s so practical and it makes my everyday easier. That being said, I think I may buy a few extra as gifts for a few important people on my list.
  10. I’ve been on the look out for flat nude color booties. I haven’t tried these TOMS on but you guys know how much we love TOMS so this pair recently caught my eye. I plan on trying them on next time I’m at Nordstroms and adding them to my Christmas list if they fit (and go on sale!)

Black Friday Savings

  • Nordstrom: Lots of amazing deals on clothes, shoes, coats & accessories…. & FREE SHIPPING!
  • Shopbop: 15%-25% off using code GOBIG16
  • West Elm: Up to 30% Off Everything with code MOREISMORE
  • CB2: 15% OFF and Free Shipping with code SAVE15
  • Land Of Nod: 20% Everything (including furniture!)
  • Amazon: Deals vary depending on the product
  • LOFT: 50% OFF Everything & Free shipping on orders over $125
  • Target: 30% all apparel & accessories, lots of door busters — including our camera!
  • GAP: 50% off everything with code TGIF50; Free Shipping on purchases of $50 or mor
  • Banana Republic: 50% off one regular priced item with code BRFIFTY; 40% off the rest of the purchase with BRFORTY; FREE Shipping on $50+ purchases
  • Express: 50% OFF Everything (excludes gift cards and featured brands)
  • Old Navy: 50% OFF Everything-Ish, no code needed
  • Etsy: Check with individual sellers for individual deals… especially on Monday!
  • Madewell: 25% OFF your purchase with code THATSALE
  • J. Crew: 40% OFF your entire purchase with code HOLIDAY
  • J. Crew Factory Outlet: 50%-60% OFF Everything and free shipping on purchases over $50

Save the Date

You know we’re all about deals here on the DIY Playbook & so we always have our eyes peeled to get the best bang for our buck. We marked our calendars for these upcoming “days to save” and wanted to share these dates with you so you can save too!

  • Today = Black Friday
  • Tomorrow (Nov. 26th): Small Business Saturday
  • Monday (November 28th): Cyber Monday
  • December 16th: Free Shipping Day!!
  • December 18th: Last Day to purchase online, pay standard shipping and receive your gift before Christmas!!

Gift Guide

And if you missed it, make sure you check out this 2016 Blogger Gift Guide because a TON of the items are currently on sale!! All you have to do is hit the middle “CLICK TO READ” button to view the full, shippable gift guide.

neutral_christmas_tree_michaels_makers-19Once the shopping is done, Casey has big plans for the rest of her Black Friday. She is binge watching the new Gilmore Girls (released today!) with her sister, sister-in-law, and mom! It will be a girls day full of snacks, drinks, and our favorite TV show. Anyone else binging GG today too??


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2 thoughts on “Holiday Steals & Deals

  1. Kerri Hansen

    Love the shopping round up! Lots of great gift ideas… for myself😂. That is the challenge for me this time of year…And all these deals are so hard to resist! I just wanted to weigh in on the teepee idea Bridget…as a mom of three AND as someone who has the girlie version of that pillowfort teepee in her house, I say YES! I am so impressed with the teepee, and the price is amazing. It is really well made and so so cute! Your little nephew is a bit young for it yet, but that could be said for just about anything at this stage, really it’s all about the parents at this point! But the teepee is something he will grow into very quickly, and in the meantime, what a cute addition to his happy camper nursery, which BTW you guys knocked out of the Park! Happy Shopping today ladies!

    1. DIY Playbook

      Aw Kerri, you MADE OUR DAY!! Thank you so much for your kind words AND your advice! We really appreciate the feedback!! Hope you find some awesome deals today. Happy Shopping and thanks again for being a part of the DIY Playbook team. We’re so lucky to have you tuning in =)

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The DIY Playbook Style Series – Statement Necklaces


It’s no secret around here that statement necklaces are one of our favorite accessories. Bridget chose her affordable statement necklace as one of her favorite things last Christmas (probably because she wears it ALL. THE. TIME as evidenced from this post) and this year our love for this ONE accessory has only grown!  casual_necklace_j-crew

Today’s Wardrobe Staple: Statement Necklaces

We love these necklaces so much because you really only need one that’s pretty versatile. To prove that this one piece is a staple investment for your wardrobe, we decided to style it three different ways — casually, as workwear, and for the weekend!


Bridget is right, we both don’t have a ton of jewelry but our “diamond” statement necklaces are definitely a favorite! I wear mine to work quite often, and I’ll also wear it on the weekends to glam up an outfit when hitting the town.casey-fall-fashion-1

My necklace is from J.Crew outlet (sadly they don’t sell this exact one anymore) and I scooped it up at our Favorite Things Party last year. I’m so happy that I did!casey-fall-fashion-5

casey-fall-fashion-7I love how this necklace can make this all-black ensemble look a bit more glamorous and feminine (instead of making me seem like a ninja..ha!)casey-fall-fashion-3


Statement necklaces are the perfect way to “dress” up your look on the weekends (I mean, how adorable is Casey’s outfit?!) but they don’t have to be saved just for weekend wear. I pair my statement necklaces with just about any look these days.

These necklaces are the perfect way to glam up a casual flannel or even add a bit of sparkle to your everyday work wardrobe.


Throughout the fall, my casual go-to look usually includes ripped jeans, comfy boots, a t-shirt + flannel. Although this look is great with just those staples, adding a statement necklace and lipstick instantly makes me feel a lot less casual and a lot more put together… without too much extra effort.


(Direct link to B’s $30 shoes here and the $23 purse/clutch here!)

I also wear my statement necklace to work A LOT (maybe a bit too much actually). But again, this simple necklace makes any work look feel more fun and “dressed up”.

When I wear the necklace with a blazer, I love that I can wear a comfy t-shirt under it because the necklace instantly dresses the look up.

Honestly, we’re confident that these necklaces can work with just about ANYTHING and it’s SO worth the $20-30. Our advice when choosing your own statement necklace (especially if this is your first one) is to choose one that is versatile. We love the plain diamond look because it matches with everything, so you really can’t go wrong!casey-fall-fashion-8

We hope you consider adding a necklace to your Christmas wish list if you don’t already have one! Here are some of our favorites… mostly because they’re adorable & affordable!

Favorite Statement Necklacesstatement_necklaces_style_series-13-pm

Gold Statement 2. $16 Statement!  3. Gold Statement
4. Fan Shaped Statement 5. Round Statement 6.Gold Statement
7. Pearl Statement 8. Gold Statement 9. Flower Inspired Neckalce


This stylish accessory is a MUST for the holiday season and we hope you find one you love to add a little sparkle to your life! And if you’re looking to add a statement necklace to your shopping list,  make sure you check out J. Crew Factory’s selection (which is our favorite store for statement necklaces) because EVERYTHING is 50% off TODAY!! bridget_and_casey_sig

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The DIY Playbook Style Series – Lip Colors


5 years ago, you probably never would have spotted either of us wearing lipstick. Maybe it’s just us, but we feel like bold lip colors are a new beauty trend and back in our day it was all about lip gloss. Our makeup bags were filled with sparkly glosses, scented glosses, and pink colors of every kind.

oxblood-burberry-lipstickWe are so happy that lipstick is now “in”, because getting your hair caught in lip gloss is probably the worst thing ever. #notcute


We love how lipstick can instantly make you feel put together and makes you seem just so much more awake. Swiping on a coat of color is now a part of our everyday routines, and we figured we’d share some of the hues we’re crushing on this season.

Today’s Style Staple: Fall Lipstick


Casey: I’m not gonna lie, I’ve typically purchased all of my lipsticks from the drugstore for about $2. Often the color isn’t right, it doesn’t glide on effortlessly, and I’m re-applying every 30 minutes. I recently decided to find a lip color that I love for every season (so 4 lip colors that I adore and that go with my skin tone). In the summer I chose a bright pink hue that I loved wearing out on the weekends. And I most recently found a pretty berry color that I’ve been swiping on non-stop. burberry-lipstick

It’s called “Oxblood” by Burberry. And I know what you’re thinking…who the heck buys designer lipstick? I’m with ya! But the color is just so pretty, and after years of buying the cheap stuff I can now see why some people splurge on nice beauty products. I hit up Sephora and tried on a few colors of a variety of brands, and this one ended up being the winner. casey-mirror-lipstick

It’s the perfect fall color…not too red, not too orange…and I absolutely adore it. laura-mercier-lip-pencil

I’ve found that I get the best results if I also use a lip liner. I typically moisturize my lips, outline them with the pencil, fill them in with the pencil, and then swipe on a coat of lipstick. The color lasts and lasts all day if I follow this routine.


I’m planning to find the perfect red lip for the holidays, but until then this is my absolute favorite maroon color.

Here are some other colors that we are loving this season.

Favorite Fall Lip Colorslipstick-color-favorites-moodboard-26-pm

1. Nars Lip Pencil in “Cruella” // 2. Laura Mercier Lip Pencil “Deep Wine” // 3. Bobbi Brown “Blackberry” // 4. Mac “Antique Velvet” // 5. Burberry “Oxblood”

Are there any other lip products that you guys absolutely LOVE and would highly recommend?! We’d love to give them a try… maybe even add them to our Christmas wish lists. 😉 


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6 thoughts on “The DIY Playbook Style Series – Lip Colors

  1. Trang

    I’ve always loved lipsticks. As a young teenager, that was my go to to feel ‘fancy’. It’s one of two makeup items (the other is mascara) that I allow my 14 yr old daughter to wear because it’s an instant ‘pick me up’ and makes you look put together as you said. I also used to just get the cheaper drugstore lipsticks and lip glosses. Mostly because that was what I could afford. However, as I ‘adulted”, I learned that having tons of lipsticks that aren’t great and don’t last aren’t worth it. Having better quality and longer lasting lipsticks in 1-2 shades you love is a better way to go. I like your list of brands in this post (especially MAC), but I also love, love, love Kat Von D lipsticks. The case is so fancy and they are relatively affordable at around $20 each.

    1. DIY Playbook

      We’re always looking to try new products that others swear by and are definitely going to look into Kat Von D! And $20 for good lipstick, love that! Thank YOU, Trang

  2. Whitney Regeth

    I love Lancome “Rouge in Love”. It moisturizes and the color lasts all day. I love that it can instantly make you feel put together.

  3. Colleen Bansley

    I am a lip gloss junkie! I keep about 3 or 4 in my purse at all times. I have been trying to get into lipstick. Love the colors. My problem is the application. I need a good tutorial on the lipstick application process. I agree lip liner is the way to go. I think it makes your lips a little fuller so it makes the lipstick color look that much better. The lip liner is what I am missing. I have a really pretty red NARS lipstick that I bought for a Halloween costume. I splurged on the lipstick and glad I did. It was Halloween but I got a lot of compliments. But I admit I definitely need a lip liner with it. I will report back with the color. Don’t know it off hand, sorry.

    1. DIY Playbook

      Agreed. It can be so hard to apply! I find that doing the lip liner around my lips, then filling it in with the lip liner, and finally applying the lipstick is my best way to go. Would love to know the NARS color!

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The DIY Playbook Style Series – Scarves


The DIY Playbook Style Series: Like many of you, we both strive to buy clothing that not only reflects our style, but is also comfortable, affordable, and can be worn at work AND on the weekends (did we mention we don’t want to spend a ton of money either). We know that a lot of the DIY Playbook’s readers are currently in this same exact situation, so hopefully together we can start this new journey of connecting one another with clothes (and sales!!) that make us all feel confident and comfortable. Don’t get us wrong, we are NOT fashion experts and not even fashion forward, just regular girls trying to have a little fun with our styles all without breaking the bank.

*Affiliate links are used in this post for your convenience. plaid-scarf-vest

Today’s Wardrobe Staple: Fall Scarves

We hate to sound so #basic, but when the fall season comes around we’re both excited to whip out our scarf collections. Scarves are the best because they work double-duty. They keep your neck warm on a chilly day, and they’re also the perfect accessory to jazz up a plain outfit. Plus most are so incredibly budget-friendly. A hardworking accessory for less than $30? Yes please!



In an effort to pare things down in our home, I’ve gotten rid of A LOT of scarves over the past few months. Honestly when I looked at my scarf collection there were so many that I never ever wore and lots of colors and patterns that really weren’t me. So I donated about a half-dozen earlier this season.

I then added this fall scarf to my closet and I’ve been wearing it like crazy (as evidenced by all of these pictures..ha!)


I love that it’s an infinity scarf, and the colors scream fall to me! I usually keep this baby with me all the time and throw it on when I’m chilly in the office or on my commute to work. It’s a seasonal staple that I’m absolutely loving. Plus you can’t beat a price tag of $19! travel-beach-casey-toms-jeans-fall-fashion-scarf

This mustard scarf is an old one (so I don’t have an exact link), but it shows that a solid colored scarf can also work well for the fall season. Love the pop of color this adds to my neutral ensemble.


Like Casey, I just don’t have the space for a lot of scarves in my tiny closet and recently got rid of a ton of scarves that I hardly ever wore (maybe once per season). Instead of collecting a lot of different ones that I would only wear every so often, I’m trying to ONLY buy a very select few that I can wear on repeat. <— literally.

The combo that seems to working best for me is two very neutral scarves and one colorful one. I have found that this combo of three scarves seem to pair well with just about all of my coats/vests and can match with just about any outfit.

I’m not opposed to plain scarves but I’m a sucker for plaid, so when I saw this super warm $12 scarf that captures the best of both worlds… I was sold! I pair this scarf with just about anything because the ivory seems to match with everything. I also love that it’s not too thick so I can pair it with an outfit… not just outerwear. And did I mention it was only $12… regular price!


My next neutral scarf is grey and a bit more “blanket-y”. I love the subtle pattern and like that it’s not plaid (since the other two are). And like the ivory scarf, the grey seems to match with just about all of my coats, boots and vests so it’s very versatile. And between you and me sometimes I drape this in my “blanket basket” in the living room when I don’t have space in my closet to store it. Because it looks like a blanket and matches my decor, it acts as double duty between fashion accessory and decor staple. 😉


And last but certainly not least, here’s my very colorful scarf that I get so many compliments on!? I bought this at Target a few years ago so I didn’t link the exact scarf but I have tried to find some very similar options if you’re looking for one like this. I’m not sure how this works, but this scarf magically seems to match with just about all of my fall clothes. I think it’s because it has SO many colors within the scarf that it can work with just about anything! For those days when I want a fun splash of color or when I want to feel super fall, this is definitely my go-to scarf.

Because these 3 scarves seem to be working with my entire closet, I don’t plan on buying any new scarves this fall season <— Well, I have to at least try to tell myself this because cute scarves are my weakness! 

But if you are looking to add to your scarf collection, here are so of the scarves we are eyeing…

Our Favoritesscarf-diy-playbook-style-series-57-pm

1.  Checkered Scarf // 2. Plaid Scarf // 3. Neutral Scarf  4. Cable-Knit Scarf // 5. Plaid Wrap/Scarf // 6. Plaid Scarf // 7. Aztec Inspired Scarf // 8. Casey’s infinity Scarf // 9. Maroon Scarf

So tell us, is your scarf collection small like ours or do you have a much bigger variety to choose from? Are you strategic in your scarf shopping or are you a sucker for ALL the adorable scarves?! And for those of you with large scarf collections, you have to let us know how you store them… we need all the tips we can get! bridget_and_casy_sig


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10 thoughts on “The DIY Playbook Style Series – Scarves

    1. Sara Kral

      I second that! I would love some tips on how to tie scarves. I decide to wear a scarf, try to tie it about 10 different ways, give up and then throw it back in my closet.😁

  1. maria garciafoz

    Hi girls, I have been following your blog for almost two years from Barcelona (Spain). Today I went to this store and think of you, is so decor inspirational:

    PS: I will move soon to a new place and your blog is a life-saving to creat a home.


    1. DIY Playbook

      Maria you are so sweet! Thank you so much for being such a dedicated reader, we’re lucky to have you! And that store looks amazing!

      Good luck on your new place!

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The DIY Playbook Style Series – 1 Sweater, 2 Ways


It’s no secret that we both live in small spaces and with those small spaces comes limited closet space. We logistically can’t have an overwhelming amount of clothes, shoes, coats or even accessories because we just don’t have space to store all of it! As much as it gets annoying every now and then, having a limited amount of closet space is actually a blessing in disguise because it forces both of us to choose carefully and make the most of what we have.



This sweater was an easy addition to BOTH of our closets because:

  1. It’s grey (one of our favorite wardrobe colors)
  2. It’s comfy (always a priority!)
  3. It can be worn to work, lounging on the weekends AND/OR going out on the town!!

We couldn’t believe it either — work, working out, and going out? This sounded way too good to be true and that’s exactly why we set out to prove that this simple sweater (or a style similar to this one) is well worth the space in our closet because it’s so versatile!

Casey – Athleisure

I’m not gonna lie. On the weekends, you’ll often find me rocking workout wear even when I have absolutely no plans to actually workout that day. Leggings, comfy tops, gym shoes, hats…that’s pretty much my weekend uniform. casey-jumping-in-sneakers

For my take on the sweater, I paired it with my favorites…leggings & my black Nikes.


I decided to wear my sweater like a cowl neck and let it drape in front. For sizing, I recommend going up 1 size (especially if you have a chest). It can be a little snug in that area and if you want it to be a comfortable, lounge piece you’ll want it to be a tad bigger!

casey-laughing-hatThis top is so soft, and I love the subtle striped pattern on it. Plus the gray works perfectly with my new hat (such a steal at $19) and I love that it covers my un-washed weekend hair #guilty

I don’t wear these leggings to ever actually workout in. Instead I dress them up with heels and a blazer, or dress them down with a sporty look like this one. They’re so comfortable and I love the subtle texture on the knee area. I got them last year at Topshop, but these ones are pretty similar and are on my “to-buy” list!

I am all aboard the athleisure train. casey-drinking-waterGotta love a look that makes people think you’re actually on your way to yoga class. Ha!

Bridget – Casual Cute

I love how Casey styled this sweater and definitely plan to rock that same exact look in the future (hopefully not on the same day as Casey… that could get awkward #twins). But we also wanted to show you how this casual sweater can look completely different and transition from athleisure to an afternoon or evening out on the town with little to no effort!!

Can you believe this is same exact sweater?! Instead of draping the neck down like Casey’s look, I simply wore it around my shoulders and I feel like that instantly dressed it up and tricked even us into thinking it’s a whole new piece!

maison-jules-bridget-fall-sweater-toms-booties-3I love wearing over the shoulder shirts throughout the summer and finding a long-sleeve version of this style to wear now that it’s a bit cooler was a fun surprise. For chilly afternoons or evenings, I think this sweater can pair well with a plaid scarf or even be dressed up a bit more with a leather jacket.

And as you can probably a imagine… this shirt is SO darn comfortable. I mean let’s be honest, any shirt that can be worn with yoga pants OR out to dinner is a winner in my playbook!

maison-jules-bridget-fall-sweater-toms-booties-5And speaking of comfortable… these TOMS booties are giving my original TOMS (my favorite shoes of all time) a run for their money. They haven’t stolen the top spot yet but they do get an A+ for comfort.

We were surprised how much fun we had putting together this post and proving how buying just one new piece can offer a ton of new looks. You’ll have to let us know if you enjoyed it as much as we did. If so, maybe we can continue to keep our eyes peeled for individual items that can be used several different ways! Anyone else trying to do whatever they can to save space in their closet?!
Bridget and Casey Signature


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5 thoughts on “The DIY Playbook Style Series – 1 Sweater, 2 Ways

  1. Trang

    I love both these looks. I’m usually found in athleisure wear everyday while not at work. What else is more comfy?
    I can definitely get down with this cowl sweater. MY favorite style for sweaters!

  2. Kerri Hansen

    Love this sweater! Athleisure wear is also my jam! When I clicked on the link to the sweater, Macy’s was so mean and said “you live in Canada and you suck so no cute sweater for you”😢😂 … or something like that. Who makes this cute little number, maybe I can find it locally?


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