Meet Casey


casey-headshot-computer-living-room-chair-2Hey there! I’m Casey and I am ½ of the blogging duo here on The DIY Playbook. By day I work as a video producer, where I juggle my time writing scripts, reviewing video edits, and directing crews on-set of productions. It’s actually the perfect career for my Type-A personality, and for someone who loves staying busy! Read more about a day in my life right here

married my high school sweetheart about 3 years ago, and don’t know what I’d do without Finn by my side. (Side note: Finn’s name is actually Mike, but he goes by his last name. Even though I’m now officially Casey Finn, I still call him “Finn”. Old habits die-hard.) He’s my best friend (sorry Bridget), and he makes me laugh every single day.

We are first-time homeowners living in a 2-bedroom condo in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago. Finn & I adore city living and all of the fun to be had exploring our favorite town.

I’ve never had any formal design training (or carpentry training for that matter), but that doesn’t mean that I won’t give just about any project a try! I think that with a little hard work and motivation, you can create a home that you love. And that’s my main goal here on The DIY Playbook…to inspire you one project at a time!


  • My drink of choice is champagne. Bring on the bubbles!
  • I talk to my mom just about every single day.
  • To-do lists are my jam.
  • I went to the University of Notre Dame. Go Irish!
  • Cooking stresses me out (& I’m pretty terrible at it). Luckily, Mr. Finn handles the meals in our household.
  • I was a dancer growing up and I’m still known to bust a move on the dance floor!
  • Give me 8-9 hours of sleep and I’m one happy girl.
  • Abbie DeLaney Zinkan

    Hey Casey – completely random question, but how did you do that bun in the photo on the left side, second row (I think it’s an anniversary photo with Finn?). Is it a sock bun? I love the fullness of the bun. Thanks!

    • You are too sweet Abbie! So I didn’t do my hair myself for those photos, but the hair stylist used a round donut shaped thing in my hair and wrapped my real hair around it to hide it. If that makes any sense? I kept the little contraption and actually used it when I had my hair done again for a recent wedding. It makes one heck of a full bun and I love it!

    • Abbie DeLaney Zinkan

      Ok, that’s what I was thinking. I use a clean rolled up sock that creates a similar donut shape. Yours just looked so much fuller. Thanks!