Meet the Rookies

Well hello there…thanks for stopping by The DIY Playbook! We’re Bridget and Casey the two gals behind the blog. We’re best friends, business partners, and two DIY Rookies from Chicago proving that if we can do it, so can YOU!

We actually met in junior high school while playing sports and spent lots of time together on the court and field throughout the years. By the time we reached high school, we realized that athletics was certainly not in the cards for us…that’s when we ditched the uniforms and traded them in for a hot glue gun, ribbon, and anything with a touch of sparkle. Whether puffy painting t-shirts to add a little school spirit at pep rallies – or staying in on the weekends to scrapbook (yep…nerds all the way!) – we were always laughing and having a great time being creative …together. As college, first jobs, first moves, and new adventures came and went, our love for crafting morphed into a passion for DIY. In 2013, The DIY Playbook was officially born.

Today, you won’t find us puffy painting t-shirts (sadly, those days are over). But you will find us antiquing, DIY-ing, or just spending quality time together working on our latest project. We’re so thankful to have each other as we navigate this crazy blogging journey side by side (…because it is far more exciting to have someone to talk to when you’re waiting for the gosh darn paint to dry).

A big thanks to you for joining the DIY Playbook team. We hope you find the inspiration and courage you need to personalize your home and create a space you love, all without breaking the bank. We’re glad you’re here… now grab your hammer, it’s time to get to work!


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