Make your Own DIY Terrarium

Bridget & CaseyApril 27, 2017 Comments

Looking for an easy way to inject some greenery into your home? This DIY Terrarium is super easy to create and a great way to do just that. Plus, we love that this natural element and pop of greenery can double as a great piece of decor in just about any room of the house!… Read More »

A Day in the Life of Bridget


Last week Casey shared a glimpse into her average day and this week it’s my turn. Before we dive into my daily routine, a quick disclaimer: Please excuse some of the iPhone photos. Working in a school makes it hard to truly snap photos of my daily routine, especially since I didn’t want to include students.… Read More »

How to Install New Baseboard – Part 2


If you’re just joining us, make sure you START HERE to catch up on the first few steps of installing new baseboard. Yesterday we tackled steps #1 through #4 and today we are picking up where we left off to finish up this attainable DIY project If you’re back for more baseboard business, let’s dive… Read More »

How to Install New Baseboard – Part 1


Thanks to our blog survey last month we received several requests for a specific tutorial on how to replace baseboard. We’ve tackled this project a few times (usually in the process of adding wood treatment to a wall) yet never really thought about sharing the tutorial on this DIY project. So as obvious as this request… Read More »

New Pendant Lights in our Master Bathroom


Back in February, I asked you guys to help me narrow down the choices for lighting in our master bathroom. Man oh man did you guys deliver! We got lots of comments on the post, and then we even got emails from a few of you. One amazing reader even photo shopped in some of… Read More »

Make your Own Wood Planter for your Dining Room Table

Bridget & CaseyApril 20, 2017 Comments

Last weekend we had the opportunity to showcase some projects on ABC news here in Chicago. We were tasked with displaying DIY’s that could refresh your indoors for the new season. Since we’re all about easy projects that make a big impact, we were excited to brainstorm DIY’s that would work well for spring. Here’s… Read More »

A Day in the Life of Casey


A couple of years ago, we did a post about a typical day in our shoes. While we both admit that we’re pretty boring, it was actually kinda fun to jot down how a day in our lives typically goes down. After our survey at the beginning of the year, a few of you asked… Read More »

9 Tips for Shopping at HomeGoods

Bridget & CaseyApril 18, 2017 Comments

It’s no secret that we are both big HomeGoods lovers. We shop there for just about everything…planters, pillows, bedding, even wrapping paper! The prices are usually spot on and we love how the inventory is constantly changing so you never know what you’re going to find. There is actually a HomeGoods about a block from… Read More »

How (& Why!) We Gave up Coffee

Bridget & CaseyApril 17, 2017 Comments

Coffee. It’s always been a big part of The DIY Playbook. In fact, in those early blog days you’d most likely find us spending our weekends together, working on the website, DIY’ing in one of our homes, and splitting a big pot of hot coffee. But here we are, 4 years later, and we both… Read More »

10 Things to Do in Washington, D.C. During Spring


Matt and I visited Washington, D.C. over Spring Break and it was hands down one of our favorite vacations we have ever taken together. I hadn’t been to D.C. since I was a kid and didn’t remember much from those trips. Matt had never been before, so we were eager to explore this city side-by-side.… Read More »