Wrapping Paper, 3 Ways

Last month, we had a blast styling a fabulous HomeGoods vase in three different ways. We came up with some fun uses for the darling item, and decided we just had to try it out again with another item. So we ventured to our favorite store and kept our eyes peeled for an item that might have a few fun uses. 
Look what we found…

Wrapping Paper, 3 Ways!

Wrapping paper from HomeGoods
Yep…we found some adorable colorful wrapping paper right in an aisle of HomeGoods.  They really have such a wide variety of items, you just never know what you might find during your shopping trip.
We were immediately drawn to the gorgeous springy colors, but what really sold us was the price tags…
$2.99 and $2.50?! Yep, pretty awesome if you ask us. We scooped up the 2 rolls immediately and didn’t look back.
Then we realized that wrapping paper was going to be a bit more difficult to style 3 ways. The vase was a cakewalk. Wrapping paper? Not so much.
But these rookies are always up for a challenge, so we put our heads together and came up with 3 really unique ways to utilize the wrapping paper in our homes.

Wrap a GiftHow to wrap a gift

Cue the eye rolls. We know what you’re thinking, “C’mon Bridget & Casey, this is not very original.” Yeah yeah, we know. But we did have to check the obvious use for this item off of our list, because the wrapping paper really is good for wrapping presents!
The trendy pattern and pretty pastels do take this gift up a notch. We paired this wrapping paper up with some washi tape, rather than just plain Scotch tape. We thought that would add even a little more pattern, color, and overall pizzazz to the package. Who cares what’s inside the box…look at that gorgeous packaging! We’re convinced this gift recipient will l.o.v.e. this pretty package of goodies.

Framed Wrapping Paper

We all know art can be very expensive, so why not create your own? The gray and yellow marbled paper adds subtle color to these shelves, without breaking the bank.
Framed wrapping paper on a bookshelf
Framed wrapping paper
Simply cut a piece of the wrapping paper and pop it into a frame with a mat. This technique would work well in a gallery wall too. Utilize photos, art, and colorful wrapping paper to create a one of a kind wall display.
Framed wrapping paper as decor
If you don’t want to shell out big bucks for art, framing wrapping paper can be a great alternative. Plus, you can change out the paper every few months to liven up the space and change up the color scheme.

Brighten Up a Boring Dresser

This is by far our favorite use of the wrapping paper. Use the colorful paper to add a pop of pattern to your drawers!
Ikea Dresser revamped
You’ve probably seen this technique on the bottom of dresser drawers, but putting it on the sides is a fresh take on this easy DIY project.
wrapping paper in drawers
Every time you slide open a drawer, you’ll get a nice little dose of color and personality. Love it!
Mod podged drawers
From framed wrapping paper, to a pop of color on a dresser, we’ve got lots of wrapping paper ideas!


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