The DIY Playbook Style Series – 1 Sweater, 2 Ways

It’s no secret that we both live in small spaces and with those small spaces comes limited closet space. We logistically can’t have an overwhelming amount of clothes, shoes, coats or even accessories because we just don’t have space to store all of it! As much as it gets annoying every now and then, having a limited amount of closet space is actually a blessing in disguise because it forces both of us to choose carefully and make the most of what we have.



This sweater was an easy addition to BOTH of our closets because:

  1. It’s grey (one of our favorite wardrobe colors)
  2. It’s comfy (always a priority!)
  3. It can be worn to work, lounging on the weekends AND/OR going out on the town!!

We couldn’t believe it either — work, working out, and going out? This sounded way too good to be true and that’s exactly why we set out to prove that this simple sweater (or a style similar to this one) is well worth the space in our closet because it’s so versatile!

Casey – Athleisure

I’m not gonna lie. On the weekends, you’ll often find me rocking workout wear even when I have absolutely no plans to actually workout that day. Leggings, comfy tops, gym shoes, hats…that’s pretty much my weekend uniform. casey-jumping-in-sneakers

For my take on the sweater, I paired it with my favorites…leggings & my black Nikes.


I decided to wear my sweater like a cowl neck and let it drape in front. For sizing, I recommend going up 1 size (especially if you have a chest). It can be a little snug in that area and if you want it to be a comfortable, lounge piece you’ll want it to be a tad bigger!

casey-laughing-hatThis top is so soft, and I love the subtle striped pattern on it. Plus the gray works perfectly with my new hat (such a steal at $19) and I love that it covers my un-washed weekend hair #guilty

I don’t wear these leggings to ever actually workout in. Instead, I dress them up with heels and a blazer, or dress them down with a sporty look like this one. They’re so comfortable and I love the subtle texture on the knee area. I got them last year at Topshop, but these ones are pretty similar and are on my “to-buy” list!

I am all aboard the athleisure train. casey-drinking-waterGotta love a look that makes people think you’re actually on your way to yoga class. Ha!

Bridget – Casual Cute

I love how Casey styled this sweater and definitely plan to rock that same exact look in the future (hopefully not on the same day as Casey… that could get awkward #twins). But we also wanted to show you how this casual sweater can look completely different and transition from athleisure to an afternoon or evening out on the town with little to no effort!!

Can you believe this is same exact sweater?! Instead of draping the neck down like Casey’s look, I simply wore it around my shoulders and I feel like that instantly dressed it up and tricked even us into thinking it’s a whole new piece!

maison-jules-bridget-fall-sweater-toms-booties-3I love wearing over the shoulder shirts throughout the summer and finding a long-sleeve version of this style to wear now that it’s a bit cooler was a fun surprise. For chilly afternoons or evenings, I think this sweater can pair well with a plaid scarf or even be dressed up a bit more with a leather jacket.

And as you can probably a imagine… this shirt is SO darn comfortable. I mean let’s be honest, any shirt that can be worn with yoga pants OR out to dinner is a winner in my playbook!

maison-jules-bridget-fall-sweater-toms-booties-5And speaking of comfortable… these TOMS booties are giving my original TOMS (my favorite shoes of all time) a run for their money. They haven’t stolen the top spot yet but they do get an A+ for comfort.

We were surprised how much fun we had putting together this post and proving how buying just one new piece can offer a ton of new looks. You’ll have to let us know if you enjoyed it as much as we did. If so, maybe we can continue to keep our eyes peeled for individual items that can be used several different ways! Anyone else trying to do whatever they can to save space in their closet?!


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