Bathroom Cabinet Makeover (Part 2 of 2)

Friends, last time I left you with a sanded and primed cabinet all ready for some bright green paint.

But then I had to wait. I had to wait 7 whole days until the primer was cured and ready for action.
And after that 168 hours (yep, I’m pretty dramatic like that)…I was ready to attack!

I headed down to the dungeon (a.k.a. our loft’s storage space) and geared up for spray painting time.

My neighbors don’t think I’m weird or anything?! Just chilling with my Christmas wreath…

I ended up doing 3 light (very light) coats of spray paint. I didn’t want to pile on the spray paint, and risk getting drips or having it glob up.

I was going for a mint green look to coordinate with the bathroom. But dang, this girl was green!

At first, I wasn’t too sure. But now I think she is growing on me!
The inside cabinets were not looking too hot. Sure the shelves were only going to hold random toiletries…but I wanted them to hold my extra toothpaste with style!
So in came the wrapping paper and the mod podge.

I even added 2 gorgeous handles that I found at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. They’re like tiny white ropes. Love the detailing…

And here is what I accessorized my new bathroom beauty with…

A gorgeous gold tray that I found for $15 at an antique shop. It holds lots of perfume! (What can I say? I’m a girly girl!)

A little bit of nature…

A cute white dish to hold all of the essentials.

Here she is all nestled in the corner. 

 Now I realize that the green is really bright, but I actually think it works in the bathroom. It is definitely an area where you can take a chance (and you can always paint it another color) so why not?!

Overall, I think a pretty great transformation for less than $20! 

It’s amazing what a little spray paint (and DIY love) can do!