Stenciled Bookcase

So, I’ve had this white bookcase for years now. I think I must have purchased it way back in college for about $30. It has since moved all over with me, but has somehow always been a part of my bedroom decor.

For the past year, it sat in our bedroom looking like this…

Pretty boring right?

Sure, it holds lots of crapola, and I try to make it look purty…but let’s be honest. It’s white, bland, and lacking the spunk that our bedroom deserves.

So after finding some gorgeous inspiration via the blogosphere and pinterest…



I knew it was time to give this boring snoring bookcase a new life, with a little stenciling!

I drove out to the burbs to the closest Michael’s (c’mon St. Louis…let’s get some more craft stores in the city!) and came home with all of these goodies.

2 pieces of foam board (20 x 30 x 3/16in.) They were a whopping $2.89 each (cue happy dance!)
Martha Stewart stencil (A little pricey at $16, but my coupon brought it down to $8)
Martha Stewart stencil brushes (This woman knows what’s up, $7)
1 bottle bright green acrylic paint (already owned)
Razor (already owned)
Painter’s tape (already owned)
TOTAL COST: $21 (but the stencils and brushes will benefit many future projects)

The first thing I did was take out all of the shelves and measure the bookcase. The 2 pieces of foam board were a tiny bit big for my bookcase. So I had to cutpull offchew off, saw off a little over an inch. (*Disclaimer: Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a wee bit dangerous when it comes to cutting. Being a lefty, I pretty much suck at it. So if you see me with scissors, run fast my friend!)

Once my two pieces of foam board were the correct size, I got ready to stencil.

Being new to the stenciling world I did a little practice beforehand on a piece of paper. Once I was more confident in my stenciling skills, it was time to attack the foam board.

Now let me tell ya…this was a loooooooooong project. I thought it might take 30 minutes tops to stencil each foam board. Wrong-o! The first foam board took me about 2 hours to complete. Luckily, the boy was nearby to entertain (a.k.a. refill my vino) and encourage (a.k.a. “Wow, that doesn’t look terrible, Case.”) So the time flew right on by…

I did my best to keep the stencil flat with tape and I tried not to use much paint on the brush so it wouldn’t seep under the edges.

I did make a few mistakes along the way…


But I just put a book here, a photo frame there, and mistakes be-gone!

In the end I think it turned out beautifully!

I’m officially OBSESSED with stenciling. I keep looking around our loft wondering what may be the next victim of my stenciling ways…muahahahaha.

Happy Stenciling!