Shutter Picture Boards

Everytime I go into our Habitat for Humanity Restore, I get weirdly excited over all of the old wooden doors, windows, and kitchen cabinets…with every item under $20. Then, I realize that I don’t actually own a house. Bummer.

Since there will be no loft renovations in our future (gotta keep the landlord happy), I opted out of browsing Habitat’s kitchen section, and instead headed towards the old doors and windows aisle.

I found these babies and they were only $5 for the duo.

They really were not in bad shape. All I did was unscrew the hardware, sand them down, and give them a nice bright shade of white spray paint!
They currently reside in our guest room. And hold all types of cards…

Oh you know, mementos near and dear to my heart. Like this classy “Awkward Family Photo” card.
Just keeping it real for our guests.
You can easily make your own!
These bad boys could add a nice pop of color to any kitchen (maybe in teal or red..swoon), and act as a little organization center for incoming mail.