The Truth About Living with a Boy

So the boy and I have been living together for over 2 years now, and I often get questions from my girlfriends about what it is like living with a boy.

Living with a BoyCasey and Finn st. louis

  • Are they messy?
  • Do they fart and burp and smell ALL the time?
  • Do they leave their socks and shoes all over the place?

Now, I can’t say I’m an expert on all guys out there. But with my man, it really is not that bad! Sure, he’s a dude and dudes can sometimes be gross. But for the most part, my man is tidy and keeps our place looking nice (he really is a sweetheart <3)

I’ve gotta say one thing that has definitely made a difference is that we absolutely do not share a closet or bathroom. In every place we’ve lived, we’ve been lucky enough to have enough room to keep those things separate. And not exactly separate and equal (My closet and bathroom are waaaay bigger, but that’s the way it should be right?!) This has made a big difference in the way things operate within our household. He keeps his gross boy stuff in the bathroom (cue icky facial hair all over the sink) and I have more than enough room for my clothes and shoes in my closet.

But, while the living together part is easy…the decorating together part didn’t always turn out to be rainbows and unicorns.

See my man is a sports fanatic. And when I say fanatic, I mean it! The kid is on dozens of fantasy sports teams, knows every single player from every major sport, and can tell you (in detail) all iconic sports moments from the last 50 years.

So when we first moved in together, he was ready to cover our place in sports posters (ick) and put all of his beloved childhood trophies up on our bookshelves (double ick).

Now I could have just laughed in his face and said “No way, Jose!” But, relationships = compromise. So, I figured out a few crafty ways to make HIS stuff…OUR stuff.

Make Sports Look ChicSports book coffee table

In order to appease the boy (and get him off the poster path), we compromised with a beautiful Sports Illustrated coffee table book. The book was a gift (thanks B!) and it brings in all of those iconic photos (on a much smaller scale). Finn enjoys flipping through it every once in a while, and it conveys his love for sports to all who visit our home.

Make It FunctionalSports bobblehead as bookend

Instead of cramming all of his lovely (eek) baseball bobble heads on a shelf, I decided to use them as bookends. They hold up our books and add a bit of fun and whimsy to our shelves.

Make It Pretty

Sports decor in the home

The first photo is a mini Cardinal’s bat that is placed inside our coffee table. It is a little decoration that keeps his love for baseball front and center.Framed sports decor in the home
This second photo is a picture of U of I’s basketball arena (Finn’s Alma mater).
I had the poster framed and the print adds a fun pop of orange to the background of the bookshelf.

Sometimes You Gotta Give In…

Gus Macker sports trophy

Now, this little guy may not be chic, functional, or pretty. But he did make it into the decor of our guest bedroom. Why do you ask? Because sometimes you just gotta give in.

This trophy means a lot to my man (he won a basketball championship a few years back) and looking at it makes him happy. Fiancé happy = me happy!

So he snuck into our home decor…and he has been growing on me ever since!