Antique Hutch Revamp (Part 2 of 2)

I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting this moment. I know you’ve been thinking “Casey, how could you torture me for an entire week with no beautiful AFTER picture of the hutch?” I know, I know…it’s been hard for us both. 
My friends, the hutch has finally arrived. And she is just as beautiful as I remembered. 
But before we get to those aforementioned AFTER photos, I need to tell you about a few final details we made to really transform this piece. 
I forgot to mention in my Part 1, that the hutch didn’t just get an exterior upgrade. Oh no no, she got the full celebrity treatment, and received a little face lift on the inside.
With the help of some cute, purple-checked, wrapping paper from Costco, we were able to transform the drawers and cabinets.

 We Jan simply cut out the paper to line the cabinets/drawers (we all know I’m not the best with scissors…)

I then mod podged it to the wood…let it dry a bit…and mod podged the top.

Easy peasy.

The Janimal in action!
So outside is looking good. Inside is looking good. 
Janimal loaded her up and brought the new beauty down to STL.
Now, I originally didn’t know if I would be using the top mirrored part of the hutch. I just didn’t feel it was really my style. A little more old-school than my taste. 
So we set her up sans top part, as seen below. 
But here’s the thing…Moms always seem to know best. Janimal insisted I take some pics with her and the boy holding up the top part just to see if it might work.

And guess what..she was right. I actually DID like it with the top piece! We screwed it in and were ready to fill her to the gills with kitchenware.

So this DISASTER ZONE happened.

We are really into organization around here, and a new piece with tons of storage meant we needed to reevaluate our entire kitchen setup. 

So out came EVERYTHING! And we spent our Saturday afternoon finding a new kitchen setup that works for us.
Into the drawers went place mats, napkins, and towels.
 Into the cabinets went cookbooks, vases, candles, and oddly shaped pans.

Isn’t she gorgeous with the glossy wood?!

And how about those shiny fixtures?

She is definitely a great new addition to our kitchen.

I’m still playing around with how to decorate the top without making it look too cluttered.

So far I’ve got a new table lamp from Ikea…
Cloth napkins in a $5 peacock bowl from Home Goods.
And a few other knick knacks to tie the blue and white theme together. 

I’m thinking I will eventually get some chunky white frames to put over hutch, and add a little height. But for now, I think she is dreamy!

So, what do you think about my decision to use the top mirrored part? 
Would you keep it up?

  • Jackie

    Just a question: Why don’t you use wood conditioner m your piece before you stain it?

  • Jackie, you definitely can. Wood conditioner will help seal the wood, so you get a more even finish with your stain. With this piece, I wasn’t too worried about the color not being even, so I skipped that step.