House Rules FAIL

I’m still relatively new to the DIY world. But in the short amount of time that I’ve been trying out new projects, I’ve realized 2 things.

1. Projects work out just as you imagined and you’re happy!
2. You fail. Your DIY…turns into a D-I-DON’T.

Sadly, this projects falls into category #2.

So it all started when I saw Katie’s (from Bower Power Blog) beautiful photograph in her son’s room. It looked amazing and oh so chic…just the sort of project I like. Personal, quick, and cheap! (Love her and her blog btw.)

I thought I could do something similar and put a great big piece of art above my new hutch.

Look at all that space up there waiting for me!!!

So, I headed to Microsoft Publisher. Drew a 36×24 text box, and created some “House Rules” for our little twosome.

I then headed to FedEx Office and had them print my image onto a 36×24 poster for only $4.88!

I took my beloved poster home.

Just realized I put “Do Our Best” up there twice. Apparently I don’t “do my best” at proofreading before printing. Oops!

Smoothed it out on the table. And headed to Home Depot to find some insulation board.

I got a great big 4×8 foot piece for $12 and skipped home, eager to tackle this project and get my new art up on the wall.

That’s when things started to go downhill.

I “cut” the insulation board to fit my poster with a razor. FAIL.

The edges were jagged and crumbly.

Luckily, the boy noticed my huffing and puffing..and sweetly offered to clean up the edges. SUCCESS.

I then got out the blue paint and painted the edges of the board.

After it dried, I got out my glue stick and glued my poster to the insulation board.

It didn’t smooth down and the poster bubbled up. FAIL

In the end, I thought it looked cheap. I think a 4th grader’s tri-fold for science class would look better than this sucker.

I’ve seen similar projects turn out to be beautiful pieces of art. But, it just wasn’t in the cards for me.
So into the trash my big failure went.

But here’s the thing…you can’t get them all right.

I know so many bloggers out there only showcase their amazing projects. Their gorgeous, tidy homes. Their seemingly perfect lives. But here’s the thing, everyone gets a project wrong. Everyone fails. Everyone has crumbs on the kitchen floor and laundry on the floor sometimes. It isn’t always fresh flowers and dust free bookshelves. And it definitely isn’t always a 100% DIY success.

I learned from my mistake, and I’m moving on baby!

So what do you think I should do now? Get a mongo big frame for over the hutch? Print out a new “House Rules” and put in a smaller frame? Any ideas for me people?

  • i like that you put a fail up as an early post– nice to see that even those doing the inspiring goof up sometimes :]

    • Courtney..this blog is full of FAILS! That’s how you get better though..just gotta keep trucking along.

      Thanks for reading. Hope you can find a project that wasn’t such a failure 😉