I Heart Geography

Clearly I have a small love affair with geography.
Like this homemade map art on our gallery wall…

Or this state art (from Groop Dealz) that hangs in my bathroom…

So to further my relationship with maps,  I just knew I needed to add a globe to my collection!
That’s when I found this sucker at an antique shop. With a nice sticker of $12 on her.
Ka-ching…wrap her up! (Okay maybe wrapping a globe would be a bit difficult…)

And I found a nice spot on the new hutch to display my little piece of the world!

And I think this globe must be pretty vintage. Check out Russia!
It is labeled USSR, so it must have been made between 1922-1991 (thanks wikipedia!)
I don’t care how “antiquey” it is…I think my new globe is purty!
And maybe the globe will actually help me learn a little geography!
Have you jumped on the maps/globe/state art bandwagon?