Decorating a Bar Cart

So being the twenty-something gal that I am, I must say that I do like to get my “swill” on…as my dad would say.
No…I’m not talking crazy ragers like back in college. But, more like a nice cold beer on a hot day. Or a glass of pinot with dinner. Or even perhaps a vodka cocktail after an especially hard day at work.
Yes. I like to get my drink on (in moderation) every now and again.
But, now that I’m considered an “adult” I pretend try and keep it classy.
That’s where our little bar cart comes in handy.
Finn and I spotted this cart at an antique shop in Grafton, IL. It was $20 and we knew we had to snatch her up and take her home. 
We quickly found a home for it in the kitchen right next to the hutch. It’s the perfect spot to mix up a quick drink for visitors.
With the intention of keeping things “classy” around here, we thought we could use some nice decanters to display our libations.
We found all of these lovely beauties after a few trips to local thrift stores and Goodwill.
Most ran us only $3-$6!
My favorite (filled with vodka baby!) only cost us $4.
Not only do these decanters keep it classy, but they bring our alcohol purchases “up” a level. Our guests may assume we only buy top shelf liquor. Grey goose, Johnny Walker, Patron… (ha, more like Absolut and Captain Morgan)
Our nifty little cart has room for all of the necessities.
Like these straws in an old Coca-Cola container.
And cocktail recipes, so we can whip up a gimlet on a moments notice.
Of course our cart holds wine glasses and martini glasses galore.
There is even a nice spot for extra wine bottles.
So that’s how I like to keep it classy around here.
If your enjoy your swill, or simply like to host a nice party, I definitely recommend finding your own unique bar cart.
P.S. Definitely had the boy mix me up something special to help me write this post. We can call it research 😉