Give Thanks Jar

It’s been getting chillier here in Saint Louis, and the cool weather has me in the mood for Fall.
Bring on the comfy sweaters, boots, and hot cocoa!
I’ve been busy preparing our place for the new season, and I brought up a box of Autumn decor from the storage unit. In it was this jar from last year.
As a couple, we try to be very vocal about how grateful we are for the things in our lives. From the food we have in our fridge, to the loving families that support us no matter what…we are thankful for everything God blesses us with! This attitude not only improves our relationship, but it also makes us better, happier people!
So last year, I made this jar and throughout October and November we filled it on up!
We made a point to fill out a few sheets each week and include what we are most thankful to have in our lives. Big stuff and small stuff…we wrote it all down!
I kept cute paper and a pen nearby, for whenever inspiration hit.
We then read all of our notes out loud on the long drive home to see our families for Thanksgiving. It got us in the holiday mood, and it definitely passed the time on our long car trip.
This year, the project is back on.
We are going to spend some time reading our 2011 notes, and then I’ll toss those to make room for the new ones.
This is a quick and easy project and you can make it unique to your house.
I hope everyone makes their own THANKFUL JAR and enjoys Fall!
I’m gonna go write a new note for the jar right now…”I’m thankful for all of YOU out there reading this silly blog!’