Ahoy Matey!

Today we’ve got a little bit of a nautical theme going on. Don’t worry, I’ll try not to make you seasick…

While doing our monthly thrifting trip, we came upon this strange little guy at the Salvation Army.

At first, we were not really sure what it was. The boy had grand ideas and though it might be a device used on a boat. My thought was…”why the heck would there be a weather instrument for a boat, at the Salvation Army in downtown St. Louis?!” Hmmmm…

But, it did look kinda nautical. And kinda different. And heck, it was only $2. So I counted my pennies and bought the crazy device.

I wasn’t feeling the brown wood and decided a nice glossy white paint would really make it pop! So, I taped off the edges…

And got to town painting it white.

It took a few thin coats of white, but I think she looks mighty fine.
It definitely brightens up our dark bookshelves.

My nautical “wheel!”

Bon Voyage!