How to Make a Jar of Love Notes

Can I tell you a secret?

I’m in love.

Yep. You heard me right. I’m in love with a boy and I want the whole world (and him) to know it!

See…Finn and I have been together for quite some time now. The better part of a decade. But, even though it has been oh so long…we’ve still got that spark. That little something inside that makes your heart go pitter-patter. You know the feeling? I still look at this crazy good lookin’ boy toy of mine, and I’m instantly transported back to my high school days when I first met him as a 16-year-old.

Senior Prom – Spring 2005


So why all the ooey-gooey love talk? Well, I’m here to share a secret gift that keeps that spark going between us. It’s in this jar.

Jar of Love Notes

How to make a jar of love notes

Yep, this unassuming little jar holds the secret to why I’m head over heels in love with the same guy.

A Love Note Every Week of the Year

Inside are 52 reasons why I appreciate that man of mine. 52 reasons why he is such a good best friend, fiancé, roomie. 52 reasons why I like to act like a kid with him – building forts, playing connect 4 for hours, dancing in our PJs in our kitchen. 52 reasons why I can’t wait to marry him.

52 loves notes in a jar

Now, I’m no expert here (ain’t that the truth!) But, I think the key to a happy, healthy relationship is remembering all of those little reasons why you started to love that person in the first place. And not only just remembering those things, but repeating those things to yourself and the one you love.

That brings us back to the jar.

52 reasons of love notes

Last New Year’s Day (after all of the commotion of the Christmas season) I had one present left for my man.  It was this jar that read “52 Reasons Why I Love You My Dear, Let’s Have a Happy New Year!”

I spent months writing long paragraphs, trying to sum up all of the wonderful characteristics of my man. I then printed out 52 onto cute paper, cut them with fun scissors, and put them all into the jar. (Make sure you buy 2 jars…one to put all of the ones you’ve read into, and the other for unread notes)

A Love Note for Every Week of the Year

A love note for every week of the year

I gave it to Finn on New Year’s Day, and told him that each week in 2012 he could read 1 slip of paper from inside the jar.

And we have done just that. Every Sunday morning, after a whirlwind weekend, we sit in bed in our PJs and he reads one out loud. It’s a time we both look forward to and savor together.

Now, Finn says I “cheated” with this gift of mine. He says I now get credit every week for my special gift…a gift that has lasted all year. But, I really think it’s a gift for me too. It definitely makes me appreciate the wonderful guy I have sitting next to me on those Sunday mornings.

With the number of Sundays left in the year dwindling…those slips of paper are going down and down.

Reading a love note every week

Soon, the jar will be empty.

Good thing I’ll still have this guy…

How to make a jar of love notes