• Bridget your girls’ page is amazing! Love what you have done with your house! I can’t wait to stalk this every day haha. I hope all is well!
    ~Becca K.

  • Thanks Becca! You are too sweet, lady!! We would love for you to come back and stalk… everyday. =) Hope all is well with you as well. Thanks again for stopping; it means a lot.

  • kelsey

    I’ve tried searching and clicking around a bit but didn’t have any luck. Would you mind sharing the name of the gray color on your walls? I’m looking for a warm gray and this looks gorgeous in the pictures!

    • Hey Kelsey,
      Mind? I’m honored that you like it and am happy to share! The color is Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter (HC-172). Picking a color is by far the hardest part as far as I am concerned. Thanks for checking out the DIY Playbook… Happy Painting!

  • Lauren

    Your home is gorgeous Bridge! You guys have done a really nice job. Loving your decorating abilities…

  • Thanks Laur!! You’re so sweet; thanks for checking out the blog. You’ll have to come over soon!

  • Sara

    where did you get your coral pillows from – the ones in the coral/gray bedroom? 🙂 I’ve been looking all over for some!

  • Casey O’Halloran

    Hey Sara,

    Thanks for stopping by. I bought almost every pillow @ HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, or Marshall’s! I hope you can find some. I’m always looking for more, so if I find any, I’ll let you know.

  • Katrina, Sparkle is a Color

    Where did you get your couch! I have been on the hunt for a gray sectional and this one is perfect!

  • Thanks @Katrina! I bought our sectional @Macy’s. You can read all the scoop here: diyplaybook.blogspot.com/2013/01/heavenly.html
    PS. I agree, Sparkle is a color… love it! Can’t wait to check it out.

  • Katrina, Sparkle is a Color

    Thanks so much! Your home is gorgeous!

  • gabbycovey

    Stopped by from Apartment Therapy (nonchalantgirl there) and just love your cute little house! Especially love the Ikat chair near your dining area! Just adorable!

  • Claire

    Where did you get the coral pictures that are above your couch? I love them!

  • Thanks Claire! I bought them both at one of my favorite stores, HomeGoods (for under $100… combined). #score

  • Wow, you made my day @gabbycovey! Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope we see you again soon.

  • @vidette… west elm!

  • Chelsea

    LOVE the bedroom…where did you find the quatrefoil blanket?! (both blankets for that matter lol)

  • Thanks Chelsea!

    The quatrefoil blanket is from Target and the other one is a random find @ Kirklands. Both were fabulous bargains. Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out our home.

  • Esther McNary

    Love it all!! Especially all the little details!!! I can’t wait till we have our own place to make more our own! Our rental is great right now, but I am tired of looking at ugly wallpaper..haha Your paint colors are fabulous 🙂

  • Thanks again Esther! Ya know, wallpaper is coming back in style now…. don’t move too fast =)

  • Esther McNary

    Haha, some wallpaper maybe, but I am pretty sure the wallpaper in my house is NEVER going to come back…Ha 😉

  • Cindy Chor

    Nice job Bridget! Your house looks Awesome! Your wedding was fabulous, just like you!