Wine Cork Christmas Wreath

If you’re a reader of this blog, you’ve probably noticed that sometimes we like to get our wine on!
Sometimes with dinner, sometimes for girl’s nights, and sometimes even while crafting (okay, definitely not for crafts that involve power tools. Ya gotta draw the line somewhere!)

Now, I’m no Kathy Lee Gifford but give me a crisp chardonnay and I’m one happy girl!

Throughout these wine-loving years of mine, I’ve saved plenty of wine corks from parties and get togethers. At the time, I wasn’t really sure what I would do with the corks exactly, but I kept stockpiling them anyway.

Last Christmas, my mom and I decided to put her saved corks & my saved corks to good use. And let me tell ya, when we combined our collections, we had quite the haul of corks!

Being in the festive spirit, we decided to make Christmas wreaths out of the corks.

We simply split the corks into thirds. Spray painted 1/3 red, 1/3 green, and left the 1/3 natural.
Then it was gluing time. Just buy a foam wreath from any craft store. Get out your hot glue gun, and start going to town, until it’s all covered and looking the way you want.

If you’re having trouble getting the corks to stay, I would recommend using a few small push pin needles. Simply pierce the cork into the foam. Then those suckers won’t go anywhere!

Feel free to decorate however you like. We used some ribbon and wire to make a nice little bow.

Definitely a unique wreath…perfect to display at holiday parties!
With all of our corks, we were even able to make extra wreaths to give away as Christmas gifts. Cheers to drinking so much wine over the years!