Laundry Room Makeover

So, my mom has been in her house for almost 3 years now. And during that time, her laundry room has always looked like this…
Pretty dark and dreary right? And how about those cabinets…bleh.
This is where laundry goes to die.
Jan has been working incredibly hard to put her “mark” on every room in her house. She’s been painting and personalizing every inch of her place, and I must say it has turned out beautifully! But for some reason she never thought about giving her laundry room a makeover.
So, I felt it was my duty to get her to see this room differently and turn it into something amazing! An oasis for fresh, clean clothes.  Every time I came home, I would bug her about sprucing up this tiny room. I would tease her about the “boob” light hanging in there, and wonder out loud when those cabinets were ever in style. (answer: never)
With a little a lotta pushing from me, we decided that we could create her dream laundry room on a budget.
First order of business was to get rid of the darn “boob light” and plastic shelving unit…
Jan replaced the boobie light with a FREE chandy that was hanging out in her storage unit. It belonged to her home’s previous owners, and it just needed a little TLC. She spray painted it white, and hung it in her new laundry oasis.
So bright and shiny. Who says laundry can’t be fancy?
Next, the 80’s cabinets were replaced with white chic ones she found at Home Depot. They look so crisp and clean to me!
The cute rose knobs add a nice pop of color against the white. She found those bad boys at Anthropologie (Jan is pretty trendy, isn’t she?!)
After the new cabinets were installed, Jan painted the walls a nice shade of “After Dinner Mint.” I would have chosen it based solely on the name (the color is pretty amazing too). What sounds fresher than a yummy after dinner mint?
Jan assembled a white little hamper (also from Home Depot) to hide all of her dirty laundry. One side for whites..the other for darks. Handy and cute.
And how about this adorable vintage box filled with clothespins? What a wonderful accessory for a laundry room. Jan (being the tech savvy lady that she is) found those on Ebay!
Side note: I’m not gonna lie…at first I had no idea what they were! Does that make me spoiled that I’ve never had to hang dry clothes? Hmmm…
Remember that hideous dark corner with the drying rack? Well, now it holds this…
Isn’t this drying rack from Ballard Designs awesome? It almost makes me want to do laundry, just so I can dry the clothes on it. Almost…
So there you have it folks. My mom’s “spa-like” laundry room.  She loves it, I love it, and every person that walks into her home loves it. (She drags EVERYONE in there to check it out!)
But hey, if I had a laundry room that looked that good, I would show it off too!

The only thing left to do is to maybe install a shelf over the washer and dryer units. It would be the perfect spot to display more cute accessories, and hold cleaning items.  That will be the final thing on Jan’s to-do list for this room.
So what do you think about transforming laundry rooms from drab to fab? Is yours a spa-like oasis…or more on the dark and dingy side? 

  • I miss Jan! And Casey, I suppose 😉
    <3 Lizzy Faux’halloran

    • HA! Thanks for the love Miss Lizzy. You know Janimal misses you!