“These are a few of my Favorite Things!”

Warning: After reading this post you will officially have the Sound of Music’s “Favorite Things” song in your head for the rest of the day! (Listen to this and jam out!)

First, if you haven’t seen the Sound of Music….go rent it right now, watch it, and come read this post after you’ve seen it.

Okay, I’m happy we got that out of the way.

Now, that we’re all on the same page I can tell you about this fantabulous party that my mom and I threw this holiday season.  We called it the “Favorite Things Party.”

We’ve all seen the Oprah episodes where the audience leaves with new cars, diamonds, and #tonsofswagthatmakesmejealous!

Well this is similar to Oprah’s version…but on a budget. (okay a hell of a lot smaller budget!)

Here’s how it works:
-We each invited friends and family (only women) to the party, and ended up having a group of about 24.
-In our invitation, we told everyone to choose a favorite item that they have absolutely loved over the course of the year.
-Bring 3 of that same item and try and spend about $90-$100 total. (So choose an item that has about a $30 value)
-At the party, explain to the group why you’re obsessed with your favorite thing.
-Then you’ll have a chance to choose 3 new things to bring home to keep for yourself or give as a holiday gift.

We sent out the invite and got such a wonderful response. All of the women were pumped, but many were a little nervous about what to bring. We assured everyone that it was all in good fun and they shouldn’t feel any pressure! We said choose something you really do use and love…anything from kitchenware to beauty supplies!

After the date was set…we started to brainstorm how to really make this party unique and fun. That’s when we decided to stick to the lyrics of the song from the Sound of Music.

We went with a purple, silver, and white theme (very girly and holiday glam) and then created little areas to display all of the lyrics of the songs.

We actually wrapped up small Christmas broaches that we found for $1 (Might look good on an ugly sweater!)
They were perfect as party favors!
Most of the items were found at the Kane County Flea Market (if you’ve never been..go! It will blow your mind). And other items we crafted ourselves.
Jan and I were very happy with how it all turned out. It took some time and effort…but the extra work took our party to the next level. And I think all of our guests appreciated it!
Okay, so now onto the good part. The PAR-TAY!
We had food & drinks galore…but by far the best part was the “Favorite Things” portion of the night. To get it started, we had everyone pick a number out of a basket. Then, we started at #1 and went through #24..and had everyone “sell” their item to the group.
Wow…let me tell ya. There were some FABULOUS favorite things.
From makeup…
To wine and cork stoppers…
There was such a wide assortment of goods, and they were all amazing! It was hard to choose what to take home!
We had 3 rounds of picking. (1-24, 24-1, and then from the middle) To speed up the process (and not put anyone on the spot) we had everyone go up in groups of 5. It worked out fantastically!
Everyone had a fabulous time and got some great gifts for Christmas!
I would definitely recommend a party like this for the holidays. What a fun way to bring women together and learn about all of the new amazing products out there.
Jan and I have decided this party must be an annual tradition! We are already looking forward to Favorite Things 2013…