2013 Roundup: Our Favorite Posts

Wow, 2013 has been quite a year. Engagements, weddings, moves, new jobs…we can’t even believe how jampacked it has been (but would not have wanted it any other way)!

Today we decided to take a little trip down memory lane to share some of our favorite projects from the year.

Here’s our 2013 Blog Post Hall of Fame.

Bridget’s up first…

Herringbone Doormat: I still think this doormat is one of my favorite DIY projects yet. I heart the dramatic transformation, the colors, and our ability to overcome the fear of figuring out how to tape a herringbone design makes this doormat one of my MVP’s this year. There was too much laughter and not nearly enough measuring that went into this doormat, and it still turned out! Love when that happens. After this “baby step” into herringbone, I definitely want to create a few more herringbone projects this year… stay tuned.
Pallet Sign: This project is definitely one of my favs this year. I love it for so many reasons….
1. It was a DIY that I did with Matt, which is always an interesting experience.
2. It was a gift for Father’s Day that my dad still loves!
3. I was surfing Pinterest lately, and I stumbled upon a picture of Matt working on the pallet that one of our readers had pinned. I never ever thought the day would come that I would see my better half doing a project on Pinterest.
Back to Back Wood Block Art: This was one my first projects on the DIY Playbook and I still look back and love it. It totally reminds me of kicking off this crazy journey that is our blog and makes me proud to think back over the amazing experiences we have had this past year! Plus, it’s a statement DIY that covers TWO holidays while only taking up storage space for ONE. With storage space at a premium these days, I can really appreciate this nerdy perk!

Casey’s turn…

Mason Jar Organizer

Mason Jar Organizer: I created this project on a whim. I was bored over a long weekend and decided to whip up something cool for Finn’s bathroom. Little did I know that this project would be our most popular one (by far!). Many readers have recreated their own mason jar organizers and we’re so happy that so many of you loved it. Therefore this one tops my list of 2013 favorites!

52 reasons why I love you

52 Reasons Why I Love You: Now technically this is not a 2013 post. I wrote this post back in 2012,  before we even made our blog public (we were a little nervous to actually put it all out there!) But this is one of my absolute favorite projects and I urge any girlfriends, wives, friends to take some time and make their own “love jar.” It really made our year so special and made me appreciate the man by side every week of the year.

Quote onto Canvas

Quote onto Canvas: I really do love this project and the idea behind this project.  Back in May I was really worried about the future. Finn and I knew we wanted to eventually move home to Chicago and it was stressing us out and adding unnecessary anxiety to our lives. I put that quote onto a canvas and prominently displayed it in our bedroom. That constant reminder helped us everyday, and here we are 6 months later all settled in Chicago…

Mailbox Makeover

 Jan’s Mailbox Makeover: I love this project for 2 reasons. #1 it made my mom so incredibly happy. #2 it is quite the transformation. This just shows how a little elbow grease and paint can really take a project to the next level!

Both Casey & Bridget…

Finn with bobble heads

Standing up to DIY: We both agree that one of our favorite posts from 2013 was when our boys took over the blog for April Fool’s Day. Man oh man their post cracked us up! We’re just happy that they didn’t “win” with their DIY ideas and we don’t have bobbleheads and Cosmo Kramer all over our homes. #yikes

You guys, our favorite readers, have made 2013 so special for us both. Thank you for your kindness, encouragement, and support with DIY Playbook. We are so grateful that you take time out of your busy schedules each day to tune in to our a little slice of the blogosphere. The comments, the emails, the reader rebounds makes this blog so worth it. Thank YOU!

We look forward to what 2014 has in store for these two rookies, and we can’t wait to share the journey with you.

Happy New Year & be safe tonight!

Bridget and Casey DIY Playbook
P.S. We know people may be dragging a bit tomorrow after a crazy New Year’s Eve, but if you’re looking for some entertainment be sure to tune into the blog in the morning. We’ll be posting our very first v-log (video blog!) and it should be very interesting…