A Wreath for the Everyday

We live in a building with 8 floors of condos.  Every floor looks the same. Every door looks the same.

Well we’re not really into blending in around here. That’s why we have a little welcome mat and I’ve accumulated a few seasonal wreaths to make our door really pop!

I have a nice Christmas wreath, a fall one, and even a summer one with flowers. But…I need one for the EVERYDAY! Why not showcase your style before anyone even walks into your home?

This wreath on Pinterest acted as my inspiration for my everyday wreath.

Grapevine Wreath with Address Bow Hydrangeas

Now, some wreaths can be very pricey! I mean like $50-$60 pricey! Dang! That was not going to happen here…

-Grapevine Wreath ($4)
– 4 Hydrangeas ($12)
– Ribbon (already owned)
-Wood Numbers ($6)
-Paint (already owned)
-Hot Glue Gun (already owned)


Painting letters with blue paint and paintbrushes

First step was to paint my numbers a light blue color.

I often use wax paper when I paint something like this. I used to be a newspaper girl, but sometimes the paint sticks to the paper and it becomes a big mess! With wax paper, the dry numbers will slide right off.

Blue checkered ribbon for bow

While the paint dried, I used my ribbon to make a big bow.

Now, I’m terrible when it comes to making bows. My mom however…well she is an ALL STAR! I somehow got by and made an adequate one for this project, but one of these days she will need to guest post on making the perfect bow. Your mind will be blown.

Blue Bow on Grapevine Wreath

I used my hot glue gun to attach the bow, hydrangeas, and numbers onto the grapevine wreath.

Hot Glue Gun Zebra Pattern

Yes, my hot glue gun is pink and zebra. You’re jealous.

Wreath on Front door opening door
I think my roomie was excited with the upgrade to our front door.

This project took me no time at all people. Like 30 minutes tops!

You really could do anything to personalize it to your home. Change up the colors, use your favorite flower, maybe even use a large monogrammed initial instead of your address?

So many options to really welcome visitors into your home and make their first impression of your place….a good one!

Wreath on front door opening door