Bridget’s Special Engagement

Sitting down beside the original 5 members of the Chestnut Club and my soon to be brother-in-law, I watched the TV screen. I was under the impression that we were watching a quick video before heading out for a night together in the city. I had no idea what I was really in store for.

The video appeared on the screen and I saw the WGN’s Morning News Anchors, Robin Baumgartner, Larry Potash, Paul Konrad, & Dean Richards; these were the familiar faces I woke up to each morning. The News Team sat behind the news desk and delivered a segment on Weddings, but not just any weddings. They explained statistics about weddings in my hometown, trends in proposals these days, and the increase of brides and grooms creating DIY wedding projects to help save money on their big day. As I sat and listened, the newscast turned to me. Paul Konrad explained…”This message goes out to Bridget O’Connor. Yes, YOU Bridget, proud member of the Chestnut Club. We need you to go outside to find the special surprise that awaits you!”

Of course, I did just that. I headed outside, my entire family just a few steps behind. As I opened the door, I heard bagpipes fill the March air, and I laid eyes on Matt, down on one knee, dressed in suit & a blue bow-tie, holding a gorgeous engagement ring. It was perfect and the rest, well… you know what they say. The rest is history…

Bridget's Engagement

Matt & I want to send a special thank you to the morning news crew at Chicago’s WGN Channel 9! We are forever grateful for your participation in providing us me with such “breaking news”. Thanks to the producers, editors, amazing anchors (Robin Baumgartner, Larry Potash, Paul Konrad, & Dean Richards) and everyone on the WGN News Team that helped make this production possible. As we start our life together, Matt & I know one thing for sure…. we will always be loyal WGN viewers!

Let the DIY wedding planning begin,

(the luckiest girl in the world)

PS. The most important part…. Next week’s line up! We hope you have a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day weekend. #happybirthdaylisa