March Madness Themed Date Night

I’m so lucky to have Bridget as my best friend. But because the girl is so darn creative, she sets the bar pretty high when it comes to gift-giving. She is that girl who gives the most thoughtful, creative, fabulous gifts for birthdays, weekend visits, and “just because.”

So after her recent engagement, I knew that I needed to do something fun & out of the ordinary for my BFF and her hubby-to-be.
I enlisted the help of my own hubby-to-be, and together we came up with a creative engagement present and date night activity for our favorite couple!
March Madness Date Night Activity Basket
It’s March and for any sports lover out there that means it’s time for basketball! Since we’ve had brackets on the mind around here, it was only natural that our brainstorming session included some b-ball themed ideas.
We decided to roll with it (pun intended) and create a MARCH MADNESS DATE NIGHT!
First step was to gather supplies for our b-ball themed basket.
Sports Themed Gift Bag
Baby trophies, mega-phone, and poms…
Big League Chew Wine Sunflower Seeds
And some sports themed snacks, along with some wine (just because we all know wine makes everything more fun)
Nerf Hoop
Okay so that’s what’s IN THE BASKET, but how does the date night work?
Envelope with #1 written on thr front
Envelope number one contained instructions for the night. The letter instructed Bridget & Matt to open this basket together, alone, and on a night when they had an hour or two to spare for some fun.
Yellow paper with instructions
After opening up that first envelope, the couple was prompted to open #2.
Money for pizza
This envelope included a twenty dolla’ bill, and instructions to order pizza! After all, they were going to need some fuel and energy for the activity that was to come…
After ordering their pizza, B & M were instructed to open the activity portion of the date. Envelope #3…
White paper with directions on it
Here are the directions we gave this dynamic duo:
1. Set up the nerf hoop that is included in the gift basket.
2. Within this envelope you’ll find 3 brackets. One for Bridget, one for Matt, and one final sheet that you will complete together. Each bracket has 64 words that (we feel) describe you guys as a couple, and as individuals.
Tournament Brackets
3. Fill out your brackets individually. The end goal will be to pick a word that best describes you as a couple. 
4. Then, work together to fill out the final bracket. We have intentionally set up the bracket so there may be some “conflict.” If that ever happens (and we sure hope it does!) you will have to use the nerf hoop and ball to settle the dispute. You will each shoot “free throws”, one at a time, until someone makes it (other person gets to match). The player who makes the shot, gets to choose the word that wins the round. 
Tournament Brackets
5. Work together to fill out the entire bracket. In the end, you’re both winners!
Finn and I had such a great time coming up with the 64 words to describe Bridget, Matt, and them together as a couple. We gave the sentimental and nice words low seeds, such as “loving”, “supportive,” and “family-oriented.” We knew those words would make it far.
The high seeds were really fun to create. We tried to pick words where we knew they might disagree. For example, Bridget is a White Sox fan…Matt is a Cubs fan…so we knew they might have to settle that “dispute” via the nerf hoop.
March Madness Basketball Gift Basket Sports
Here are some pictures from their surprise date night!
In the end they chose the word FAMILY ORIENTED to sum up their relationship.  I think it fits our favorite couple very well (it was our #1 seed)!

  • This is so awesome!! Keeping this in my back pocket for a date night!

  • Thanks Erin! Let us know if you end up trying it out. We feel that the couple that plays together…stays together. So let the fun begin!

  • Oh My Goodness! This is so CREATIVE and AMAZING! I absolutely love the idea!!!

  • Thanks so much Lisa! You know Bridge has mad bball skills…this was just her time to show them off to her man. 🙂