Media Console Makeover (Part 2 of 2)

On Tuesday, I left you with a sanded, primed, painted, and protected new media console. But today really is the best part…the accessorizing! Because we all know that accessories are usually the most fun part of any ensemble.

To make room for our new piece of furniture, Finn and I had to move out our old TV stand.

I certainly was not sad to see this piece go. #seeyawouldntwannabeya

Our old Entertainment Center was dark and didn't have any place to hide the cords!

Once our unattractive TV stand was gone…we brought up its white and shiny replacement!

Our itinerary for the night.
1. Drill holes for new hardware.
2. Drill holes in back of console to slide cords through
3. Set up electronics
4. Relax on couch watching Modern Family.

Honestly…I thought we could get this bad boy done in an hour tops…wrong-o!

Finn is working to attach the hardware to our new TV console!

Here are a few tips I’m gonna give you..that could have saved us a bit of time.

Tip #1 
Drill holes for your new hardware before you paint!

We thought we were pretty thorough when it came to measuring the new holes for our hardware. But, apparently we needed to be extremely precise when drilling the new holes (like not a centimeter off!) We certainly didn’t want to scrape any of the paint off the drawer, and that was a little difficult when trying to get the handles perfectly even.

As a result, we had a few minor scrapes. Nothing major…but it could have been avoided if we drilled our holes before painting.

Close up of the silver handles we chose for the new TV console.

Tip #2
If you’re going to upgrade the hardware on your new piece of furniture, hold onto the old hardware just in case!

I ordered new knobs from Home Depot and I was so excited to screw them into the sliding doors. However, the screws that came were way too long for the piece.  I needed something very short and stubby.

Luckily, I held onto the old hardware and we were able to use those screws with my new shiny handles.

Aren't the cabinet pulls nice on our new white TV console? I love how these doors are going to hide all the cords!

Tip #3
When making holes with the spade bits (look at me knowing drill terms…what up) I’d suggest making the holes bigger, rather than smaller.

We wanted to create holes in the back of the console to pull cords from our DVD player, router, Xbox, etc. through to the wall. Since we are both new to the world of power tools, we thought “Let’s make the holes small, and we can always make them bigger if we need to.” #youcantellwearerookies #yeesh

We used spade bits to cut holes in the console where we wanted the cords to go. That way we can seamlessly hookup all of our electronics and keep the cords hidden.

Turns out it is waaaay harder to make a hole bigger, after you’ve created it. So either make them big, or know the exact size you’ll need to fit all of your cords.

It took a while, but we finally had new hardware and a few holes drilled for our cords.

It was then organizing time!

Here's the inside of our new media console. See how all of our electronics are neatly organized!
We drilled holes in our new media console for the cords from all of our electronics.
Once the inside was to our liking, we put the sliding doors back on and admired our handiwork.
Our new media console, all ready to go!
Wow…definitely an improvement from our former setup.
Our New Media Console Hides Electronics Perfectly!
When watching TV all we have to do is slide open the right door and our remote control will work with our cable box.  Pretty cool right? All of our ugly electronics are tucked neatly away.
The new media console Finn and I made and installed really brighten up our whole living room.
New Drawer Pulls on our new media cabinet.

The handles may not have been easy to get on…but they sure are pretty.

Media Console After
Media Console Makeover Before and After.

Overall, I would say it was a pretty successful transformation.

After all of that hard work, I’m ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy our new TV setup.

Our new TV stand after we painted it and added new handles and drawer pulls!