Meet The Rookies: Casey

Well hello there reader. I can’t believe I’m actually writing to you right now. I’m not gonna lie…I can chat about home decorating and DIY projects ALL DAY LONG. But when it comes to telling you all about me…well that’s a different story!

For you, dear reader, I will do my best to sum up my 25 years…

My name is Casey O’Halloran and (just like my blogging buddy) I too grew up on the south side of Chicago. I come from a fun-loving, rambunctious, Irish family of 6 and I’m the youngest of the bunch.
I’m blessed to have parents who encourage and support me everyday. And are even willing to participate in crazy events like this one.
Rounding out the clan, are siblings who love me no matter what (even though I was the younger, bratty sister growing up)
My family has a love for all things Notre Dame…

So it was only fitting that I attend the University of Notre Dame to follow in my parents’ footsteps.

After college, I moved to the big, popular, trendy city of Wausau, Wisconsin.  
Oh what’s that…you’ve never heard of Wausau? Well, neither had I…
It’s a small little town in Northcentral Wisconsin, where there is snow on the ground 8 months out of the year #imnotevenjoking.
I moved there to pursue my career in broadcast journalism. I worked there as a news reporter and anchor, and I freakin’ loved it!
After a year, it was time to move to a larger market. So about 2 years ago, I moved to St. Louis to continue my career.
I currently work as an on-camera host/video producer for a large company in the area.  It is fabulous and I’m privileged to work with a creative group of people.
Eventually, I would love to move back to Sweet Home Chicago. If the right job knocks on my door…I’ll take it in a heartbeat #seriouslyhiremenow

Here are the main players you’ll see me chatting about here on the DIY Playbook:
Finn; Mike; fiance; the boy; manfriend; roomie; high school sweetheart; boy toy; boyfriend; future hubby
Any combo of those names may be used to describe the man of my dreams. Finn and I have been together for an eternity 8.5 years, and we will be making it official in the Fall of 2014.

Luckily, Finn supports my crazy career (he moved with me up to the tundra of Wisconsin, and down here to our current St. Louis loft). He’s also a DIY-er at heart, and will spend Saturdays with me searching for treasures at the local Goodwill (But not Sunday…no siree…Sundays are reserved for football).  

We’ve had a blast creating a home that is personalized to our tastes, and represents both of our styles.  
I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have Mike, and even though I’ll miss my last name…I’m secretly pumped to have the cute name of Casey Finn (seriously so short and cute right?!)
Jan; Janimal; Mom; Mrs. O’:
Jan is my mom and she is quite possibly the kindest, most generous, friendliest woman on earth (I swear I’m not biased). We’ve been best friends for years, and I talk to her on the phone My siblings and I adore my mother, as you can see by this fabulous gift we made for her last Christmas.

I’m sad to live far away from her (Mom, I promise I’ll be back soon), but I make it home every chance I get so we can do fun things together like this and this.

The Janimal totally supports my DIYing, and has secretly been reading the unlaunched version of our blog for the past 6 months. We make a point to work on a craft or project every time we get together, and Jan even caught the DIY fever when she re-decorated her laundry room.
Okay, so you just learned way more about me than you ever possibly wanted to know.
I’ll leave you with this. This blog is going to be just like our personalities. Fun, laid back, and friendly. You won’t see any crazy, super-difficult tutorials here. You won’t see us posting 3 times a day, clogging up your Google Reader.

You’re a reader, and therefore you’re our friend, and we will treat you that way. So dive right in, feel free to reach out to us, and join us as we give this blogging thing a go.

  • Ahh Wisconsin sounds like where I live! I’m up in Canada (Saskatchewan to be exact) and it’s winter here 8 months out of the year too (if not more). And my live-in BF of 6 years is named Mike. Mikes are the best 😉 PS: Your loft is super cute. I’m trying to turn my tiny condo into a personalized haven and this site will be a godsend!

    • Erin…that is too funny! When we lived there, I bought so many cute scarves, hats, & boots to at least make the 8-month long Winter stylish! Now, I never get to wear any of them. I should send them all to you 🙂

      Your Mike sounds awesome! Let me know if you do any cute projects for your condo. I would love to see them.

  • Love your header! Good luck with blogging. Your site looks great so far!!

    • Thanks girl! There were quite a few trial and error headers, before we designed this one!

      Happy belated birthday by the way! 🙂

  • Angela Frey

    I’m not even sure how I found your blog, but I saw prints of Wisconsin in your decor, so I had to read more about you. I grew up in Fond du Lac, so I know exactly where Wausau is. Even crazier, is one of my best friends work at WSAW! I’m guessing if you were there a couple of years ago, you would know him. Do you know Mike Lauber? We’ve been friends since the 1st grade. I also live in Missouri, just on the other side of the state near Kansas City. It’s a small world!

  • Angela what a small world!! Yes, I absolutely know MIkel Lauber. What a great guy, and now with all of his cute daughters.

    So happy you found our blog, and you’re both a Missourian and Wisconsinite too!