Mini Hamburger Cookies

Guess whose birthday it is…

Man eating a cookie
This guy’s!
My mister is turning the big 26, and in order to celebrate I decided to make him one of his favorite desserts.
But before I get to the dessert..I need to tell you a little something about Finn.  See, my man has a love for burgers. And when I say love, I mean it.  He’s the kinda guy that goes out to eat and orders a burger…no matter the time of day.  He attempts to try different cuisines, but somehow his eyes always beeline towards the burger section of every single menu.  What can I say, he is a carnivore through and through!
He actually isn’t a dessert guy at all. But when it comes to birthdays, I just feel like there needs to be dessert if you want to have a true celebration! Anyone else feel that way?
That’s where my mom’s mini hamburger cookies come into play!
Hamburger Cookies Happy Birthday Candles
Here’s what you need for this creative and oh-so-easy recipe!
Cookies Icing Honey Sesame Seeds
Nilla Wafer Cookies
Nilla wafers make for some fluffy hamburger buns.
Grasshopper Cookies as patty
Thin mints or grasshoppers can be squished in between the buns to make a nice little meat patty. (Thinking of chocolate and meat makes me a little queasy…)
Red Yellow Green Icing
The icing is a critical part of this “recipe.”
Using Icing to put sandwich together
It holds the sandwich together…
Red Yellow Green Icing
And the icing also makes for some realistic toppings. Win…win.
The final step to really make these “burgers” look real…the sesame seed bun!
Honey and sesame seeds buns
Simply swipe some honey on the top bun, and shake on a few sesame seeds.
Mini Hamburger Cookie
For extra credit you can even get your own hamburger wrappers! I simply went to McDonald’s and asked for 10-20 unused ones. I didn’t know if they would actually give them to me…but I guess I’m a good sweet talker 🙂
You could cut up the paper and wrap each individual burger to make them extra authentic!
Mini Hamburger Cookies
I think the birthday boy approves of my little birthday treat!
Birthday Hamburger Cookies
In fact, I even overheard him singing the “Big Mac” song.
 “Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – all on a sesame seed bun.”
Man holding container of cookies
He now has a yummy snack to bring to work! 
I’ve gotta say..this is my kind of “baking”
Mini Hamburger Cookies on a plate
Hamburger Cookies
So has anyone ever seen these cute hamburger cookies before? Do you have a special birthday treat that you make for your loved ones?

  • TOO FREAKING CUTE. Happy birthday Finn!!

  • This is AWESOME!

    • Thanks ladies! This is about as much “baking” as I can do. But the boy doesn’t seem to mind! nom nom nom…yumm

  • My parents did not know how to comment so they made me!!! They are not the best with technology!

    They wanted me to say, Happy Birthday FInn!!
    Love the Wards

    P.S girls we absolutely love the blog, it is to cute! My mom and I will be tying some of your DIY projects soon!!

    • Ward Family…you guys are ADORABLE!

      Thanks for your love and support of the blog. Let us know if you try out some of the projects! We would love to see some pics!

      Mike & I miss you guys!

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  • Trang

    Love this idea! Seems super simple enough for me to make. Thanks for the re-post today.

    • Thanks so much! I do not bake…like ever! And these require no baking skills. Plus they’re adorable! I definitely recommend whipping these up for a party!