Sail Away Home

It’s clearly no secret that I love nautical. If you look in my closet, I have an unhealthy obsession with stripes. If you look around my house, you will definitely see hints of coastal cottage in every room.  It’s just something that makes me feel like I’m tucked away in a cozy cottage along the beaches of Cape Cod that gets me every time. When I saw this Longitude and Latitude art on Pinterest, I just couldn’t resist. 
DIY Latitude & Longitude Art
Longitude & Latitude Framed Art
Skill Level: < T-ball Skill level
Time: approx. 15 minutes (and that’s being generous)
Cost: $8 total (less if you have an old frame laying around)
Materials Bought: Frame & Mat, both from Michael’s 
Longitude Latitude Art Tutorial

I bought the frame and the mat at Michael’s Craft Store for approximately $8 total.

Nautical Art Tutorial

I was surprised to find out that the mat was two different layers. I ended up using both layers of mat, but I could have saved one for another project and saved some cash.

I had a 5×7″ opening to work with. That is where my latitude and longitude art would go.

Coordinate Hometown Art
This is a picture of the Microsoft Word Document that I created to fit into that 5×7″ opening. I chose to use the coordinates of our new hometown, which I found by googling the name of our town. Now all you sailors out there can figure out how to navigate your way into our neck of the woods. #yikes
Nautical Art Tutorial

Press print and lay your document under the mat to identify how much paper you will need to trim.

DIY Nautical Art
Longitude & Latitude Hometown

Trace the excess paper.

Longitude Art
Cut along these traced lines. The best part about using a mat is that your cuts do not have to be anywhere near perfect, as they will be completely hidden by the mat. 
DIY Nautical Tutorial
I taped my document in place just to be sure it would stand the test of time. But if you’re an all-star with the scissors, you can cut your document to fit perfectly into the frame and you won’t have to bother with tape.
DIY Latitude & Longitude Frame
My favorite part…. enjoying my hard work. (If you can even call that work)
Latitude and Longitude Tutorial

I am absolutely love, love, loving this nautical ode to our new hometown! Every time I glance at it, I get that feeling of breezing along the coast of Connecticut on a gorgeous sailboat, and instantly, my love for all things nautical grows a little deeper.