Shamrockin’ Shakes

Okay, so I have something to admit. My name is Casey and I’m scared of drive-thrus.
Wow, I’m happy I got that off my chest.
Here’s the thing. I’m not afraid of drive-thrus for the normal reasons. Ya know…like the fact that fast food could make me a bagillion pounds. Or that I’m wasting money on food that I could make at home.
Nope. I hardly ever visit drive-thrus because I get so darn flustered when they ask for my order. I don’t have time to peruse the menu, and I find myself stuttering into the mic as I recite my order. It’s pathetic.
But during March, I will visit the McDonald’s drive-thru at least once so I can get a SHAMROCK SHAKE!  Somehow I manage to say, “Small shamrock shake, no whipped cream!” into the microphone and it is glorious.  There’s just something about that mint green goodness that gets me in the mood for St. Patty’s day and I gotta have it!
Well this year, I’ve come up with my own recipe for this yummy dessert. No need to freak myself out with a trip to the drive-thru.
follow these steps to make your very own shamrock shakes at home.
Here’s what you’ll need to create your own right at home!
Disclaimer: By no means is this shake good for you. It has plenty of calories, fat, sugar…lots people! But, a treat like this once a year is a-okay in our playbook!
Shamrockin’ Shakes
Level: Easy
Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 2

-2 cups mint chocolate chip ice cream
-1 cup french vanilla ice cream
-1 cup milk

-6 drops green food coloring

-1/4 teaspoon mint extract

Combine all ingredients and blend until smooth then serve your shamrock shake and enjoy.
Combine ingredients in a blender (or milkshake machine) and blend until smooth. Pour into cute glasses and serve at your next St. Patrick’s Day party!
These mint chocolate shamrock shakes in mason jars with fun straws are great for a St. Patrick's Day party.
Serve these homemade shamrock shakes with fun party straws.
Our scrabble tile coasters (tutorial here) could accompany these shamrockin’ shakes. We decided to write out the word “CHEERS” and used the number 03.17.13. for the scrabble numbers. Get it? It’s the date for St. Patrick’s Day!
These festive coasters that spell out "cheers" are whimsical additions to any party.
No sticky residue and ice cream rings on your table when you’ve got these coasters! That seems like a lucky St. Patrick’s day to me…
These scrabble coasters are a fun decor piece for any coffee table.
So cheers to you! Try out this delicious recipe (chocolate, mint, and ice how could it not be magically delicious?) and have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!
Skip the drive-thru line and try this St. Patrick's day shake dessert recipe.
Okay, so do you think I’m officially a freak because drive-thrus give me the willies? I’m guessing that is a resounding YES!
Anyone have anything fun planned for St. Patty’s Day? It’s always a fun holiday for us Irish girls!