Storage Solutions in a Small Home

So, if any of you have ever rented an apartment, loft, or condo…you know that storage is usually scarce. You’ll maybe be lucky to have a coat closet…or a linen closet. But typically not both.  And if you’re like me, then you enjoy when all of your “stuff” has a designated spot to call home.

My solution to this problem is “secret storage.” To me that means adding stylish baskets and accessories to your home, that can also act as hidden spots for your stuff.

So come on down, we’re gonna play a little game called, “Guess what’s inside!”

Let’s get started…

Round 1: Take a look at this bookcase in our master bedroom.

Storing Cords

What do you think is in the little treasure chest on the bottom shelf?

Wooden Treasure Chest
I bet you didn’t guess the crazy amount of cords and wires we have for all of our electronics! #technologythesedays
Hiding Cords in Wooden Box
Round 2: How about this white box that sits on our dresser? (I got it at Michael’s, painted it white, and did the little stencil on top, BTW)
Wooden Box
Now, this round is pretty easy…
Because if you guessed remote controls…you would be DING DING DING right on the money!
(No more losing the remotes)
Remote Controls Hidden in Wood Box
Onto the next question in the game, “Guess what’s inside!”
Round 3: Right next to the white box of remotes, you’ll see a fabulous basket with a lid. 
Basket with Lid
Baskets with lids are my absolute favorite, because you can really hide your stuff, and no one will know what’s inside! 
Wicker Basket
If you know what a buff workout queen I am (cough cough, yeah right!) then you definitely would have guessed workout gear.
Workout Equipment in Basket Dumbbells
5lb and 10lb weights, call this basket home. Along with some printed workouts and DVDs. I try to visit this basket often, when I want to get in a quick workout in the comfort of our bedroom. 
I even squish my yoga mat in here too!
Yoga Mat in Basket
Round 4: Now the final round is a two-parter.
Take a look at this little nook in the corner of our family room, because it is chock full of storage!
I found the Coca-Cola tin at an antique store for about $5. I loved the red, and knew its unique shape could come in handy when it came to hiding things.
Picnic Bench with storage
Now this answer (hint, hint) isn’t very mind boggling.  What could be inside a Coca-Cola tin?
Coca Cola Tin
Well, extra Coca-Cola of course! We use this little guy to hold all of our extra libations that won’t fit in the fridge. So back up pop (do you guys call it soda?), and wine bottles slip inside perfectly!
Soda and Wine in Coca Cola Tin
Okay, the final question in the game.
What’s inside this $8 basket? (found at an estate sale)
Basket Bench with colorful orange pillows
Did you guess wrapping paper, gift bags, and bows?
If you did then, “THAT IS CORRECT!” (in a Chris Farley voice, of course)
Wrapping paper gift bag storage
So were you a winner in our little game today? I’m guessing not, since we have some very random stuff hidden in some very random places. But hey, everything has a place and it helps us to feel organized in the little place we call home.