Welcome to the DIY Playbook!

Hello there and welcome to The DIY Playbook.  We are so happy (& grateful!) you decided to come check out our little piece of the blog world.

Now, you may be wondering, “What the heck is the DIY Playbook?”, and “Who are these Rookies?”

We’ll try and break these questions down for ya…

Check out the DIY Playbook blog for tips and tricks related to fun projects and creativity.
The “DIY Playbook” is a do-it-yourself blog designed to give you the “plays”, tools, and inspiration to makeover your home without breaking the bank.  Every project and craft that you’ll find here is something we’ve done and incorporated into our own homes.  Those projects range from decorating a vintage bar cart, to creating your own Valentine’s Day wreath, or even hosting a fabulous holiday themed party.  
This DIY wall art is personalized and meaningful.
This counter top with books, a bowl of lemons, and fresh flowers is adorable.
We also believe we’re a unique blog that caters to our generation. If you’re a twenty-something a few years out of college, then you’ve probably outgrown the college dorm look, but don’t have much money to make your new “grown-up” place look fabulous. We’ll help you transition your pad from college-student to adult.
On the DIY Playbook you’ll find step-by-step instructions and tutorials so you can easily (& cheaply) re-create our projects.
     This DIY string art sign is easy and fun to create.
This drinking tray with fresh lemons and cute cups is fun.

As you explore the DIY Playbook, you’ll notice a sports theme throughout much of the blog. When deciding on a name and vision for the blog, we wanted to do something fun & different. Something where we could make ridiculous puns (i.e. hitting projects out of the park) and create a look and feel unlike other DIY blogs. 

Casey and Bridget thank their husbands as their number one fans.

Our +1’s are sports fanatics, and they gave us the idea, courage, and inspiration to really bring the Playbook to life. They’ve been our biggest cheerleaders, and we’re hoping you’ll see them step up to the plate (ha) and post every now and then. 

This Mike and Casey frame with a heart is adorable.
We will try to post new content 4 times a week. We think it’s a pretty safe number. We don’t want to be an annoyingly-in-your-face-blog-where-we-post-100-times-a-day and you feel like you need to unsubscribe because you can’t keep up! Whoa take a breath there. 

And we also don’t want to abandon our readers for months on end, and randomly post a few times a year #notgonnahappenhere.
Instead, we want to generate fun, interesting, and inspirational content a few times a week to get your creative juices flowing.

We call ourselves “rookies,” because we’re certainly not professionals. We’re not professional interior designers, decorators, or carpenters (Ha. Not even considered rookies on that last one…more like in T-ball when it comes to carpentry) And to top off our list of un-qualifications we’re definitely new to this whole blogging thing. #yikesdowehaveanytalents?

Bridget and Casey have been friends for over 15 years and have a lot of photos together.

So why should you read anything we have to say? Well, we like to believe that we’re just like YOU! We enjoy reading blogs, pouring through home catalogs, and browsing Pinterest for craft and home décor inspiration. Through the years we’ve both succeeded (& failed) plenty o’ DIY projects, and we think we have some good tips and tricks to share.

This decorated living room with pops of color and wall art is so cute.
This book shelf is decorated cute with picture frames and empty beer bottles.

So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we want you to cozy on up to our blog, and take a look around.

These glass vases with a yellow flower pot and plant look cute.
This nightstand with silver accents and a blue tin is decorated cute.
Here’s the thing, we’ve secretly been working on this blog for about 6 months.  We’ve been too chicken perfecting all of the content…to give our site a look and feel that really screams “Bridget & Casey.” 
These throw pillows add color to the gray couch.

That means we have 6 months worth of posts ready for you! Yep, almost 50 posts in our archives that are patiently waiting to be clicked on!

This vintage globe pairs well with the rustic bin for towels.


Here’s a little cheat sheet on navigating our site…

Check out these DIY Playbook tips for navigating through the site.

Well if you’re here…then you’ve officially succeeded at Tip #1. To get to our site, all you need to do is visit DIYPlaybook.blogspot.com. Our site looks and works best with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and updated versions of Internet Explorer. For some reason, the blog doesn’t look too great in older versions of Internet Explorer, so try not to visit us that way.

 This is where the DIY Playbook home tab is located.
The tabs directly under our header offer you the best way to navigate our site. “Home” is where you’ll find the latest posts. So if you ever need to catch up on a few weeks worth of posts, just visit the “Home” tab.
Click this older posts button to navigate through the archives.

Then once you get to the bottom of the page, click on “Older Posts” for even more DIY fun. 

Click the entertaining button for project posts and ideas.
“Play by Play” is essentially an archive of all of our projects. Everything is categorized by the type of project…Furniture, Organizing, Entertaining, etc. Just click on the thumbnail and you’ll be taken to that particular post.
Click on top scores to look at awesome finds found at flea markets, vintage shops, and more.

The “Top Scores” tab is where you’ll find cheap-o deals and steals that we’ve found while shopping, antiquing, or even dumpster diving #nojoke

Click on home field for tours of Casey and Bridget's spaces.
If you want to check out our digs (Casey’s loft & Bridget’s new house) just head to “Home Field.” There you’ll find mini home tours of our unique spaces. Just click on the image and you’ll be directed to the tours.
Learn more about Casey and Bridget from this special page.
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Don’t laugh at our scary, pics from childhood #yeesh
Use the contact page to email Casey and Bridget with questions.
The “Contact” tab has info if you want to give us a shout.

Alright, alright, enough coaching! Take a look around & we’ll be back tomorrow with more details about The Rookies!