Anthropologie Inspired Zinc Letters

So I have a love/hate relationship with Anthropologie.

I adore all of the quirky and whimsical home decor they sell in their store.

But, I’m not a big fan of their sky-high prices.

So being the thrifty gal that I am…I typically browse Anthro for inspiration and try and recreate their gorgeous pieces right at home.

That’s how I came across this project.

Anthropologie Zinc Letters
Anthropologie sells these letters for $18 a pop. Not quite in my budget…
After a quick trip to Michael’s, I was able to recreate the letters without breaking the bank.
-3 cardboard letters ($2.50 a piece)
-Silver metallic paint ($1.50)
-Black paint (already owned)
-Paint brush (already owned)
I decided to go with the word EAT to add a little fun to our kitchen. Other ideas might be to use your initials, WASH for the bathroom or laundry room, READ for an office. Get creative…
EAT letters

I first painted the cardboard letters black and let them dry.

(Sorry…I don’t have any pics of that step. Bad blogger, bad blogger)

Silver Metallic Paint paint brush

Then it was time for some metallic paint.

Silver Paint and paint brush

One quick coat did the trick.

It certainly gave the letters some depth and texture.

From a distance it truly looks like the letters are made of metal. Success!

I decided the best place for the letters was up high on top of our kitchen cabinets. They add a bit of height and fill in some of the empty space.

Anthropologie Inspired Zinc Letters reading EAT

The only problem…sometimes from a certain angle…it doesn’t look like the word E-A-T…instead it reads F-A-T.

Letters on top of kitchen cabinets

Perhaps it’s a reminder to stop visiting the kitchen too much or else I will be F-A-T…

Clearly, these letters needed a little boost in height. So here’s my temporary solution.

EAT Anthropologie inspired letters

I’m not in love with the basket look…too much beige going on for my taste. I think I’ll eventually adhere the letters to the wall instead.

Update: With a little change in scenery, we were able to change the view from “FAT” to what we were really hoping for – “EAT”. Read the latest here.

Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with Anthropologie? When it comes to clothing, I’m a big fan of their SALE section! And their candles…I die, they smell delicious!

  • Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean

    i think the letters would look great on the wall! and the FAT view cracked me up!

  • clare @ fitting it all in


  • ha Thanks Lindsay! When I put them up, Finn was like ummmm why does our kitchen say “Fat?!” So they definitely got a much needed boost in height after that comment. Now I just need to get some sticky things to adhere them to the wall.

  • Heather @fitncookies

    Those letters are great! I can totally see the Fat comment though, and I wouldn’t want that in my kitchen! Well, maybe I would! Hahah

  • Thanks Heather! Yeah…much better now that it doesn’t look like “FAT!”