Board Makeover

Pictures, Cards, Gifts, Ticket Stubs, Running Bibs, and lots & lots of memories. That’s what this board held so proudly in my teenage inspired bedroom at the Chestnut Club. It was home to a wide variety of smiles, tears and everything in between. I fondly referred to this piece of art as a board of inspiration. My mom referred to it as clutter, clutter & more clutter.

I think the truth lies somewhere in between. As I’m clearing the purple walls of the bedroom I’ve called home for the past 25 years, this board of inspiration was one of the first pieces to go. Luckily, when I say “go” I don’t mean “go into the garbage” (like many of its decor counterparts). I mean “go to the Longview Lodge”, where it will be home to a whole new cluster of “inspiration”.

Clearing the gosh darn thing was probably the hardest part, emotionally and physically of course.

After that exhaustion, I moved on to sanding the border in order for the new paint to stick to the surface. As much as I loved the purple and black combo in its hay-day, I’ve come to the conclusion that there will be no purple or black in the new digs… ever.

I taped off the cork board to ensure that it would not be victim to any stray drips.

I painted the border with some left over primer I had laying around, and eventually, added two coats of white paint.

It probably would have been easier to spray the border, but it has been so cold outside that spray paint just wasn’t an option for me. Fast forward a few months, and I would have definitely spray painted this masterpiece and saved myself some serious clean-up time.

Either way, I’m loving the Longview Lodge’s new command center! With a few fun accessories, this board is now a center for schedules, mail, and all things organized. I picked up the pin-up bin from Target. For about $9, this bin adds color, cuteness, and some necessary storage. Talk about a triple threat.

We keep outgoing mail, recent mail, and items on our to-do list in these bins. (No more clutter mom!)
From teenage clutter to grown-up command center…Who knew that a little white paint could make such a difference? To me, organizing is all about style. My theory on organizing states: If an organization system is fashionable, one is far more likely to stay organized. Although I’m no philosopher, I’m pretty sure that this theory is true, which means that this trendy command center is sure to keep the Longview Lodge far more organized than ever before.
What old piece have you re-designed recently?