Dressing up a Dresser

We want to follow-up this morning’s post from the boys with a little message from us:
April Fool’s! We love our boys and are willing to do almost anything for them, but posting a GIANT Seinfeld poster in our guest room or adding an entire roster of bobble heads to our bathroom are just not some of them. When we posed this April Fool’s opportunity to the boys, we really had no idea what to expect. We set out to create a fun April Fool’s joke on you, our favorite readers, but I think the real joke’s on us. Matt & Finn are now teaming up to take a stand on our crazy DIY ideas and are determined to incorporate more of their styles into our places. What have we created?! Thanks for tuning in and playing along! Happy April Fool’s Day! Now, back to our regular scheduled post…
Remember when Matt and I finished our Not so Ombre Dresser a few weeks back? The outside of the dresser was perfect, but the inside of this dresser still had a build up of childhood “secrets”. Living in Matt’s bedroom for over 25 years, this dresser has quite the story to tell. Secret stories aren’t the only things that this poor thing has been collecting. Hidden deep in the drawers of this beauty are dirty secrets…. literally.
Lining a dresser Drawer

These dirty secrets come in the form of blemishes and lots of marks of wear and tear. Where they come from, how long they’ve been there, how they got there… I’d rather not know. How we will get rid of them…. definitely no secret.

chevron shelf liner
I scored this super cute Chevron shelf liner at Marshall’s. There were a ton of bright colors and designs, but I didn’t want to torture Matt’s dresser with lots of girly glamour. So I skipped the pink polka dots and went with the grey chevron. I figured this print was a nice compromise- trendy for me, grey and masculine-ish for Matt. Chevron is for boys too… right?

This liner was super easy to measure and cut evenly because of the grid system on the back. Having a grid system is a major benefit of using shelf liners rather than some wrapping papers or old wall papers to line your shelves (or drawers).

macbeth collection shelf liner

I measured the drawers, cut along the lines, removed the sticky backing and placed the liner into the drawer to hide ALL of those dirty secrets.

DIY Shelf Liner
How cute are these drawers now? I loved this liner because it wasn’t too sticky, which allowed me to stick the liner onto the shelf temporarily, readjust, and then smooth out the air bubbles permanently.
Chevron Dresser Drawer

This side-by-side photo shows you how many dirty secrets needed to be eliminated from the dresser. #25yearsworthoflittleboywearandtear

MacBeth Collection Shelf Liner
Chevron Liners
I absolutely loved the final product. I can’t wait to “dress up” all of my dressers from now on! It took about half hour and it was totally worth the little extra time. Plus, if you’re anything like me, a cute organization method definitely increases the probability of staying organized!
Happy Organizing!
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