Engagement Resolution

From what I make of wedding planning so far, organization is KEY! With so much to keep track of, I feel like I’ve been on information overload and my wedding to-do list already seems endless!
Just like the famous idea of a New Year’s Resolution, I’ve decided to make an Engagement Resolution. This resolution has been created to combat any feelings of stress and avoid any Bridezilla moments. So.. from now until the big day, I’ve officially dedicated myself to an organized engagement.

First Task of Engagement Organizing: Bind our Engagement Cards.

Project Stats:
Little League Level DIY
15 minutes to complete
Supplies Needed:
Cards (obviously)
Ribbon (I used a ribbon handle off of an Ann Taylor LOFT bag) #FREE
Hole Punch
Scrapbook Paper
Cardboard/Cardstock (optional)

I attached both the title page and back page to a sturdy piece of cardstock. This gave the covers a more sturdy feel. This step is completely optional.

Mission One: Check!

And to think that this organizational tool can be used for any celebration? Gather up your cards, bring your to-do list, & join team organized!! #ineedyoursupport #likeseriously

  • Kate

    Cute idea! I’m curious to know where/how you’d store/display it. Any ideas?

  • Colleen @ Miss Petite Sweets

    I love this idea! I’ve just had our engagement cards in a box for the last few months but this is way cuter!

  • Thanks Colleen! And thanks for stopping by.

  • Great question. I’m still a little undecided myself. Right now, the cards are displayed on my office desk. I’m sure I’ll eventually put them in a memory box with all of my other photos & such.