Entertaining the idea…

When Matt and I first walked through the house that we now call home, I instantly started visualizing furniture lay-outs in my head. “Where would a couch go?”, “What wall should the TV hang on?”, “Will a Christmas tree fit in here nicely?”.

While most prospective homeowners are inspecting the furnace, inquiring about the age of the roof, and checking each nook and cranny for expensive secrets, I was envisioning color schemes, furniture lay-outs, and even Christmas decorations. 

Thankfully, Matt took care of inspecting the crawl space, asking about the appliances, and drilling the poor seller on the house’s 50 year history.  

Long story short, we bought the house! Before we signed on the dotted line, Matt and I started the furniture hunt [insert scary music here]. Thanks to the mental notes I made on that fateful day, we made the decision to put the TV on the wall directly in front of the front door.

First on the furniture shopping list: An entertainment center! Sorry boys, us ladies know that the TV is only as cool as the entertainment center surrounding it. Here’s the space we were working with from day one….

My entertainment must-haves: something traditional, white, and a piece that would take up majority of the wall without being too bulky or outdated. Not too much for a girl to ask… right?

His entertainment must-haves: something that would hold a huge TV and gaming station effectively.  


Not that his vision was wrong; it just doesn’t fit our “look”. Using TV size as my negotiating chip, I successfully pitched my entertainment vision. With a bigger TV on the shopping list, we were both officially committed to finding a white piece with more than just an opening for a TV (thank goodness). 

After a looooong, unsuccessful hunt for the perfect entertainment center, we were left frustrated and hopeless. Well… let’s be honest, Iwas left feeling frustrated and hopeless, Matt was left thinking this lady is Cray-Cray. That’s short for “really crazy”. #keepinitreal

That’s when we started entertaining the idea of getting a custom “built-in”. This entertainment center would be complete with crown molding, open shelving, cabinetry and a crisp white finish. This was the answer we had been waiting for! Scratch the endless hours of shopping, call the carpenter, and let’s get this show on the road. Remember our my inspiration?

We sketched out a few ideas and called in a few carpenters for some estimates. After calculating the costs, we decided on a company. We went with this company, which we absolutely loved. They are extremely talented, affordable, and made our vision a reality. 

While they worked on the final product… we were living with this: (yikes)

The blue tape is the outline of the base. We put that on the floor to get an idea of the measurements.

And when the masterpiece was finally done, we were left with this…

I was head-over-heels in love. It was love at first sight, and I haven’t looked back since. She was exactly what I was looking for and more.

We’re not completely done with replacing the crown molding, but overall, I couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with the custom built-ins. It ended up being a tad pricier than a regular piece of furniture but completely, COMPLETELY worth it. 

I mean let’s be honest…if a TV is only as cool as its surrounding entertainment center, this bad boy is the coolest kid on the block.

You’re welcome Matthew, for making our your TV one cool guy.  

**UPDATE** It’s about a year in and we still love, love, love our entertainment center! Check out our tips on how we styled these bad boys…