Fine China for Less

I never really understood fine china. So many women I know have beautiful collections of fine china. Each set of china usually dating back to a bridal shower long, long ago. If you ask most women about their set of china, I can guarantee you there’s a story behind it, one that started with love, marriage and lots of history.

From my own experience, I found that most women I have talked to still love their china; still look at that china with the same sense of excitement that traces back to the start of a wonderful love story. But as I have talked to these gushing ladies, I find that most of these women don’t use this china that they love and adore. “Why?!” I would ask. “Why not use china that you love, that you hand picked with your future groom, that you received from those guests so near and dear to you so many years back?”

Everyone’s answer is a little different and through this informal research, I have come to my own little conclusion about fine china.

Look at this cute blue and white china with a floral pattern.

If I received super expensive fine china like these lovely ladies, I would say the same thing… it’s so expensive, I only want to use it for “special” occasions. I can’t put it in the dish washer, so it’s just easier to use my regular dishes. I’m nervous something may break and then I can’t use the set anymore.

I get it. These excuses make sense…. and that’s why I told myself that fine china is not for me. I would hate for my friends and family to spend allll of this money on a set of china that I would never use.

That’s until I talked to one of my creative aunts. She is one of the few ladies that puts her beautiful china to use … a lot! She gave me the idea to search at garage sales, estate sales, and thrifts stores to find china. Build a collection of china that is different, inexpensive, and that you’re willing to use, abuse, break, and replace.

It's so easy to find china at the Goodwill and thrift stores.

And that’s what I did and it was far easier than I thought!

Mix and match china pieces still look great together!
Some place settings match.
A matching china place setting with a blue and white pattern looks great.
I love this cute china pattern with blue floral trim and silver accents.
Some place settings mismatch.
Some place settings are very plain…
An elegant modern place setting with a small silver stripe.
…while others are full of color.
This piece is so fun--I love the whimsical floral pattern on this china.
Some of the pieces were bought at Goodwill…
Look at this great chicken service cover I found at Goodwill.
… and others were bought at a variety of thrift stores and garage sales. The bottom line is that I did not spend more than 99 cents for any one piece here.
This turquoise china with silver accents is so sweet.
Inexpensive china is easy to mix and match and looks fantastic together.
I tried to look for china that was neutral with hints of blue, but if I saw a set that stole my heart, I was willing to buy any color!
The search for our set of inexpensive china was! Matt and I had so much fun traveling around the suburbs of Chicago and even hitting up Goodwill stores in other states to search for our china.
Each piece has a story, each piece was bought with anticipation of filling our house, and each piece makes up a set that we use, abuse, break, replace, and most importantly…. ENJOY!!
We don’t need to wait for a “special occasion” and we can even put these cheap treasures in the dishwasher (don’t tell anyone) because if they break, they break. It’s okay! We are making a stand against fine china that is collected, but never enjoyed. Are you with us?!
Oh and one more thing… we have had so much fun searching for this set that we are more than half way done collecting a Christmas set of china too!