Green with Envy

It may surprise you, but I’m not a girl that likes to shop for clothing. At all. The thought of spending an entire Saturday at the mall literally frightens me. No thank you.
But with that being said, I’m a completely different person when it comes to shopping for home decor. As my girl Lara Spencer says, “I brake for yard sales!” I literally will stop the car, pull right on over, to check out any Salvation Army, Goodwill, or estate sale that comes my way.
Luckily, my man is a great sport. Because most of the time he joins right in on my spur of the moment stops.
A few weekends ago, after a nice lunch with the boy, we went by a Salvation Army that I had never visited before. I’m positive I gasped and shrieked “Let’s gooooooo!” as I smashed my face up against the car window.
Good thing we made that impromptu stop, because we came across this fabulous steal.
$8 Salvation Army Mirror
It was an $8 SCORE!  The mirror that is…not my guy holding the mirror (he’s priceless!) 
Wooden Mirror Before
Now, I wasn’t in need of a new mirror. But after eyeing this mirror’s sleek lines, and feeling the solid structure, I had to have it! I looked past surface scratches and the brown wood, and saw its potential.
Wooden Mirror Gold Details
I also looked past the gold “ornaments” on the top. Not quite my style, but could easily be removed.
Wooden Mirror Detailing
It was time to give this mirror a makeover and new life with some spray paint!
Spray Paint Supplies Mirror Painter'sTape Spray Paint
I first removed the gold “ornaments”, and taped off the mirror so it would be protected from the paint. Trader Joe bags came in handy for this portion of the project (best grocery store ever)
I also gathered my supplies, most of which I had on hand. Drop cloth, painter’s tape, gloves, mask, clean cloth, sanding blocks…the usual.
Rustoleum Spray Paint Hunter Green Glossy Can
Spray paint was the one thing that I had to purchase. I decided to go with Rustoleum spray paint in hunter green. An unusual choice for this white/gray/light blue loving gal…but I figured it was time to step outside the box!
I used a medium grit sanding block to smooth out any nicks and uneven wood on the surface of the mirror. After a nice wipe down with a clean cloth, I was ready to spray paint!
Apply multiple thin coats, instead of one thick (drippy!) coat. It’s also good to use an even side-to-side motion, so keep your arm moving.
This project only needed 2 light coats, until it was green and ready!
Empty space on the wall
Our master bedroom is a work in progress (isn’t every room?) and I’m constantly looking for new fun things for our walls. So, I thought it would work nicely in that bare ol’ gap of wall.
Hanging a mirror on the wall
The boy helped me hang the heavy mirror. Such a great helper that one. 
Hunter Green mirror next to bookcase
I’m really digging the look of the hunter green piece. Feminine, clean lines, with a masculine color. Perfect combo for our bedroom! 
Close-up of spray painted mirror
Hunter Green Glossy Mirror
I really like this glossy green look. You could say I’m green with envy for this sexy new mirror 😉
Mirror Before Brown After glossy green
I think for $8…it was a pretty great steal!
P.S. Check out what’s On-Deck next week! Thank you for your continued love & support. We truly have the best readers on the block. #rockstars