Habitat for Humanity ReStore

We have a lot to celebrate around here. Casey’s birthday (more about that here) just so happens to fall on another important day in the DIY Playbook: Earth Day!
In honor of saving Mother Nature one DIY project at a time, we are here to let you in on a little secret. This secret seems pretty fitting on a day that strives to educate the world on how we can make this planet a cleaner place by reusing, recycling and… reStoring. 
We are often asked where we shop for our “thrifty treasures”. Unfortunately, this is not an easy answer for us. We can’t pass up a good thrift store, a quality vintage shop makes our hearts skip a beat, we flock to flea markets, estate sales demand a detour, and garbage picking is far from out of the question. 
We like to think we are very open minded and accepting in following any (and we mean ANY) lead that guides us to our next DIY score! #thecheaperthebetter 
Enter Habitat for Humanity ReStore…
Shopping at Habitat for Humanity Restore
Although we have a laundry list of DIY shopping grounds, Habitat for Humanity ReStore is definitely one of our favorites. When we get together for the weekend in Chicago, St. Louis, or somewhere in between, you are bound to find us checking out a ReStore for some DIY inspiration & cheap materials. 
These stores are like the best kept secret in town and we want to let you in on the scoop. The ReStore shops are sponsored by Habitat for Humanity and literally have anything you could imagine. And the best part, you ask? The proceeds from these stores help fund Habitat for Humanity Projects in your area. 
If you’re looking for….  
ReStore Furniture
New Furniture…
Joliet ReStore
New lighting…
Habitat ReStore
Old chairs from Red Lobster…
Chairs at the ReStore

A vintage desk….

Vintage Desk

Sporting equipment…

A new sink or two…

Equipment to start your own coffee shop…(hey you never know!)

A telescope…

A desk or some old dressers…
Some unique tables….

Left over construction material, like tile…

(which is perfect to make Scrabble coasters like these)

Or cabinets…

… Habitat for Humanity Restore may be just the place for you! 
Each ReStore is a little different and offers its own unique treasures. (Soo… we can’t promise that you’re going to find those stellar pastry display cases at your location, but it doesn’t hurt to try). 
But we can promise that if you love the hunt, you love to find unique quirks to add to your home, or just love cheap stuff like us… you will love the ReStore as much as we do! 
How could you not love the variety and randomness of this place? If you haven’t checked out your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, you need to go check one out ASAP. You can find a location nearest to you by clicking here. And don’t forget what an eco-friendly DIY-er you will be by reStoring some of these treasures that may otherwise be taking up space in a local land-fill. 
Happy Earth Day fellow DIY-ers, happy recycling!
How are you celebrating this big day (Casey’s bday, of course)?

  • Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog

    I drive past one of these stores often and I’ve always wondered what was in it. I’m going to have to check it out. And total blast from the past – my brother & I had that same blue/wooden desk when we were kids! I don’t ever know what happened to it… maybe that’s it?!?! We live in the Chicago burbs… 🙂

  • Maybe it is the same one! That is hilarious.

    Which ReStore do you drive by? The pictures are from the one in Joliet. We haven’t check out any others in the Chicagoland area, so would love to know how the one by you is!

  • Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog

    It’s in Addison on rt. 53 just north of North Ave. I’ll let you know if I go check it out soon!