Nautical Home Decor

I’m a Midwest girl at heart. I’ve called Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and now Missouri home. I guess the middle of America is just where I belong…
So it may seem strange that I have this fascination with nautical decor. Essentially anything that reminds me of the ocean, sailing, or being out on the water makes me giddy! That Cape Cod coastal feel is just something I absolutely want to incorporate into my home…even though I may actually live pretty dang far from Cape Cod!
Nautical Collage Globe Anchors
I think my love for all things nautical happened when I started my first news job. You know anchor…news anchor. Get it?!
Anchor and news anchor graphic
When I was promoted from a reporter to an anchor, my brother gave me a gold necklace with a little anchor on it (such a nice & thoughtful brother right? He’s single btw…)
Favorite Necklace Text anchor gold necklace
To this day, I still wear that necklace all the time. It brings a little bit of my old job (and my nautical love) with me wherever I go!
Anyways enough jewelry talk, back to the HOME DECOR.
Boy holding captain's wheel
If you follow us on Instagram (@diyplaybook) you may have seen this gem of a pic awhile back. Look at that studly sailor! Ow ow!
The captain and I picked up this wheel at a resale shop for $25. I have no idea why there was a ship’s wheel in the shop…I just knew it had to be mine!
Captain's Wheel

This bad boy quickly found a home atop one of our bookcases.

Wooden Ship Steering Wheel
The best part was the wheel needed no TLC at all. It was in such great condition that I just dusted it and put it on display right away.
Besides the wheel, I’ve also accumulated a few more anchors and I’ve attempted to incorporate them seamlessly into our home decor.
Bookshelf with books and anchor
This anchor adds a bit of depth to the bookshelf and breaks up the other decor.
Anchor decor on bookshelf
I have one more anchor that I’ve incorporated into our home decor. It may look like I’m an anchor hoarder (or anchor collector? Collector sounds less crazy for some reason) But I promise this is the last one.
This heavy white one sits atop our vintage Coca-Cola tin. Kinda like a huge, heavy paperweight. You remember what’s in the tin right? (Secret Storage)
Straw basket orange pillows coca cola tin anchor decor
So I’ve got plenty o’ anchors, and a captain’s wheel…what else would make this nautical home complete?
A globe of course!
I found this globe awhile back for only $12.
Antique Globe on books
It’s one of my favorite things in our place, and it has made its way all around our loft. Bookshelves, hutch, bedroom…everywhere! It’s kinda like where in the world is the globe today?
Antique Globe in entryway
The light blue and white globe currently resides on our entry table. The perfect touch of nautical decor to welcome our guests.
Here are a few other “nautical” themed projects that we’ve featured here on the Playbook…
So am I the only Midwest gal with a love for all things coastal? What ways do you incorporate a bit of the ocean into your home?