Paint Stick Sunburst Mirror

I’ve received a few questions about the mirror hanging in our guest bedroom.
Gray and Yellow bedroom with sunburst mirror

Where is it from? What other colors do they have? I want one for my house, where can I buy it?!

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can all have your own sunburst mirror (in any color!) at the low cost of about $5!

Yep, that’s right. It’s 100% DIY.

DIY Sunburst Mirror Silver paint Sticks

My fellow rookie and I made these mirrors (along with Janimal) long before the ol’ blog began. So, unfortunately we don’t have a tutorial for this project.

But, I still think you guys can create your own right at home, without our “play by play” of steps.

-50 to 75 Paint sticks (You’ll want to get the longest ones your local home store has to offer. These are FREE, but I recommend getting all of your sticks over the course of a few trips. You don’t want to be super obnoxious and clean out their paint stick stock in one swoop!)
-Paint or stain of your choosing
-Circular mirror (I found mine at Hobby Lobby and used a coupon. This one was found near the candle section. I think people sometimes use it as a “plate” for dripping candle wax)
-Hot glue gun
-Plenty of hot glue inserts
-Wall hanging kit
-Gorilla Glue (to glue the hanging kit to the back of the mirror)

DIY Paint Stick Sunburst Mirror

Once you gather all of your supplies, it’s just a matter of laying out all of the sticks on the back of the mirror and adjusting them in a pattern that works for you. Then, get ready for lots of gluing and ample dry time!

If I remember correctly, it did take awhile. But the mirror has held up for a long time.

I chose to go with 3 different paint colors of silver and gray.

You can also stain the wood sticks like my mom did. Here is her mirror above her guest bed.

Wood Stained Sunburst Mirror

The stain gives the project an entirely different look. Rustic and earthy…

Paint Stick DIY Sunburst Mirror Brown wood stain

I know the sunburst mirror look was really big in the decor world for quite some time. The trend may have come and gone…but I’m still lovin’ mine and that’s all that matters right?!

DIY Sunburst Mirror with paint sticks in silver
If you make a sunburst mirror of your own, send a pic our way to [email protected]

  • Clare @ fitting it all in

    LOVE. Favorite thing yet I think. I hope I have time to make this for my new apartment! My bedspread is pink and green so maybe a fun neutral (white/gold?) or something bright and fun to match and cheer me up when I hate my life!?>

  • You should totally make it! I like the white/gold combo…could be very glamorous!

    Let me know if you have any problems since we didn’t provide much of a tutorial. In fact, if you make it before you leave I can help you! Craft night with wine?!

  • kim

    thank you so much!! I have been looking for an aqua blue sunburst mirror with no luck! This is perfect!!!!

  • Kim you should totally make the aqua mirror! Good luck…it will look amazing!