Paint Swatch Calendar

So we’ve only been at this blogging thing for a short amount of time, but we have both quickly learned that a lot of PLANNING goes into running a blog.

Projects, pictures, and posts need to be prepped all.the.time. (Wow, way too much alliteration going on there!) Good thing we both consider ourselves to be big planners.  Just call us the “To-Do List Queens.”

To keep all of our posts in order, I figured I needed to have a handy monthly calendar.

Here were my must-haves for my calendar:

  • Easy to switch up and move things around. Dry erase perhaps?
  • Large enough to write in each day (Don’t you hate calendars where you have to write teeny tiny to fit anything in?!)
  • Affordable. Enough said.
This paint swatch calendar marks off all of my must-haves.

Before we get started with the tutorial…I’ve got a quick story for ya. See that above pic wasn’t actually the first calendar I made for this project. Instead, this one was…

It’s super cute isn’t it? The thing is I just started cutting and gluing before planning (kinda ironic considering I was just boasting about my planning and to-do list skills) When I went to put in the dates for March…I noticed I was missing an entire row of days. I had 5 rows instead of 6.  Sure the calendar could work for some months, but not all. It was a big blogger fail.

So I got a much bigger frame, and started over, this time determined to plan and measure way ahead of time!

Here are some of the supplies needed for this project.

I used white burlap for the background of the calendar. It was on sale and I figured it would provide a nice texture.

I stole picked up tons of paint swatches from Walmart. I would grab at least 50 if I were you. Try not to look like me (a mad woman shoving paint swatches into her purse by the handful…)

My first order of business was to secure the burlap to the cardboard that came with the frame.

Look at that cut job. Good thing I’m not a hairdresser.

I used some spray adhesive to adhere the burlap to the cardboard.

I then just used tape to fold the edges over onto the back and secure. Not the prettiest, but it did the job and would be hidden anyways.

I then got to work arranging my paint chips. I decided to only do 6 days across…and just combine Saturday & Sunday into a “Weekend” column.

Then (after careful calculations and measurements) I cut my paint chips into 3 inch tiles and stuck them to the burlap using a glue stick.

I wrote the dates right onto the outside of the glass on the frame with dry erase markers. All it takes is a paper towel and some water to change everything up for the next month!
I ended up using some scrapbook paper for the area where you can write the month.
Important dates and upcoming playbook posts are all scheduled right on my new calendar!

I still need to find a spot for this big bad calendar.  For now, I’m just happy to have an inexpensive new “home” for all of my upcoming events.


  • This is such a good idea for a blog calendar! Right now I use my google cal, but it would be so much better to have something visual like this. I think I have a bunch of scrapbook paper laying around somewhere – I wonder if I could cut my own swatches out of that?

  • You should totally do that! Any paper can work.

    Let us know if you create one. I’m sure it will be adorable!